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DiamondXIs|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's me. 😂
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DogoOgo|Hobbyist Filmographer
Incineroar is like my cat, it flops on me and the slowly moves to my face
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he's over 180 pound's do you need help
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It'd keep you warm on those cold nights.
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Poor Sun. Incineroar is going to crush him with all that weight.
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Despite of being a big buff badass tiger, he's still cute and playful as always
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AlphaAreus|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My incineroar, tigerstar, has this bed he had when he was a litten.
He's about five times its size now, but he still loves it.
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I'm the first to do this but...





INCINEROAR's The Winner!!!Incineroar Shocked Icon F2U Shiny Incineroar icon John cena - OOOOHHHH WWE - Shocked/Wow John Cena Theme Midi (Vinesauce Joel) :noice: :rainbowfrog: :illuminati: :shrek: :mlgmontage: :lennyface: :ayylmao: dat boi ITS DAT BOI (OSHITWADDUP) ICON HERE COME DAT OWL!  
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dogman0|Hobbyist Filmographer
At least she's warm
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It's a Fire-Dark type, not fighting. But, tbh, I first mistook for it to be part fighting type at first so I understand.I understand fella (messages) 
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its not a fighting type. who said it was?
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I would just snuggle!
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LudiculousPegasus|Professional Digital Artist
LMAO Incineroar you're more than twice your size as you were as Torracat you ain't gonna fit on the bed
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ArchsageLucipher|Hobbyist Digital Artist
And twice the heavier as a Torracat too XD
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Hendersony|Student Artist
r.i.p elio/sun/solar/sudgnaiodngioad/idfk
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Old habits die hard
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LordBlackTiger666|Student Digital Artist
Morality: to think before evolving his starter
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suikunavi|Hobbyist General Artist
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Lumiiose-Dreams|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is why I love Incineroar, it trying to act like a big kitty >3< :giggle:
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RabidLeroy|Student General Artist
Next time, invest in a king sized mattress, trainer. (A message from your friendly RL.)
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I'll buy a bigger bed, I dont mind sharing my bed with it no matter how big ill find a away to be like old time.
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Reakon1stEdited |Student Digital Artist
Nope lol he too big for that lol
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Death by suffocation, R.I.P nameless trainer :3
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