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2013 Summary of Art

By Winhdia
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Saw Sarbie's and Amy's and wanted to do this :iconsolazyplz:
I honestly don't think i improved that much. :icongnimtearsplz: But am am proud of the improvement that i did make. :iconpapmingcryplz: <3

Gurrll by AmyWinhJanuary: This wasn't January, it was around the end of December 2012 since i couldn't find any january 2013 :iconfliptableplz: But around during this month i focused on a ton of digital art.
I Promise! by AmyWinhFebruary: Again, i focused on a lot of digital art and stuffs. :icongnimplz: Also it was like, 4 peoples birthdays, including my brother's. And they were all on the same day :iconomgcryplz:
Middle School by AmyWinh March: Around this time, i met :iconami-desu: through her "Draw this again" drawing, and i was fascinated by her stuffs, and found out about Kodaiki. That's how i started on my whole dA life :iconpapmingplz:
Gabby by AmyWinhApril: I started doing requests irl and drew stuff for friends. And i still never learned how to make a transparent BG yet. :iconimboboplz:
Fan Art: ToyoSaya! by AmyWinh May: I found out about HSV and started stalking people in there and stuffs, and i heard about a lot of things.... yeah.... I made a lot of friends around this time, but i never joined HSV because i was too confused :iconpapmingplz:
Grab My Hand by AmyWinh June: My cousin (:iconanixancy:) and i started a webcomic, and it was fun at first but we stopped making pages because we're lazy assholes :I And i joined Kodaiki in this month i think, and i started to get really addicted and active to dA around this time. :iconmhmmmplz:
<da:thumb id="382243355"> July: I started to learn more in depth about these "points" :points: and i started to join more contests to achieve these "points" :icongnimplz: And i think i won this contest for 3rd place? Not sure :iconfryplz: I forgot. :iconomgcryplz:
<da:thumb id="390365357">August: I started to really like pixel art even more, since i used to edit a lot of pixels for maple story characters :iconotlplz: but i really got into it and started to focus more on that. And it was Amy's birthday and i make miki a 2nd year when she's only a 1st :iconleeblushplz:
<da:thumb id="397693834">September: This was probably the highlight of my whole pixel-art life thing. During these times i was constantly trying to make a decent pixel base, and i was so happy that i made this :iconpapcryplz: I'm still really proud of this. 
<da:thumb id="404581822">October: The only thing i like in this piece is the hair :icondatfaceplz: But yeah, more pixel art :icongnimplz:
<da:thumb id="410960645"> November: This was probably..... the best BG i've ever made :iconomgcryplz: I was so freaking proud of this, you don't even know :iconpapplz: I worked on this for hours :iconverytiredplz: But it was worth the effort :iconteyuplz: 

<da:thumb id="417058631"> December: I think i joined like, 4 more groups, and made my own group, and this OC is for another group :iconomgcryplz: So if i get in the 2 other groups im not officially in yet, then i'll be in 6 RP groups :iconimboboplz: Kodaiki, Colony, Sugomi, Fujimoto, Recovery, and Tamashi. :iconteyuplz: Theres like, 2 other groups i wanna get into as well ,but i don't think im motivated enough to do so :iconotlplz:

Dammit i don't think i was allowed to use anymore thumbs. :iconcrai-plz: But im too lazy to fix it :icongnimplz:
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uwwwwaaah there is so much improvement ^^Your anatomy has certainly gone better, and you're developing a wonderful style :,D
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omg thank you so much, love ; v ; <3333 ahahah i need to make a 2014 summary of art soon!
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Yes you do ahahahhah ^^