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And now for something completely different...

...a drawing done in wholly traditional media, that is. Something of a rarity for me these days.

This is a greeting card I made for my grandmother's 86th birthday, which was on March the 24th.
At that point there was a snowstorm going on, which caused innumerable delays in the assembling of our family for this occasion, considering one of my siblings lives in the UK, the other in Austria and my mother lives in Germany... So yeah, all of their planes were at least two and a half hours late, roads were closed, trains were cancelled... we all got there in the end though, which is the thing that matters.

In terms of subject, my grandmother really likes daffodils, so I combined that with the snowstorm and my brain produced this. The drawing is made entirely with art makers and ink pens and the paper I used with the fancy decorative border is slightly yellow tinted, which means I had to use white ink for the snow and highlights.

In case you're wondering, the "2108" just below the date is an inside joke on the fact the greeting card I drew last year was made late at night while chronically exhausted, so my sleep-addled brain rendered the date as "2107". Of course, the drawing being entirely traditional I couldn't fix it, so I had to leave it like that. My grandmother was thoroughly amused.
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And now for something completely different , i like your ASS ! Youre lying morgan !
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i love it, traditional medium adds really nice feeling to your otherwise very clean style. i love the way you made the clouds especially. and the whole story behind it is just precious <3
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I like the card but a greeting card? That looks like one pissed off rabbit but glad she like it anyway.