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Next Town Over Fanart

This is a fanart drawn for the wonderful steampunk-western comic "Next Town Over" [link] drawn by the very talented :iconsquidbunny:

In all fairness, even though I do like the comic to bits, due to my largely lackadaisical nature I probably wouldn't have drawn this right now, since I do have upwards of 15 drawings for my own comics waiting on my hard drive in various stages of completion, but since Erin saw fit to organise a fanart contest [link] this gave me the much needed kick to the backside I required to get the afore mentioned anatomical part in gear and get on cracking.

So, yeah, here it is.


Probably a bit less polished than I would have liked, but I did cut the time limit a wee bit fine, especially after I abandoned the first drawing I did halfway through because I didn't like it enough.

The drawing is a whimsical illustration of the relationship between the two main character's of Erin's comic, the pyrokinetic outlaw John Henry Hunter and the undead bounty hunter Dr. Vane Black - Hunter moving from town to town, on as of now unrevealed errand, and Vane giving chase on her cyborg steampunk horse, "Diamonds". The bounty on Hunter's head is mounting steadily and poor Diamonds is being turned into a machine bit by bit while town after town is reduced to cinders by their fiery struggle.

There is some deep underlying story there, revealed one drop of a time through tantalizing flashback panels, but until now, four chapters in -the name of the chapters are emblazoned on the top of the merry-go-round, while each side bears a painting of the relief, illumination and colour palette specific to each of those towns- the past is still unknown and the characters remain locked in the chase.
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less polished than he would have liked... oh man you're one insane motherfucker : D
it's incredible to see that you can get detail-crazy even on different topics than military, so unusual...