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Requiem's Gate - Twitter - Commission Prices

I am open to either human or animal (or a combination), but I will not do anything sexual, as it makes me uncomfortable and angry.

sketches (can be in pencil if requested): $5
linework: $10
lines/color (cell or soft shading): $15  
cell soft
Portait paintings: $20
Full body paintings (with backgrounds): $30

Stuffed Animals
I use the term animals loosely, but basically anything non-human I'm willing to try.  The canines have general patterns, but all other examples are one of a kind, and will more or less remain so.  I'm also still playing with a human pattern, so once I figure out how I want to make the head, I'll figure out a price range for them.

mini (3" tall): $10 -
small (~5" tall): $20 -
medium (between ~6"-12"): $30-50 -
large (~15" tall): $75 -

For MLP related prices, please see here -

I may charge extra for more characters, larger sizes than my norm, or more expensive materials, respectively, but I will warn ahead of time if such will be the case.  And if anyone really wants something but cannot possibly afford the prices, I'm probably willing to work something out; all you have to do is ask, as long as you seriously intend to go through with it.

I can accept paypal, money order, and check, at least until people begin to prove untrustworthy; and with the same disclaimer, payment does not have to be made until completion, but I will not send the final, full size piece until it is received.

Also: if you're asking me whether I can make or sell something, please tell me if you decide not to continue with it.

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do you do mlp characters?