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-Commission arts and prices are for personal use only. If its for commercial use, we will need to discuss again.
-I use Paypal only
-I do commission in order, first come first serve.
-I wont provide you the original PSD File.
-I wont show sketch & W.I.P unless being asked.
-I have the right to decline ur commission if i'm not comfortable with.
-Payment needs to be sent before hand (note me again after u send it so i can check).
-Pls no rushing - JUST NO.
-Pls do not ask for refunding. As i always tell u about how slow I am. Once u place an order, u also acknowlegde that it will take quite a time to get the work done.
-Pls behave nicely & friendly - no rude words or trolling.
-Pls no tracing, copying, editting, stealing, reselling.
-You are not allowed to change ur order(s) or anything else after the sketch is passed.
-You are not allowed to change ur order(s) to different char(s) / design(s) after i accept ur commission(s). A few minor changes can be reconsidered if i think they're reasonable enough and dont affect my work schedule.

------------Commission Info------------------

COM - Reina by Wingsie Work 16 by Wingsie Work 13 by Wingsie Work 12 by Wingsie Work 11 by Wingsie Work 19 by Wingsie
+ Limit to 2 Slots per every 2 months.
+ 450 - 600$, depending on illustration's complexity.
+ Double for additional character.
+ Returned customers will get 5$ off / new commission.
+ Pls note that the character(s) drawn in this type of commission might not be in a fullbody state due to Background, perspective, etc..., but it will never end up being just a Waist-up. We can always discuss this when i accept ur commission to get the best outcome for both.

===== FULL BODY =====
+ 200 - 400$ ( no/transparent BG ) ,depending on character's complexity.
+ Double for additional character.
+ Returned customers will get 5$ off / new commission.

===== WAIST-UP =====
COM - Karina by Wingsie COM - Palmy by Wingsie Com - Aki by Wingsie
+ 150$
+ Double for additional character.
+ Adding 50$ for a Simple Background.
+ Returned customers will get 5$ off / new commission.
+ Complicated characters (such as very big weapon, wings, pets, detailed outfit…) might cost extra fee. We can discuss the price when i accept ur commission.

+ 100 - 150$ / char.
+ Double for additional character.
+ Samples can be found here, all are my original designs…

===== CHIBI =====
COM - Kit and Rofl by Wingsie
+ 100$ ( no/transparent BG ).
+ Adding 25$  for a Simple Background.
+ Double for 2nd character. 
+ Returned customers will get 5$ off / new commission.


I'll draw:
- Original characters
- Fanarts 
- Light anthro [Some animal parts such as eyes, ears, tail, etc.]

I don't draw:
- Realistic
- Extremely muscular char
- Vehicles and Mechanicals
Extremely Gore/Violence (abit blood is ok)


Send me a note with the info & the title "Commission"
-deviantART ID: 
-Real Name: 
-Username/E-mail in paypal:
-Type of Drawing you want: 
-Total Price:
-Character Description/References:


1. Zexivian - In Progress
2. SmilesAndMetaphors - DONE


I hope u feel interested in my drawings ^^
Pls send me a note if u want to commission me. Thanks for ur support :tighthug:
© 2013 - 2021 Wingsie
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Nicoleena's avatar
I'll have to stalk when you open again <3 I need you to draw my mermaid *-*
Wingsie's avatar
thank you for ur interest & hope to see u again :iconhugplz:
96hime's avatar
How much for a bustshot?
Wingsie's avatar
right now i dont do bustshot. Thank you for the interest
96hime's avatar
okay, thank you!
ShiningSiria's avatar
How much extra is a commission with BG?
Wingsie's avatar
it can go from 20 - 70 depend on the complexity required
ShiningSiria's avatar
Ah okay! :la: I look forward to when you open again :la: :heart: 
Lucki13ear's avatar
I haven't decided on what kind of commission yet but may I take a slot?
Wingsie's avatar
just note me when u are ready :D
SmilesAndMetaphors's avatar
Hi!! I'm so sorry to bother you, but are these still open? ;v;
Wingsie's avatar
Very sorry for late reply. I answered ur note >.<
kami-kali's avatar
sent you a note about commissions! <3
Wingsie's avatar
Wingsie's avatar
hm..i know its frustrating...but if u put urself in our shoes, u might understand ? we have life a family to support :) what can we use the point for ??? even though DA have a system to transfer points to money...but its pretty troublesome & have limit. 
Don't you think you should open points payment too? Then that will attract more people and give them more choices to pay you. Won't that increase the chance of getting paid?
Wingsie's avatar
like i said before though. that method has a limit of 8000 points only, & when u transfer to paypal they will charge u. Plus u have to go thorugh some process that last time my friend had to help me withdraw..i couldnt do it myself due to some complexity about regions & things
Should really thought about that. Oops, sorry. Meh at least you have your own way of having business. 
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sapphirelink's avatar
I'll commission you, but I need a little time before I can send a note.
Wingsie's avatar
;v; aww thank you so much
sapphirelink's avatar
I sent a note, but I would like an opinion for some things in regards to the commission
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