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Dance of the Titans

It's that time of the year again! That's right, time for the Next Town Over Fanart Contest!
If you don't know what "Next Town Over" is, it's a gorgeous steampunk-western comic drawn by the very talented :iconsquidbunny:

Last year, my entry won, and hopefully, my luck will hold for this year as well.

Last year I represented the main characters of the comic as locked in a merry-go-round chase that doesn't go anywhere, but this year I decided to focus more on the "collateral damage" of their conflict - so far five towns and scores of people have paid the price of crossing paths with our dynamic duo.

The concept is a mix of a book I am currently reading (1634: The Ram Rebellion) which, while being alternative history fiction, at one point focuses quite heavily on the inner workings of a ballet company, and a movie I saw recently (Pacific Rim) which features monstrous creatures fighting gigantic robots in urban environments. The whole mixed and fermented for the three hours I spent at parade rest & attention on a military ceremony yesterday morning. There's nothing like being stuck somewhere and having to listen to boring speeches to get your artistic juices flowing.

In terms of composition, I originally tried to make the "dance" both belligerent and sensual, although, with both being the dysfunctional sociopaths we know and love it ended up a lot of the former and not much of the latter. Ah well - when the characters write the story rather then the other way around, that means those are really good characters.

Inspiration for the pose was "The Cell Block Tango" from the musical "Chicago" stuck on repeat for half the night, but with the characters a lot more stiff - Hunter might be into dancing, but Vane certainly isn't, and I tried to show her reticence and clumsiness. Another inspiration for the scene was Goya's "Colossus". 
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The moral of this story so far: NEVER raise an unbounded elemental Wraith. It's like the magical equivalent of one of the 3 laws of Robotics.