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Here's the Ariel pic i worked on... Finally its finished!
Now i can move on and start working on the pic!!

I was sooo mad that i actually have to redo quite some of the background and touch ups!! Right when i actually finished the entire pic, i tried to save it with "save as", After i clicked the button, the entire Photoshop program disapeared!! It's not the first time it happened though, but this time is the first time that it really got my nerves! i noticed it happens once in awhile when i use "save as" instead of save...

Anyhow, hopefully it wont happen again.
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Love the coloring
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wow that's so amazing :iconusagilaplz: :iconchibiusalaplz:
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I love Ariel!!!!!
Good job!!!!
I like
very nice.. really beautiful.. actually, i used this pix in my simple fotoxop. sorry if i wasn't able to tell it to u first. i just dont know wer those pix i used came from until sum1 helpd me find d links.. if ur not good with it just tell me so.. ill erase it..
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Im alright with it. Thanks for letting me know.
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aww i adore Ariel and thiz sure makez me even more crazzie about the little mirmaid! well done she looks pretty spot on.
It's so cute, can i use them for one avatar?
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yeah sure!! go ahead.
Thank you!! I use them on mi avatar and sign

A lot of thanks!
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Beautiful! Really sweet pic of her and flounder. I like her pose a LOT! :)
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Really beautiful!
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wow i love Ariel :star:
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This piece is lovely! The colors are so vibrant and I am really enjoying the atmosphere you created with the water's surface effects. I wonder what Ariel and her friend are thinking about...
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how'd you freakin do the water effects???

cripes! you're the pro... :D :D :D
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he hee... im no pro...
i just painted it using one of the brush in PS... :)
i was so mad that i had to paint it again when i made the pic, coz the entire prog disappeared when i tried to save it.. grrr..
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Really cute! Ariel was my favorite disney character when I was little, so this is really awesome to see. It brings back memories ^^
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yay disney disney! I like how the backdrop of the light!
tatowa's avatar's great.
pretty right on there.
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