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King Thorax aka king bug moose

So is Thorax the king of the changelings now or what? He looks like a bug moose, that color scheme is just... awful... I like all of the other changeling designs but there is just way too much going on on this guy. Also I made him look evil oops.
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"Bug moose"? Don'tcha mean "stag beetle"?XD  (I'd honestly be surprised if no one's thought of that already.)
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I love his new design.
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I actually like Thorax's new look.
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After seeing the new look for the Changelings, my view is far different. I was like "Eh, I've seen worse".
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"Look, I'm new to this 'king' thing, but if you don't lay your flipping claws off my friend this instance, I and my hive are going dragon on your rear ends!"
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I think that it is more of a ponyfied version of a jewel beetle- stag beetle mix. the horns are from the stag beetle, signifying that he is a king, and the jewel beetle is his color scheme.
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a lot better looking then before that. that's for sure
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The King of bugs and mooses! Long may his horns grow!
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We dont know his title yet.

would be cool if he styled himself as president Thorax, implying he is more than willing to step down if needed and does not exert total dominion.
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Long may he reign!!!!!
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I just watched the finale today.  Can I just say that Thorax becoming the leader of the changelings seemed to come out of nowhere?  It's not like the other changelings agreed to that, or even said anything.  The ponies just were like "Well, he was the first, and he has the biggest... horns? Antennae?  Whatever those are."
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Long Live the King! And he doesn't look evil. He looks like he's doing his job protecting his Changelings.
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Does this make anyone think of a scene from Bambi or is it just me?
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King of the hive maybe. Not the entire species. And he'll need a mate eventually, to keep the hive alive.
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I think he looks more fierce than evil.
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my only question is can they still shape shift.
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Or he's a bedbug as big as a moose. BEDMOOSE!😆
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He kinda reminds me of Xerneas from Pokémon! ops without wing 
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Thorax do is the new king of (good) changelings.
It's true that "good" changelings look way too colourful
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