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Published: February 27, 2019
Quick make & Stupid comic ( :

Some quick draw for the 8th gen :>

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Tigerblitzpea215Hobbyist General Artist
Damn litten you got rekted!
goodbrony's avatar
goodbrony Artist
Ok ok give this one to scorbunny XD
Strawbellz's avatar
What just happen lol.
That's my bunny.>:3
CG02536's avatar
He put that damn bitch in the ground.
skulltronprime969's avatar
skulltronprime969Hobbyist Artist
Litten, that's what you get for being rude to Scorbunny
Deliderp's avatar
Karma came to Litten's door has a scorbunny.
RikuHakushin's avatar
Cute and cathartic.

"Hallo friend!"

"Get lost ya limey--!"


"I think we're going to get along smashingly well!"
Sweet-Gem's avatar
Sweet-GemHobbyist Artist
Clap It's about time that someone taught that jerkface a lesson.
skulltronprime969's avatar
skulltronprime969Hobbyist Artist
Litten totally deserves that
elzataerinn's avatar
So THAT's why Scorbunny has a band-aid :XD:
ZenaboMPEG's avatar
A cat fight gone wrong
SeriousJupiter's avatar
That's what you get for being an asshole, Litten.
Carameja's avatar
CaramejaHobbyist General Artist
I'd see that happen yes.. :XD:
DarkReve's avatar
I can imagine about what just happening XD
Aqua-dog's avatar
did he suplex him
DexterousDecarius's avatar
Oh fears of a fourth fire fighting grow each second 
DexterousDecarius's avatar
Jk, this is a cute comic and Litten's been a jerk sooo :D
VicLiang's avatar
new tinnitus: hp -0.1
litten: game over
UnusualPotato's avatar
UnusualPotatoStudent General Artist
samuelordexe's avatar
that new fire Pokemon called scorbunny is trying to mimic like maylene,the fighting type gym leader in sinnoh
tsunami15's avatar
Looks like Litten finally met their match. 😝
eddfan1998's avatar
eddfan1998Student Artist
Litten, you be nice! Scorbunny is a newcomer to the fire type starters. Game Freak is coming up with lots of cute ideas for fire type starter. First, a baby fox, Fennekin, Litten, a kitten and now Scorbunny, a rabbit.
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