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Pinkamena Pencil

By wingedwolf94
more pencil drawings
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Well, she is sweet, isn't she?
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*crazy pencil intensifies*
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Such preeeeetty shading~ :D
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Even though she may look scary and all, I find her incredibly cute as Pinkamena. It looks just soo stunning. 
I have 2 questions about this:
1. How long did it take to complete?
2. Since it doesn't look like pencil (to me), what did you use to draw it? (I'm assuming a sort of marker)
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I dont time my drawings so idk anywhere form like 1 hour to maybe 3 and a half? Time flys when im drawing lol.

And its drawn in pencil like the title states.
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Well, anyway it looks absolutely awesome! I like the technique you used with edges of her mane and tail, it makes them look so shiny. 
Keep up the amazing work! :D <3
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but all I can think of is Cupcakes
I'm just asking to get kicked out of the brony fandom now
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pshh, pony fandom has seen worse than cupcakes.
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It definitely did ,but cupcakes was one of the first and it had the worst impact on my nerves. 
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Wow this is amazing!
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