Silent Plea

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As the waves tossed around the helpless ship,
The lightning struck and lit the gloomy sea.
The salty water gave a mighty whip
To the passengers on the “Silent Plea.”
She said to him through the deafening noise,
That her love is beyond mortal bound’ries.
He said that she was blessed with grace and poise,
And that her rosy scent floats in the breeze.
The embraced for their last fateful moment,
Devouring each other while they could,
Before being swept up in the torrent,
That was merciless to the ship’s old wood.
Reunited were the lovers above.
Their divine bond was their eternal love.
I wrote this as an assignment for school, but my brother insisted I upload this...
© 2003 - 2021 winkles
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Awwsome sonnet! :) (Smile)

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OMG I love this! Clap