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Derpy Box

By wingedwolf94
Another poster possibly? ewe
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"I just don't know what went wrong."

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There are seven bubbles. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? You broke the internet! Although we still love you derp.

Brah, her nose not scrunchy enough.

Let me sing you the song of my people. Oh, you bring us muffins. Delicious muffins. We praise thee for muffins. Wait...... What is wrong with that shipping label? It has two scanning bars. Why two? Why is there a missing section like a sticker was peeled off? This is not the standard shipping label for ponyville.

This is the worst. Why did you skip all the prime numbers? All the more proof for the Illuminati. #Illuminaticonfirmed
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Something tells me somepony's gonna get inspired to create a "clopfic" because of the position she's in.
And, I just ruined everything because of my dirty mind.
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:iconderpy-hoovesplz: : Can somepony help me, please?

:icondoctorwhoovesplz: What is it now, Derpy? .... Oh, my.

:iconderpy-hoovesplz: : I just don't know what went wrong...
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Derpy, what happened?
"I kinda went overboard with the tape.  Ooops!  My Bad!"
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Complimentary Derpy comes free with shipping, I see. :D
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She's so cute *3*
Love the scene !
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WOW!! How did you learn to vector such show style ponies? It's amazing.
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I just wanna hug her!
Curse her adorableness! ;n;
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For some reason, this was tagged as implied rape on Derpiboo.
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I know, I tried to remove it but some jerk kept really tagging it so there's nothing I could really do. But I assure you in NOT implying that ;_;
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I know you're not, it's adorable and I love it! <3

Some people are awful ;_;
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"Oh no! I knew I shouldn't have taken the night shift. Now, I'll have to wait until this morning for someone to help me...."

Poor Derpy.

Wonderful work. Why she has to be cute even when she derped? Natural talent, I say.
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i wish i could draw like dat, its so cute :3
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DAAAAWWW!! Need a hoof Derpy?
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Awww, poor thing!

I love your art! It's so darned cute and fun! :)
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Hehe How silly XD
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Awww, poor Derpy.  You had one job!
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She did quite an amazing job getting herself tangled up like that, and you did an equally great job bringing the scene to life. Derpy looks terrific in form and especially that very restrictive pose; her expression clearly shows her confusion and concern. The colors/lighting make it a bright and happy scene overall despite her temporary distress, mostly because it's not something she can't handle. Great work on the post office and items too.
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Poor thing just can't win sometimes.
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It's cool, she's got this!
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How did you even do that ?
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