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Tambrian Carrier Group

By wingsofwrath
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EDIT, 28.08.13: I updated the image by adding tactical markings to the ships, something I forgot to put in previously.

The Tambrian Carrier "Wrath of the Guide" with two escort cruisers (the Tambrian navy uses "escort cruisers" to cover the roles held IRL by both destroyers and light cruisers) "Luminary Tal Epehti" (top -named after a Tambrian war hero) and "City of Farfal" of the "City Class" (bottom) steaming at a leisurely 12 kts through the waters of the Outer Ocean.

The carrier is currently both launching and recovering aircraft for a routine patrol over the Marban/Tambr border area.
You can see the second of the outbound fighters just separate from the rail-mounted catapult, while the inbound flight is already hooked on the landing trapeze and one of the aircraft has already been stopped.

The inner space world uses this system of overhead trapeze and hooks for aircraft launch and recovery due to this world's lack of rubber or rubber substitutes, which precludes the manufacture of practical pneumatic tires. Since the trapeze-and-hook has a practical weight limit, larger aircraft tend to be seaplanes, especially since the wast majority of people in this world live either on the coast of the shallow Inner Sea or within easy access of it.

The ships all use oil-fired steam boilers and steam turbines, while the on-board weaponry is composed of anti ship rocket mortars (in fact more akin to the M81E1 152mm gun/launcher of the M551 "Sheridan") and anti-aircraft heavy calibre cannons. The cruisers also mount a depth charge launcher near the stern and submerged torpedo tubes.
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I see the Tambrians are fans of the tumblehome design.

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The Luminary Tal Epehti & City of Farfal are seemed to be weird to me, as they looked like to be based off the design of HMS X1 submarine cruiser or somewhere between CSS Savannah and CSS Stonewall ironclad, which non of it would likely be better than conventional designed armored cruisers SMS Konig Wilhelm (built as armored frigate), Duput de Lome and Vladimir Monomakh, nor tumblehome battleships like Borodino-class, Jaureguiberry and Hoche.

In fact, the tumblehome hull of the two escort cruisers forced the ships to use massive, powered lifeboat launching davits (like those used on HMHS Britannic), which ate up some of the installed power and the already smaller deck space that could be otherwise allocated to something more useful, not to mention that the davit location on the bottom-right cruiser compromised its defensive capacity. Furthermore, the design could be dangerously unstable when watertight integrity was breached.
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Surprised they haven't experimented with an oil-based resin to create some form of tire.
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Great looking ships, one thing that erks me is the morter like guns. Would they have any range with barrels tgat short
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A few things to keep in mind:

First off, those barrels are longer than they appear - I based the turret designs on fortification cupolas, which almost always have the gun recessed inside the turret itself, hence you can't judge the length of the barrel just by what it's popping out. I appreciate the barrels are actually in the region of 30 calibres long.
Granted, this is still very short for ship guns, but these are supposed to be able to launch both anti ship missiles and conventional rounds, akin to the M81E1 Rifled 152 mm Gun/Launcher of the M551 Sheridan.

Another thing would be the fact this world is pretty much the poster child of "schizo tech" because they're starting to get optically tracked wire guided missiles , but they haven't stumbled yet on the idea of radar, so they're limited in range to what they can actually see. Granted, the world helps them in ways I'm  not quite prepared to divulge yet, but still... What they ended up with is basically what we'd call "Manual command to line of sight (MCLOS)", so the missile has a magnesium flare in the back and the operator steers it to the target. Good idea on paper, but once the shooting starts for real they're going to find out that in practice it's nigh impossible to keep concentration if you're yourself under fire.

And speaking of that last bit, let's not forget this is essentially a peacetime navy, just like most navies just before WW1, so they're trying a lot of things we know don't work very well in practice but they don't, like extreme tumblehomes (let's not forget how that went for the unfortunate French battleship Bouvet).

Speaking as the creator of this world, there's one thing that slightly annoys me - why do most people assume I haven't done the research on the things I draw?
I saw some of my designs posted on various "here be shot traps" forums, and they all seem to ignore why that vehicle was designed that way instead focusing on just how effective that piece of technology would be compared to the ones existing in our world and arriving at conclusions like "oh, it's be rubbish, why didn't they just design it like XYZ real world vehicle?
On the other hand, I'm trying to simulate the fact there are real people designing them that don't have all our knowledge, so things that look like good ideas to them aren't actually that good from our perspective, simply because we know a lot more then they did.
History is full of such things. For example, in the 1840s, why did they go through the stage of priming caps instead of going straight to metal cartridges? They certainly had the technology, because breech loaders and conical/ogival bullets had been attempted before but simply haven't thought of piecing all of those things together yet, so they spent several decades playing around with a system that wasn't as good as it could have been. Hind sight is always 20/20, as they say.

Btw, that's not meant as a criticism of you or your comment, I'm just using the excuse to air my grievances, as they say.
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Hey, thanks for the langthy response. It cleared up alot and gave me a better perspective of the world you made.
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Ok, sorry to be a Grammar Spotter, But it is "Irks", and "Lengthy"  
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very neat, its amazing what a society can do despite lacking a vital resource such as rubber in this context.
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Tambria's flags look somewhat Portuguese.
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Amazing ships! :D But "lack of rubber or rubber substitutes" has got to put a huge crimp on what you can accomplish with any kind of seals or valves! I can't imagine early technology relying strictly on leather/cloth seals for any kind of high-pressure and high-heat applications. And metal-to-metal only works once you've got the tech to machine metal down to 1/1000 inch (or better) tolerances, as well as cast and machine perfect cylinders and pistons. How did they overcome these limitations? And what did they use for the tens of thousands of applications we used rubber for prior to the diversification of plastics in WWII? I mean, for over 100 years the rubber producing areas of the world were the richest places on earth, for the very good reason that rubber is indispensable for a host of mechanical systems and uses. And if they don't have any good rubber substitutes... does that mean they don't have hydrocarbon refining and plastics either? I mean, if they don't have semi-liquid hydrocarbons... what are the engines burning?

It's a very clever limitation to place on them, and if they don't have plants with earth-like biology, then it makes sense... but I'm not clever enough to figure out on my own how they got around it!

Truly lovely image though, and I really like the design of the ships!
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having a lack of rubber is massive, as It eliminates all types of cars, and having no types of alternatives is kinda making me skeptical, as I am fairly certain you can use crude oil to make rubber, But, I would really like to see their reactions to our Rubber, It would really be a sight to see. If not, forgive me for my lapse in knowledge
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If they had nothing like rubber... and then saw all the incredible applications for rubber-like materials (including most plastics and soft silicone)... it'd blow their minds!
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I like to see people's minds be blown Figuratively, as seeing Crew members of allied ships going instantly insane and exploding after looking into the warp is annoying...
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It would be good if it were figurative... but potentially useful if literal... it is a war after all!
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Indeed, If the Exploding is happening to your foe.
Crush the Xenos!
Burn the Heretic!
Purge the Mutant!
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All your steampunk (?) stuff is fantastic, I love these ships....
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Amazing ships! How would the planes cross the open space crisscrossed with rails without rubber tires?
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Very good! Im faving.
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The ships look a bit like French designs form the turn of the 20th Century.
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