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robert smith kicks ass...
pls send comments!
thank you
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and now that i know that i'm breaking to pieces, i'll pull out my heart and i'll feed it to anyone. crying for sympathy, crocodiles cry for the love of the crowd and the three cheers from everyone. dropping through sky through the glass of the roof through the roof of your mouth through the mouth of your eye through the eye of the needle, it's easier for me to get closer to heaven than ever feel whole again.

robert smith is the reason i started writing in the first place, so many years ago.

disintegration is one of the best albums.
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really great work here! smooth and a nice poem as well!

.:remember:a poem tells a thousand dreams tell a thousand emotions tell a thousand thoughts tell a thousand pictures tell a thousand words:.
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Wow. Very nice work you've done here. I like the combinations of colors, and the text fits extremely well.

>Q (Ladybug) L Í Q Û Ï S Õ F T™
[Remember, kids: Liquisoft spelled backwards is Tfosiuqil.]