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Edit: Thank you so much for all the recent feedback! We are glad to see this blog full of so many more wonderful commission artists! Please, take your time to check them out!  :squee::blowkiss: :happybounce:

We decided to make list of people in our groups that are taking actions to earn points or money! So, if you are doing anything dealing with earning these, feel free to follow our instructions and comment here! We will take care of the rest! :floating:

To be on any of following lists, please comment on this journal!
Only member's requests will be considered :nod:


How to:

Be on the list of people who take commissions?

Just fill this simple meme:
Type: points and/or money commission
Offering media:  (digital painting, 3D, shaded pencils drawings, color pencil works.. etc )
Goal: why you are doing commission? ( to gain subscription, to help friend etc.. )
Prices and rules:  link to your prices and commission rules are here.

Be on the list of people who started donation pools?  

Comment on this journal and say what was the reason of your starting of donation pool ( to gain premium, to help someone, etc )

Be on the list of people who make point adoptables?

1. State the fact that you're doing point adoptables.
2. Comment on this journal and send us link to maximum 3 of your adobtalbes.

Be on the list of people who make money adoptables?

1. State the fact that you're doing money adoptables.
2. Comment on this journal and send us link to maximum 3 of your adobtalbes.

:iconbigheartplz: Those who do commissions::iconbigheartplz:

:bulletgreen: :iconvisanastasis:
Type: point commissions
Offering media: pencil shaded art,  black-white digital and colored digital art
Goal: To earn points to help her friends and to make contest prices!
Prices and rules:

:bulletgreen: :iconsandiest-cupid:
Type: money/paypal
Offering media: digital painting. anime/manga style
Goal: To enrol in a language course, preferably japanese or french. <3
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconrachaelm5:
Type: money commission
Offering media: traditional mediums, generally a mix of watercolor and colored pencil; also, ink/watercolor/colored pencil
Goal: regular income!
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconulario:
Type: Money/Paypal
Offering media: Digital Painting primarily but can also do comics, watercolors, acrylics or almost anything else. Will do nearly anything fantasy or sci-fi related.
Goal:  Regular Income
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconstargazer-gemini:
Type: money commission
Offering media: Traditional Drawing and Painting (see gallery… )
Goal:  Doing commissions to further build portfolio
Prices and rules: Are negotiable through PM or email.

:bulletgreen: :icondarkn2ght:
Type: money commission
Offering media: shaded pencils drawings, waterccolors
Goal:  earn money to pay student loans and to have spare cash for rainy days : )
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconjenabii-fanart:
Type: Money Commission (only accepts Paypal)
Offering media: Digital mediums, generally 3-Dimensional and Photoshop
Goal:  Money to move out of the #1 dangerous city in the United States
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconstarleaf-creations:
Type: money for originals, points if she only have to send it via internet
Offering media: pencil, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, mixed media, artisan crafts, accessories
Goal:  crafting supplies, saving for college
Prices and rules: starleaf-creations.deviantart.…

:bulletgreen: :iconbrittam:
Type: Money Commission
Offering media: Sculpture
Goal:  Supplement the pithy Day Job income
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconfanoftill:
Type: Points and money commissions
Offering media: Traditional works. Mostly markers and pencils.
Goal: Collecting points to keep premium and to help other people, who need them too. Also using money from commissions to buy new stuff.
Prices and rules:… or in donation pool in the profile.

:bulletgreen: :iconkdanger13:
Type: money (paypal)
Offering media:  digital (painting or drawing)
Goal: income (am broke college student)
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconrainfreezer:
Type: points commission
Offering media:  traditional drawings, simple icons, other random stuff
Goal: to commission her other friends, to get a premium membership
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconstivaktis:
Type: money commissions
Offering media: Traditional AND digital media, depends on the commissioner's preference
Goal: pay for art school and start saving for moving out of the country
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconconvelocity:
Type: point commissions
Offering media: digital drawing
Goal:   keep my premium membership
Prices and rules: the-searching-one.deviantart.c…

:bulletgreen: :iconemmil:
Type: money commissions
Offering media: digital painting (semi & realism), pixel art.
Goal: to live day to day
Prices and rules:
Painting commission info:…
Pixel art/ avatar commission info:…

:bulletgreen: :iconemilycammisa:
Type: Money commissions only (PayPal, check, moneyorder, moneygram, and cash).
Offering media: Digital (cell shading or soft shading/painting), traditional (pencil, ink, markers, watercolors). Anime style and semi-realistic fantasy styles are preferred.
Goal:   To pay rent and bills and someday have her own place to live, adopt a pet cat, and have a small garden = ) She also aspire to self-publish art books and other merchandise with her work, make a webcomic, and travel to conventions to sell/promote my art.
Prices and rules: $20/hour rate via contract. More information here:…

:bulletgreen: :icontbrae:
Type: money commissions only via paypal
Offering media: Traditional (such as copic markers) characters with digital bg or enhancements.
Goal:   To have an income buffer, to help pay for school, and art supplies.
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconbevyart:
Type: money and points commissions
Offering media: Traditional and Digital
Goal:   Pay her bills.
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconamanduur:
Type:  Money commission
Offering media: Digital art (manga or semi-realism)
Goal:   Earning money for school materials
Prices and rules: killthisotakufreak.deviantart.…

:bulletgreen: :iconzulayawolf:
Type:  Money commission
Offering media: Sketches, keychains, watercolors, sculpture, prismacolor colored pencils, copic markers, and digital.
Goal:   Raise money to debut at Artist Alley at A&G con in April
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconladyfromeast:
Type:  Money Commissions via bank transfer or paypal
Offering media: Traditional - pencil, watercolour, acrylic, colour pencil, charcoal, ink, mixed media
Goal:   Collecting money needed for university issues
Prices and rules:…

:bulletgreen: :iconmythicphoenix:
Type:  Money Commissions
Offering media: Digital Art
Goal:   To help pay the bills.
Prices and rules:…

:iconbigheartplz: Those who started donation pools::iconbigheartplz:

:bulletgreen: :iconstivaktis:
To help upgrade my group, SuperWhoLockOmens, into a super group. Anyone who donates 50 points or more gets a free request chibi drawing.
:bulletgreen: :iconfanoftill:

:iconbigheartplz: Those who make point adoptables: :iconbigheartplz:

:bulletgreen: :icondragonrider3-stock:

:iconbigheartplz: Those who make money adoptables: :iconbigheartplz:

none for now~

:iconbigheartplz: Groups connected with gaining money/points: :iconbigheartplz:


If you're doing something else that don't fit these categories, feel free to send us a note!

:sun: Have a nice day, :sun:
~Admin team
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***************Our home is your home! <3 ************


to Wings of Fantasy group!

Dedicated to all forms of fantasy art that features the artist's love of wings, the Wings of Fantasy is open to all who wish to join and contribute to our shared fascination! :floating:


:bulletblue: Folder descriptions :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Submission Guide :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Advertise page for our members :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: List of members dealing with points and/or money :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: List of good stock providers :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Have group and wanna affiliate with us? :bulletblue:

How to:
:bulletgreen: Become a Member: :bulletgreen:

Click "Join Group" above to send in your request. Only members can submit their work to a group.
Everyone is welcomed! <3

:bulletgreen: Spread the word about us! :bulletgreen:

If you can, put the *Wings-of-Fantasy* icon into your journal's main page, so that other people may know that we exist. Just copy-paste this :iconWings-of-Fantasy:

:bulletgreen: Contact us: :bulletgreen:

If you have any questions and suggestion, feel free to ask!
Say welcome to our 1000th member! hannoy


List of our most respected affiliated friends! To appear on list send us a Affiliate Request! <3

I believe it is important to affiliate with other Groups, even if they don't have the same themes or intentions as we do. The more Groups we affiliate with, the more exposure we get, and the same goes for the other Groups that are in our own "Affiliates" section.

We also like to help promote other Group contests, news, and features, so don't hesitate to send us a note with all the details!

Gallery Folders

If fate had crossed our paths by Sefti
Water Wyrm by MILICRAFT
+Decision+ by ERA7
Slumbering Flight by zelaeii
Kiri Collab by Sternen-Gaukler
Anathol Collab by Sternen-Gaukler
Plant Phoenix by Sternen-Gaukler

Mature Content

Back to the Roots by MirachRavaia
#31 SABEL by Volinfer
Sharon by Foxofwonders
Angel (Book Fan-chat Angel) by siepierski
(Not my art) Spottedleaf by The-NightBreaker
Dark Romance by bonbonka
Winged Dancer by bonbonka
Downdraft by moondragonwings
Princess by moondragonwings
3D modeling

Mature Content

Tag! You're it! Josara and Tah Being Silly! by StalinDC
Athena by Another--Life
Sunset dragon (Auction CLOSED) by Lidelman

Mature Content

Dark Mare by WomenAreAWasteOfTime
*** by puzzlecanon
*** by puzzlecanon

Mature Content

Angel by passionofagoddess
Red and Yellow Moth by DrewCarriker6231993
Artisan Crafts
Kiwi Griffin by SweetSign
Eagle-Owl Griffin by SweetSign
Bloodmoon Dragon by SweetSign
Cranberry Dragon by SweetSign
Tutorials and Resources
Painted Angel Wings Stock by bonbonka
Shadowgorge 05 lineart by rachaelm5
Dragon Types and relative species overview by Guy-Inkognito
Send me an angel sfw by GlyphBellchime
Movie and animations
Male Fairy - Flying Animation by VixenArtz
Pixel Starling Animated by Redwingsparrow
Perspective animation #1 by goulsome
Perspective animation #2 by goulsome
Wing5 logo (Book Fan-Chat Angel) by siepierski
Stamps and icons
Sticker 'Uh-oh' by Maltaid
Current Contest
Sakura by Mici89
Contests winners
Winter Fairy by lightningflash2
Group related
Sirens by Julianez
Winged adoptables
Icewing/Skywing Adopt [OPEN] by The-NightBreaker
Watercolor Wings by siepierski



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