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Welp. Things didn't exactly go as I planned them at the start of this year, but I'm certainly not complaining...

In case you were wondering where I disappeared, fret not, I haven't abandoned drawing or DA - in fact I have been very busy working.

The main job was a massive urbanism project which took a few months to complete and which will never be posted on DA for obvious reasons, but I've also done a lot of drawings for different clients, chief amid which is Mythopoeia. Now, I've done work for them before, chiefly this poster (and other assorted bits and bobs) for the second and third issue of their dieselpunk comic book "Skies of Fire", but whereas before I was an "external collaborator" now I've been asked to become a full member of the team and contribute more to the development of the world the comic is set in.

As such, I did a lot of "behind the scenes" design work and I will be posting some of it to DA over the next few days in a dedicated gallery.

I will also be posting other work I did in the meantime, as well as some new drawings for Shadowless and Inner Space, even though I didn't have enough time to draw actual comic pages.

And, as usual by now in my last few journal entries, here's a link back to the article about those little art thieves from "I. Světová" ("1st World [War]"), the WW1 special edition of the regular "Extra VÁLKA" ("Extra WAR"), published by EXTRA Publishing who decided it was far easier to just steal drawings than pay for them and when asked about it answered something to the lines of "we can't check all the sources for articles people write and we publish, so it's not our problem".

I'm really never going to stop trying to blacken their name, because they fully deserve it.
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Finally, I've gone around and finished the new Page 1 of Shadowless, which had lain around unfinished for more than a year because far too many serious Real Life (TM) stuff have happened in the last year and half that kept me from comics.

So I start this new year utterly exhausted, but also fiercely determined to finally start drawing this comic which has been gnawing at the back of my brain for the last eighteen months aching to come out.

Also, page 5 is in the works. Originally, I was going to wait to post both of them at the same time, but then I thought "What's the point?" after all, it's not like I have a steady update schedule to make myself a page buffer...

I also want to thank the anonymous deviant who gave me a Core membership. Thank you!

Oh, and one thing I decided I was going to do in all my journal entries from now on is always link back to the article about those little art thieves from "I. Světová" ("1st World [War]"), the WW1 special edition of the regular "Extra VÁLKA" ("Extra WAR"), published by EXTRA Publishing who decided it was far easier to just steal drawings than pay for them and when asked about it answered something to the lines of "we can't check all the sources for articles people write and we publish, so it's not our problem".

I'm really never going to stop trying to blacken their name, because they fully deserve it. Bloody arseholes.
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I was originally going to publish this on October 30, 2015, but, as I was working on the post, around 22:45, I was told about the tragic Colectiv Nightclub fire which had happened 15 minutes previously during a live show by the Bucharest band "Goodbye to Gravity" and claimed the lives of 60 people including a few people I knew.

As such I decided to postpone for one month out of respect for the victims. May they rest in peace. 

You were probably thinking why I haven't posted anything in a while.
Is because I was to busy and didn't have time for drawing? 

Well, not exactly. 

Let me tell you a little story. 

Back on the 12th of October, 2015 I got a message from Ondrej-Filip asking me wherever I gave permission for a Czech history magazine to publish my drawings. 

Since I knew nothing about this I was understandably very curious, so I looked into it and, surprise, surprise, there is indeed a one such magazine which features two of my drawings lifted from DA and presented without any shred of attribution. Quite the contrary, the copyright notice on the first page proudly proclaims that "all published material belongs to Extra Publishing s.r.o"

The magazine in question is called "I. Světová" ("1st World [War]"), the WW1 special edition of the regular "Extra VÁLKA" ("Extra WAR"), published by EXTRA Publishing (Click for full size):

Surprise 2 1000 by wingsofwrath

Here's the inside, pages 64 and 65, courtesy of Ondrej-Filip (Click for full size):

Surprise 3 1000 by wingsofwrath

As you can see, the two drawings that were stolen err... "surprise published" are these two (the second one partially): 
FNG Fortified Line - Cover by wingsofwrath  FNG Fortified Line - Plate VI by wingsofwrath
These were originally drawn for the non-fiction book "The Fortified Region Focsani-Namoloasa-Galati" published by the Romanian Military Museum early this year, but I hold the full copyright to them. 

And let's be clear here, this is not a "mistake", this is deliberate art theft, since I've sent them quite a few emails on the subject, all of which, so far, remain without response. 

So, not to mince words here, the people from the Czech Publishing house "Extra Publishing" who publish the magazine "I. Světová", are, quite simply, thieving bastards and deserve to be sneered at and mocked publicly. 

Also, since legal action is prohibitively expensive and really not worth it in this case (according to Czech Law I can hope to get triple my normal fee and that's about it, not even close to covering legal fees, no wonder they decided just stealing stuff is more profitable) so I won't bother.

Instead, I am calling them out publicly and naming them for the thieves they are. Shame on you, I. světová (extra VÁLKA), shame on you!

If you are interested, the people responsible for this magazine can also be found  here and on Facebook.
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Personally I am a completely non-religious humanist, but I wish a hearty Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

I know you think I'm a bit late, since for a lot of the world Easter was this past weekend, but I live in a country where Easter is celebrated based on the Julian rather than Gregorian Calendar, which means this year Easter comes on the 12th.

Oh, and while I'm at it, Happy Passover for those of Jewish faith.

But moving on to the primary reason for this post, I bet you are wondering why I haven't posted anything since October of last year.
Well, let me tell you it's been a gruelling six months. Nothing bad per se happened to me directly, but a lot of bad stuff happened to my loved ones, culminating in my mother being seriously injured in a car accident in February.
As a consequence, I spent the last few months in a support/ primary caregiver position, which meant all my free time evaporated.

However, I did manage to work a number of projects of which I am very pleased, including two books already published and a Comic book which is to leave the press in a couple of days.

First off, I know this might come as a surprise, but I've illustrated a children's book for a friend of mine, Mari Arsenie, named "The Adventures of Laslo the Dawrf".
Let me tell you, it was a surprise for me as well, since I'm more adept at drawing artillery pieces than dwarves, but there you have it. The artwork, by the way, can be found here:
  The Adventures of Laslo the Dwarf by wingsofwrath

Secondly, it is exactly artillery pieces I drew, since I illustrated a non-fiction book about the Focsani-Namoloasa-Galati Fortified Region (Also known as the Sereth Line).
This is the second book I illustrated for the Romanian Military museum, the first one being about Austro Hungarian artillery, waaay back in 2011.

  Coperta final carte 800 by wingsofwrath
 Here are the actual drawings, all nine of them:
FNG Fortified Line - Cover by wingsofwrath FNG Fortified Line - Plate I by wingsofwrath FNG Fortified Line - Plate II by wingsofwrath FNG Fortified Line - Plate III by wingsofwrath FNG Fortified Line - Plate IV by wingsofwrath FNG Fortified Line - Plate V by wingsofwrath FNG Fortified Line - Plate VI by wingsofwrath FNG Fortified Line - Plate VII by wingsofwrath FNG Fortified Line - Plate VIII by wingsofwrath

Finally, the one I am most proud of, I have been asked by the good folks over at Mythopoeia to make a few drawings to accompany the second issue of their dieselpunk comic book, Skies of Fire.

Edit, 21.04.15: The Kickstarter of the second issue is currently active! Help us bring this comic to print and earn rewards in the process. If the Kickstarter makes it to 12k you will also get postcards drawn by me of some of the ships in the comic.

Speaking of which, Here is a poster I drew which so hows some of the ship types from this world and will make an appearance in the codex of the second issue as well as make a nifty wall decoration:

Skies of Fire- Ships of the World by wingsofwrath
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Quite on the contrary, I have lot of stuff to do, and very little time to do it. Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff is currently under NDA until it gets published, so it can't be shown online. Yet.

In the meantime, please enjoy a few things I've done recently and that can be shown in my gallery, most of them themed around WW1.
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Finally I got round to update this stuff, and I have exciting news! (for me at least)

The Shadowless reboot has finally happened.

The story starts here:…, and I will probably be updating with a new page every two weeks or so, depending on how busy I get. So far I'm much to busy to start any kind of regular update schedule, but i hope to get to that eventually, as well as build an actual website to house the webcomic.
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A few scant hours after this was posted up, kazi2000 removed his "deviation" and sent me a very apologetic note.
He also asked, however, that I remove this "insulting page" (his very words) and that I refrain from doubting his patriotism.
Here is the actual note he sent, for those of you who can read Romanian:

from ~kazi2000
to ~wingsofwrath
Vreau sa incep prin a iti cere scuze pentru copierea (in mare parte) a lucrarii tale, privind steagul Asociatiei Traditia Militara.
Chiar acum voi sterge aceasta lucrare, fara nici o ezitare !
Te-as ruga mult sa stergi si tu foaia prin care ma insulti. Patriotismul meu si buna credinta nu pot fi puse la indoiala.

Inca o data, mii de scuze, eram la inceput pe dA ce-i drept, dar asta nu justfica plagiatul.

Cu respect pentru toata munca ta !"

To that I answer the following-

"Iti multumesc pentru promtitudiea de care ai dat dovada in a sterge "lucrarea" cu pricina, dar cu regret trebue sa te anunt ca nu voi da jos jurnalul meu, doar il voi edita, informandu-i pe toti ca acest incident a luat sfarsit si ca ai facut treaba "onorabila".

Ia-o ca o invatatura de minte, pentru ca am observat de asemena faptul ca majoritatea lucrarilor tale par sa fie poze luate de pe google cu modificari minimale, deci proprietarii lor de drept ar putea veni, mai devreme sau mai tarziu, cu jalba in protap...

De altfel, chiar daca as vrea sa ascund fapta, acum imi este imposibil, pentru ca, odata cu plangerea mea originala, am postat pe toate grupurile din care facea parte "deviatia" deci cam toti oamenii aceia stiu acum exact ce ai facut.

Cat despre patriotism, nu-ti contest buna credita, dar din pacate iubirea de tara si furtul sunt, dupa parerea mea, doua lucruri incompatibile...

Sper sa nu se mai repete."


"While I  thank you for the promptness with which you deleted your "work", I must regretfully inform you that I won't be taking down my journal, merely editing it to inform everybody that this incident has now ended and that you did the honourable thing.

Take it as a lesson, because I also noticed that most of your work amounts to barely modified pictures taken from google, so their rightful owners might, sooner or later, come to complain...

In any case, even if I wanted to hide your deed it is now impossible for me to do that, because at the same time I posted my original complaint I also posted in every group to which you ever submitted your "deviation", so all those people know exactly what you did.

As for your patriotism, while I don't doubt your sincerity, I have trouble associating love for one's homeland and plain theft...

Hope this doesn't happen again"

So I thank you all for the support you've shown me, but let's just call this incident closed and move on.  His apology sounds sincere enough and as far as I'm concerned, he took the offending piece down and that's good enough for me.

Again, thank you, my friends!

Here is the original entry I posted soon after finding out my drawing has been stolen:

It has just come to my attention, through a most fortunate accident, that one of my drawings has been copied by a scummy low-life by the name of kazi2000 :iconkazi2000:.

His "deviation"…
is in fact  a plagiarised version of the flag belonging to my reenactment group, "Asociatia Traditia Militara" (… or this  link for  the page in Romanian, which has a lot more info: ) which can be seen here in my gallery and which we proudly carried underneath the Triumphal Arch of Bucharest for the annual National Day Parade for three years in a row (2009,2010,2011):

The pilfered flag is a bit different from the variant in my gallery and it is actually the 2009 version, most likely coming from our forum:…

He also stole a further two pictures from our forum, without even mentioning the source - and actually come from here:…

I find it mind-boggling that someone claiming to be a patriot as this joker, kazi2000', so proudly proclaims would stoop as low as to steal somebody else's work and claim it as his own.

As such, I have taken the liberty of informing DA (who, if my memory serves, take copyright infringement quite seriously) as well as everybody who ever commented on his "deviation", the groups to which he submitted it, etc. and I hope his credibility will be well and truly ruined, for all eternity, because that's exactly what pitiful jokers like him deserve.
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More than two years between journal updates! A new personal record! Woo!

I'm not even sure anybody is going to read this - after all, common sense dictates I've long since alienated the few people -personal friends and relatives excepted- that were interested in this little "artdump" from the beginning...

But I digress - the true purpose of this little entry is none other than self promotion: on the 24th of January 2011 will take place the launch of a book I worked on for the better part of last year: "Built at Skoda Werke" - Siege Artillery in the Collection of the Military Museum of Bucharest".
It's a "niche" volume for the military buffs out there, since it deals with a rather specific subject: the Austro Hungarian heavy howitzers and mortars of the first World War. Text is by the two reputed military historians Ioan and Cornel Scafes of the Romanian National Military Museum, with illustrations by your truly.

Since this is a non-fiction work, I spent a lot of time trying to get every little detail "just right" down to the position of individual rivets, and I'm happy to report (If I'm allowed to toot my own horn) that these are among the most accurate drawings on the subject, especially since some of the items depicted have never even been drawn before.

Unfortunately, the main body of text will only be available in Romanian, but the 80+ photographs and my 8 colour plates will be provided with bilingual captions.

After the book is published, I will also upload web-quality versions of the plates to my DA account, since I'm not sure everyone will be interested in purchasing the book.

UPDATE- here they are:


Plate I:…

Plate II:…


Plate IV:…

Plate V:…

Plate VI:…

Plate VII:…


This is actually the second time some of my work is published, with one of my "War" strips appearing in the 2007 number of the Czech Comics magazine "Aargh!":…
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Heh. Apparently I'm updating DA every year or so...

Well, I finally have some time and I've started work on some new Shadowless pages. Hopefully, the story will move forward this year.
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Ok, I'm so pumped up I don't know what I'll do.
Anyway, it has been a really good week for contests:

First, I got word from the organizers of “Red Bull Flugtag” Romania, that I have been selected to build a flying machine and attempt to fly as far as I can.
My team and I participated in this event in 2005 as well, but a mere 5 minutes before launch, due to insufficient crowd control on the part of the organizers, an idiot stepped on the right wing and snapped the after wing spar. Needless to say, the whole contraption then proceeded to disintegrate in mid air in a most spectacular fashion, but didn’t quite make it far enough for victory…
Anyway, this year we are going as prisoners attempting an escape by air. Read more about it here:…

The second contest I won this week is the “Fredo and Pid’jin” two year birthday extravaganza.…
The two very talented authors (read their comic have been most gracious in selecting my entry despite the fierce competition, and so I get to take home a highly collectible Wacom Graphire II they used in creating their comic (and that would do a great job in replacing my Graphire I “special edition with a genuine autograph by Moses” that I’m currently using), and a copy of the Adobe CS3 (valued at about $1000)

So yeah, you can say I’m pretty happy right now.
But wait, it’s not over yet!
In the good tradition of Hollywood blockbusters, I left the best for last:

I was chosen as one of the 50 finalists in the International Comic Book Challenge 2007 with my comic "War!"…

That means that I get to fly 6622.48 miles (10657,56Km) to San Diego, where I will present my comic in front of a panel of judges and if they deem me worthy, I will move up in the final 10... then,  on the 28th of July, all the projects are put online and the public gets to vote the final 3...  Another round of voting later, a single winner is elected and he or she gets their comic published! Oh, yeah, and a truckload of other stuff.

So anyway, I spent my last few days in a daze, moving to and fro, trying to get my hands on the essentials: an American Visa (in the end I got one that is valid for 10 years, so it was definitely worth it), plane tickets (my travel agent even managed to get me a $500 rebate), a place to stay in (I thought it would be really hard to find lodgings with the Comic Con and all, but I managed to find a “foreigner only” hostel just a few blocks away from where I need to be on the 26th of June)  and various other objects that are necessary to survive in the Wild West that is San Diego…

So let’s hope my luck holds. (Famous last words as uttered by Capt. Robert Scott before setting off for the South Pole)
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Well, apparently I am.

I don't even know why I left in the first place. There was something nagging in the back of my mind about the internet... Something just didn't seem right. I hated the debates. The backstabbing, the private interests at play. It was like 19th century diplomacy. The Great Game all over again. We could only expect it to get worse. Maybe an outright war or something. And besides that, I was losing a lot of time just staring at that blank screen, without getting much out of it.

So one day, I just left, without a word or anything.

I realize now, two years afterwards, that maybe it wasn't the best thing to do. Not that I missed it. On the contrary, I continued to watch, eventhough I wasn't part of it anymore. I still lost as much time, but I was an outsider. Somehow, whatever was going on didn't concerm me anymore.

But, you know... I miss some of the people. Yeah, I'm talking about you. The internet wasn't such a great place (still isn't), but leaving in disgust is not an option, not even for a die hard cynicyst as myself. In a sense, it's like Pandora's box or a drug addiction- once you opened it, it has you forever, and nothing you can ever do can save you from going back eventually.

So here I am in the end. Two yeas older, a lot wiser, and maybe a bit more humble.

Am I back for good though? I don't know, and I don't care. Only time will tell.
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Yay! my new site is finally up! I still have to polish it around the corners a bit, but the main features are all fully functional.

So.... click the link! I know you want to!
Just something to update my journal...

Proud Member of:

ok, sometimes is good to write angsty journal helps you vent your feelings when you're feeling down....but it's really unwise to let such an entry hang around your DA page too long, or people will begin to think you really are dark & gloomy all the time. A fact not entirely true, even if I listen to a LOT of Gothic Rock...
Everybody feels this way. Trapped. In their own way, we all feel trapped….life…the eternal rat race…going forward and yet going nowhere. Why?
We never asked to be born…and we don't ask for death, although we all know it awaits us.
We are all trapped in our own little way, like trains on their tracks, going faster, ever faster, without looking back at the ghosts of their past.
I don't know if it's the hour, or the music I'm listening to….but I just feel this way….depressed? No. Revolted. Feeling anger against the way things happen, wishing for a change, a break….   Knowing  none of that will happen…. What can we expect from tomorrow? Another day at the office? A new war? Another terrorist blowing himself up? For what? For the glory of this murderous entrapment we all accept so serenely?….Shit…..
I wonder…if there really is out there, floating in space an asteroid hurtling towards us…like in those b-movies from Hollywood….only in real life Bruce Willis won't save us….and I would just laugh… see a whole humanity going nuts upon losing a whole life of nothingness….people trying to save their useless luggage from the sinking Titanic…the ever repeating scene…the looting and death preceding the impact…the world going down in it's own inebriation….The dope show…
AargH!….whatever….shoot me or just  inebriate me….so I can shut up…..long hours + loads of work + Marilyn Manson don't mix well…
Just something.
To replace Nothing.
Nothing else to say
I am too damn sleepy
Good night.
I hate all the pityful comercial circus surounding Christmas.
I hate all the plastic christmas trees made in China.
I hate alll the Santa Clauses begging in the subway.
I hate Jingle Bells.
Die, Jingle Bells!

I neeed an artificial mood swing.
uggh....just something to replace the now obsolete comment about DA being sluggish.....

have a good day....go out.....kill somebody.... :evilgrin:
I'm not at all sure what's happening with DA lately.....
Avatars dissapearing, no prewiews, horrendous lagg, and it took me two whole hours and 5 tries to get a measily 96kb deviation uploaded.....THIS STINKS BIG TIME!!!!
:chainsaw: I'm back... :?
sort of...
the whole coming back to the UNI stuff is getting on me... and it's right about scanner still doesn't work,
my cd-player is going bezerk on me, my phone is playing tricks and I'm working with a museum piece of a computer that needs a good bashing with a spanner every once in a while just to keep on going....kinda living on tme MIR space station, isn't it.. :S

The only thing that calms me down these days is "Dead"  from KoRn, played in a loop at peak volume..., in a week or two,...either I'll go nuts from all my things going their own way around me, or my neighbours will throw me out because of the noise....

care to wager?

shoot me.
*whoa, not with THAT! don't get any strange ideas!*