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I decided to restart work on Shadowless, even though I'm still swamped with work, so I took a breather from what I was supposed to be doing for my birthday, the 29th of April, and drew something *I* wanted to draw for a change.
Since I've been listening to the Comic Tropes Youtube channel while working and I find it pretty funny, I decided to make it a fanart as well as a Shadowless picture, to kill two birds with one stone, as it were.
This is the result, showing Chris as part of the 5th Company, 13th Line Infantry Regiment of the French Empire, under Adjudant (French rank roughly equivalent to staff sergeant) Jeanne Deschamps, the main character of our comic...
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have you ever thought of adding a self portrait into your Shadowless comic?

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I have and I will be making a cameo as a background character, as will some of my friends. It's very likely we'll all meet with a gruesome fate on page...
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Will you ever produce a map show what Europe looks like during the Shadowless period? will any historical characters like Petain turn up at any point?

And will you ever publish the whole thing as a graphic novel because I for one would lay down ready cash for a hard back copy to go next to my Grandville and Blacksad

BTW did you know someone here in Ireland had done a series of graphic novels about the Irish 1916 Easter Rebellion and War of Independence?

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 I'm honoured you think my little effort is worthy of sitting alongside Grandville and Blacksad, both graphic novels I like very much, but I don't think I'm quite there yet...

I didn't know about the Easter Rebellion and War of Independence graphic novels, but it stands to reason someone would make some sooner or later, considering how important those were. Can you give me the titles so I could look them up?

Yes there will be a map and also yes some historical domain characters will show up, but mostly marginally. After all, this being alternate history, we can assume some of them never even existed in this timeline.
Finally, yes, I intend for the graphic novel to be published, but, before I do that, I must have the story. Hopefully, this year I will get the time to actually work on it.
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locally we had a small branch of Forbidden Planet bookshop, well similar to it, that's where I bought my copies of the graphic novels.......the shop lasted 2 months before going kaput because of the corona virus trouble.

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I recognized the Comic Tropes guy even before I read the title :D :thumbsup:
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I only recently discovered his stuff, but I've been binging it. He's pretty entertaining and his analyses are spot on.
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