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.:I missed you too:.

Animation with Jack and Jamie :3
Jamie has grown up :3
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D'awwwwwwwwwww ^////^ So cute! <3
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LOVE the kiss, A-DORE these two beautiful boys, and HEART this pairing!!!
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asdlkfsdklfj!!! soo many feels, i love this!
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Ooooooowww GOD! That is sooo cutee! :iconomgsocuteplz: I love this pair ;w;! :hear:
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is it good or bad reaction? :DDD
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also just curious do you take request?
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sometimes. Only if i'll really like the character you want me to draw
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even if the chracters are Jamie and Jack?
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Ohh, Jack and Jamie are my weakness, so I'll surely draw them :D
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I was wondering if could draw comic picture just like you did with Jack frost and the Easter bunny of jack Telling Jamie his backstory and how he became Jack frost and show how Jamie reacts to it?

and could you draw Jamie telling the local autritys in his home town that there might be a body in the lake that Jack drown in because Jamie belives Jack cant rest in peace until his body is discoverd and the Authritys check the lake and Find Jack body which helps jack find his way to the after life and be reumited with his family.

and could you draw another picture of Jamie as adult and he has his own son who looks just like him and he instroduces his son to Jack Frost who can see him to

also could you draw Pitch kidnaping Young Jamie like I pictured Jamie in his house playing with his toys and this pitch raven black smoke appears out of nowhere flow all over the House or just around the room Jamie is in and Jamie looking at it with this puzzled look on his face and when looking at it half of the Smokes comes down behind him and forms into a hand and Grabs Jamie and wips the boy of his feet and drifts him out the front door of his house and the door slams shut and Jamie taken to Pitch Lair or Jamie could be in his room and these Gaint Black Figures with Glowing white eyes that are the size of the Abominable Snow men from Santa work shop magicly appear in Jamie room when he is playing with his toys and the Black Smoke Monster Grab Jamie and kidnap him byt disspaeaing into thin air and takes him to Pitch world or Jamie could be in his room and this smoke wraps around him and sinks into this black hole in the floor which telaports him to Pitch lair anyway either way how Jamie gets abducted then sometime later when Jack Frost comes to Jamie house for a Visit and see the Police at Jamie House and see Jamie parenst who look worried Sick and then see Sophie who scared and she see Jack frost and says mommy daddy ist jack frost but they cant see him since there adults so they send Sophie to her room Jack ask Sophie whats going on and she says Jamie is missing and she also tells Jack he was abducted either by Smoke or these black smoke Smoke Monster with White Glowing eyes or this smoke appered under Jamie feet and wraped around him sinking with Jamie into the Floor and and vanish into this air in other words Sopie saw what happen to Jamie and Jack Tells the Gaurdeans like Snata the Tooth Fairy the Easter Bunny and the Sandman and the five of them do the math and realize Pitch kidnap Jamir or Pitch shows up at the North Pole and says he has Jamie in his lair and if they want to see the boy again then come and get him but Pitch makes it diffult for them or Pitch says if they want to see jamie safe and sound they need to bring him 25 teeth from the Tooth fairy and five toys from sant and 16 easter eggs and seven dreams from seven other children or he just says if you want Jamie back come and get him so they all go to the depth of Pitch dark world to get Jamie back and they find Jamie either lockj in those cages that the tooth Fairy birds were in or the Smoke Monster with White Glowing eyes holding Jamie it wasn;t easy but they eventually rescue Jamie and bring him home safe and sound.

so what do you think if this is to much then you could shorten the storys or I got other ideas that might sound easyer?
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wow this shocking I new I would see pictures of Jamie as a teenager or a adult and still belive in jack but I never thought i see a picthat moves and tells a Story How Did You Pull This Off.

also this story your telling or should i say showing is the sad part of the Movie like Jamie will grow up and eventaually die and jack will still be alive and not just jamie but every child and human Jack will make Freinds with will grow up and get old and die but Not Jack which is very sad and tragic if they make a sequle to Rise of the Gaurdeans or a Series I hope they wont show it.
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This is so cute!!! Jack looks so relieved when Jamie remembered him, and the hug..... HNNNG!!! <3 <3 Not spazzing too hard but this is adorable~
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