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GIFT - The Waltz of The Moon Rabbit

This is the art gift for :iconckrzysz09: , the luckiest that won in my Bday chibi giveaway :iconhappyskipplz:

She requested me to draw her OC Jilia, a Moon Rabbit.
such a cute design :iconiheartitplz:
I had fun in both sketching & coloring :woohoo:
Btw, i change abit of her dress, hope u dont mind xDD;;

Hope you like it
&..many thanks for the view, favs & comments :iconiloveyouplz:
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Wow sooo beautiful :)
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You're welcome :D
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Aw, I love her dress and her hair. c: ♥ Great work.
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thank you ^^
ValereyArts's avatar
So adorable and very beautifully colored >.<
Wingsie's avatar
thank you so much :3 :heart:
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Oh god your chibis are so cute ;------; <3
I can't believe you do all this with a mouse, it's incredible D:
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>///< thank you xDDD
i did try hard to learn how to use mouse ...but still..i can do best with chibi..for humanized full looks weird @_@
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You just need to practice more with humanized full bodies *w*
I still think it's awesome to be able to do something like this with just a mouse, even if it is just chibies D:
I have a decent tablet but I still fail at drawing anything digitally : <
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taablet is so expensive OTLOTLOTL
thank you ;A; ur words really ancourage me alot <333 :hug:
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Oww, I'm happy to be of any encouragement *w*
And the cheapest tablets aren't too expensive, aroun 50€ or such. Though the quality may not be as good as with the more expensive ones. But better than nothing right? XD
I am giving you a watch~ I'm interested to see what you can do with a tablet once you get one, when you're already pretty amazing with just a mouse <3
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bawww...but im from Vietnam...& eh...that 50€ is really ...alot ._.
i hope one day i will save enough money to buy still a student OTL..all money have to spend for school fee & such
thank you again :D its really nice to meet u :iconbunnyglompplz:
DaijinMinister's avatar
Hmmmm... *does not have any idea of the currency and financical situation of Vietnam..* @_@
Oh well, once you graduate from schools and get a job, you will surely have the tablet one day <3 I'm counting on you >: D That day will come sooner or later!

You're very welcome <3 And it is nice to meet you too~ :iconmeowfaceplz:
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currency & financial situation here is like shit =__= inflation everywhere...also..everything become much expensive than ever...the fuel price keeps rising & doesnt decrease at all (even the world price is down) ...our government is really shitty jerks
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aww so cute *_*
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You're very most welcome. :D
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very pretty and angelic
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thank you ^_^
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anh ma co tab thi khong biet trinh do se kinh khung den the nao nua day :((((((((
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