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Sleep with Lycanroc
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Published: October 10, 2016
Simply draw the line and colored this short comic

Fan Art Comic

Lycanroc Sun & Moon by Pokémon, Nintendo, Game Freak.

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Comments (43)
MutekiNoTaiga's avatar
If you want to tame Midnight Lycanroc better have a bed all for himself and another one for you
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ModGirly's avatar
ModGirly|Hobbyist Artist
Lycanroc Midnight Form is me
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Nkong775's avatar
Nkong775|Student Artist
:sun: revision Lycanroc (Midday Form) :sun: revision 

*Sigh* Always, Lycanroc (Midday Form) was being nice and wants to sharing the cozy bed together with Male Trainer at night time. :) (Smile) Heart  

Glitter Moon Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Glitter Moon

Whoo, Lycanroc (Midnight Form) is in the bed without sharing with the Male a Trainer because Lycanroc doesn't like to be out of the blanket from the bed and it didn't feeling good of being without using the blanket. And also refuses the Male Trainer to be single only.

Bullet; Green Poor Male Trainer is being out of the bed from Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Bullet; Green 
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ericalar001's avatar
It's true.
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AwesomeSmash's avatar
Me No lycanroc:(( moon)
Luke good lycanroc :) ( sun)
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Turtlze's avatar
why do i think i would play the situation like this... BEARHUG OF DOOM!!!!!! *le climbs into bed and wraps myself over lycanroc and squeezes like a death grip*
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Michaelbond007's avatar
Midday: *cuddles*
Midnight: *Game Over*
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SkookyGoob's avatar
SkookyGoob|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Midday: Daww, here. *Covers with blanket*
Midnight: *Awkwardly sleeps on the ground* ._.
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LordBlackTiger666's avatar
LordBlackTiger666|Student Digital Artist
Midday form = Awww! :love::heart: (Why pokemon doesn't exist in real life???? ;w; )
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SapphireSonicmaster's avatar
SapphireSonicmaster|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ikr, but what about Midnight
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KenTheNekomata's avatar
KenTheNekomata|Hobbyist Digital Artist
BECAUSE these.

Hypno is a child mullestor

Bewear can squish your spine in two

and WORST OF ALL, Magcargo can burn you in an instant.
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raptorshadow's avatar
So very very true
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KenTheNekomata's avatar
KenTheNekomata|Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's 2 boxes, one of them has my Lycanroc.

Pick the left box or the right box.
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Kiranta's avatar
Midday Form
Me: Good boy/girl 'scratches behind his/hers ears'

Midnight Form
Me: That's it! 'Pulls out pokeball' Lycanroc return!
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TheEliteTrio7979's avatar
TheEliteTrio7979|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me: Midnight! Get out of my bed!
Midnight: GRRR
Me: I mean it Midnight! Out!
Midnight: *Falls back asleep*
Me: *Speakung on the phone* yes? How do you put a Pokemon up for adoption?
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Jutondra's avatar
Jutondra|Hobbyist General Artist
My mom tells me that our dog can do what Midnight form does.  She doesn't kick her out of bed, but she does try to hog it all to herself.  Luckily, Mom can get her to move to the other side and into a corner when Mom has to stretch her legs.  She'll also act like Midday form occasionally.
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KorTyphlosion's avatar
My cat literally does this to me. He acts like Midday form but is secretly Midnight form and before I know it my cat has taken up half of my bed and I'm close to falling out of Bed so I just give up and wake up.
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Rexam-Etherstrider's avatar
If I was the human with the midnight lycanroc I would get back up on that bed and punish the lycanroc with cuddles so it could not kick me off.
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EmmetEarwax's avatar
EmmetEarwax|Hobbyist Writer
At night he is Cornacyl
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Jetvoidfox96's avatar
Jetvoidfox96|Student General Artist
Midday: i like to share.
Midnight: this is sparta!
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TheEliteTrio7979's avatar
TheEliteTrio7979|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SeriousJupiter's avatar
I thought Midnight sleeps during the day...
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TheEliteTrio7979's avatar
TheEliteTrio7979|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh. Good point.
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