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Crab Apple

idk why not upload this
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Alright, first and foremost, this picture is adorable. No doubt about that.
With that out of the way, although this picture has no direct theme or story, being just a drawing of Crab Apple, her pose and expression hints at things going on behind the scenes that we cannot see. It made me think, what's going on here that inspired the image we see? I was intrigued, so even though there's no direct story in the image, the implied context was what got my attention. 4.5/5 on Vision
I love the design of your OC. The mane and tail are fairly unique designs, and they are done very well. She has a good color scheme which matches the theme of her name. The character herself if very creative, original, and very fleshed out. Despite this, the idea of just a plain drawing with an OC in the center has been done many times before. Her pose is original, but the overall idea is much less so. 4/5 for originality
Now for the fun part, the technique! Your technique is fantastic! It is obvious that you've had a lot of practice over time, and it really shows in your work. You've developed your own recognizable style, and it looks fantastic. I know that you use Paint Tool SAI (or at least that's what you've told me) and you are really good with the program. All your lines are incredibly smooth, proportional, and good looking. The picture looks smooth enough to be a vectored image than a raster (unless it actually is a vector, in which case it's still excellently done). Your shading, your curves, your proportions, everything is really well practiced and very well executed. I don't have any complaints or criticisms about the way the image is drawn. 5/5 for technique
Finally, the vision. Here's where it gets really opinionated. (Well technically it's ALL opinionated, but this part especially so) At first glance, I was already in love with the picture. I love your character design, and the whole thing is incredibly adorable. This picture invokes very strong emotions of 'Dawwww', and really gets me to smile. Its colorful, very happy, and cute looking appearance make the picture pop and make it very fun to look at. Both at first glance and more careful examination, it retains its quality and fabulousness. Like I said earlier, although it's a very basic premise, her pose and facial expressions hint at more going on than what we see, which interests me and gets me to think. This piece leaves me with a very positive impact. I give the impact a solid 5/5
Overall, I love this picture. Like the majority of your other drawings, it's adorable, simple, and extremely well drawn. I'm always amazed by the quality work you produce. Even though it rated slightly lower on vision and originality, I honestly have no problems with the picture. I enjoy it for being just a cute OC drawing, and I think the simplicity adds to its appeal.
So my overall rating for Crab Apple is 4.75/5! I love your style and the adorableness of your artwork! I hope this is a good enough critique. (It's my first critique ever). Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing the awesome things you have in store for the future!
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*squeeee!* Thanks for the critique! And its not a vector image although i like mixing vector style with the shading of SAI. I would draw more vector art but the controls of vector programs are tedious and im not used to them.
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Alright. I thought so, but I wasn't completely sure because of how well it's done.
Did I do alright with it? It's my first critique, so I'm not sure if it's okay or not
(Took FOREVER to type too. XD)
I think you did a great job though!
I just wanted to show my support for your art in a way I'm actually able to do. X3
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Yeah its great! Although usually people try and pick out and describe things they don't like in a drawing, usually more focusing on the bad parts XD. but if there's genuinely not much bad stuff you can pick out of it then i don't see why not ^^'
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Haha I tried. Honestly I couldn't see very much bad though. Besides the fact that there's no background, and really that's not necessarily even a bad thing. Your art is too good. Or maybe I was just distracted by how cute Crab Apple is. It really could have been either one. XDDD
Well good then. At least I did a decent job at it. I'm really glad to do it too! As long as I could help!
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hehe thanks man! ^w^
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No problem! Glad I could help! 
But man do these critiques take a while to think about and write up. XD
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I think Your OC Is Cute
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Crabby! ^.^
Everypony would hug her :3
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Crab Apple is so adorable ill have to draw her someday o.o
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*squeee!* That would be rad
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*GASP!!*  Omg that's awesome! And so sweet! Thank you so so much I love it! That's going in my special folder ^w^
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Im glad you like it! I have always wanted to draw Crab, she´s so cute, but that hair tho ^w^
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You did upload it because it is so cute for us ;w;
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Oh my gosh
Is this because I was just saying how adorable Crab Apple is?
How do you do it? 
It's so cute my heart hurts. XDDD
I love this! Why is all your art so amazing? XD
Anyways, seriously, fantastic job~ It's a lovely picture
Keep being amazing
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;w; hehe thank u
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