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I want to changeeeee

By wingman
umm, infact Im not lazy..:) (Smile) just I'm working alot :( (Sad) and there isnt enough time to create...:( (Sad) (( i wish i had more... anyway I had more ideas on this work, but i've missed that its..I recommend to look full view...
Thanks for ur comments!
Also thanks alot to share great stocks.
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FernandoTabanera's avatar
Very nice! I really like the mood the colors set in this ... Great work! :+fav: ...
afficial's avatar
i love it, keep up the great work :)
Lifless's avatar
:O different , but really nice ,and wierd....and different lol =P :heart: it :)
snottyangst's avatar
i love this one :)
reincarnation's avatar
wow-excellent manipulation-blending of the arm is beautiful-great concept bro!!
Dieguito's avatar
hey dude i remember seeing this peice when i first started out at GL...and i remember thinking shit this is amazing and still do so now its my turn to hit the :+fav: button.
exorist's avatar
excellent blending mate, the statue fits in really well with the background and it has a nice abstract look/feel to it :)

cuuks's avatar
Deffianetly a bizzare pic.
I like it!
mastercallisto's avatar
Olm sen bu isi biliyon ben sana diyorum
aferin devam et calismaya
ama birazda bana ogret su isi :)
m3lancholytron's avatar
I love this one! it looks awesome :omfg:
moogstruck's avatar
yes yes, very interesting and unique concept. i like it a lot, and you pulled it off beautifully.
giza's avatar
Interesting piece... i like figure and texture, less the lighting. Good work indeed.
satirick's avatar
coooooool kick ass work !
arkaman's avatar
Oh this is a fantastic piece…constructed beautifully.
the textures on the body look great…very well blended.
m3lancholytron's avatar
I like the way you blended the bodies together so flawlessly, awesome work dude :)
bj666's avatar
ummmmmmm... neat!
katharien's avatar
man that is wicked...:thumbsup:
swampy's avatar
legendary. a pure class act
noctemvixen's avatar
That's so creapy. I like the alterations and the background. Looks really good.
heimrich's avatar
Absolutely great, +fav for you!
k742o617r000n027's avatar
awsome colors! the trees look great! as well as the thorns and textures, great work!
banxter's avatar
Amazing work... love the colors... the surrealism... very nicely done...

smartmonkeee's avatar
the texturing on the torso is fabulous... and i love how the smaller torso is so well blended... the only nitpick i have is the backround... the figure does'nt seem to fit with the seen.
to me, it feels as if it was just pasted onto a photo... maybe that is what you wanted but dont get mad. i love what you did to the bodies....
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