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Happy Easter 2020

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Since tomorrow is Orthodox Easter, here is the traditional by now greeting card for my reenactment group, Traditia Militara.

The text reads "The Tradiția Militară Association wishes you Happy Easter ... even in difficult circumstances"

This year, considering the current events, I opted for a somewhat more... unorthodox (pun very much intended) image of a WW1 Romanian soldier during a gas attack on Easter, 1917.

In real life, the Orthodox Easter 1917 was on April 2 according to the Julian Calendar in use at the time and April 15th according to the current, Gregorian calendar and I don't have any information of fighting around that time let alone of a gas attack, but I think it still works as a symbolic link... The gas mask is a locally made design roughly similar to the French M2 Gas Masks and it's basically a double thickness fabric hood soaked in ricinate of soda with cellophane eye pieces.
The gas pictured is meant to be Chlorine and I based my drawing on these trials made by the DOD to accurately model the spread of chemical agents due to terrorism or an accidental release - the mask itself would theoretically be proof against both Chlorine and Phosgene, for up to five hours. On the western front this type of mask became somewhat obsolescent by mid-1917 due to the proliferation of new, more aggressive compounds like mustard gas, which causes blisters on all exposed skin, not only the airways.

Interestingly, there was one incident which actually took place on April 16th, Easter Monday 1917 - the capsizing of the Romanian torpedo boat "NMS Smeul" in rough seas off the mouth of the Danube due to the inherent instability of it's design - in fact several of the French "torpilleurs" of the same design capsized in similar circumstances.  Of her crew, eighteen were lost, including three French naval officers who were on board as part of an inspection tour.
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