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If you're interested:
  • Simple descriptions only, please. It's just very hard for me to keep up with essay-like details. Give only necessary details that leave me some room to play if you can. I used to take long essay descriptions, but reading all that and getting it all right just made me want to crawl in a hole and never come out.
    :bulletblack:Sketch: $25 ($15 per additional character)
    :bulletblack:Lineart: $30 ($20 per additional character)
    :bulletblack:Flat Color: $45 ($25 per additional character)
    :bulletblack:Shading: $55 ($30 per additional character)
    :bulletblack:Backgrounds: Gradients or subtle texture are included in the Shading price. (Detailed backgrounds are not being offered at this time, as they can often take longer than the character commission itself to paint.)
    :bulletblack:Speedy Sketch-and-Ink: $25 Sketch-and-inks are more like basic quickies that take an hour and no more to make, thus the cheap price compared to Lineart or Sketch alone. They are accepted as single-character/subject commissions only.
    :bulletblack:Paintings: These often run the range of $125 and up.
    :bulletwhite:Max of 3 characters per image.
    :bulletwhite:G-PG No fetishes or other questionable content. If I couldn't show it off to my family, I'm not interested.
    :bulletwhite:No distinct visually copyright characters, like MLP, Sonic, Pokemon or Silverwing.
    :bulletwhite:Paypal only, please Note me.

Work will begin once payment is received. Once the sketch phase is completed and approved by you, no redraws or corrections based on that will be made. Updates will be Noted to you (or emailed if you prefer) as things progress from one stage to another to ensure you're happy with how things are progressing. At the end, you will receive a 300dpi printable copy of your image.

As the artist, I reserve the right to use this work in future publications, promotions, portfolios, etc. If you have any questions, ask below. 

Note: The hidden comments are due to this journal being recycled into a Commissions journal. Feel free to use it as a discussion board.

Bats for Charity

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 12, 2014, 1:57 PM

An Ongoing Effort Between Several Artists

See below the following Q/A for any print offers if you donate and the sizes of each. Every year, the list grows a little bigger, so there are many batty options for you! Alternatively, if you see another item anywhere in my gallery that is of interest instead, Note me here, and I'll get back to you with the sizes and donation amounts available for you!

See the bottom of this journal for links to other creative folks offering batty items for Bat World Sanctuary, as well as other bat-beneficial organizations around the world!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletgreen: What do I receive in exchange for a donation?
A1: Besides the great feeling of doing something wonderful for the bats at the center, you get a few things.
1. The print (signed on the back)
2. A bat bookmark
3. An ink "Thank You" sketch
:bulletgreen:A2: If the cost of the prints is too much for your wallet, there is Option B. You may choose any artwork listed for $10 less, print unsigned and no extra goodies included.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Where do I send the money? 
A: Anyone interested will send the full amount to Bat World's Donation Page at Be sure to note in your donation what artwork the donation is for and the address you want it shipped to!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Why don't I send the money to you? 
A:I accept Paypal but have been charged a fee by them for money sent that isn't marked as a gift, was sent through a credit card, "e-check" or was given through eBay's payment system. That fee could have been given to Bat World instead of a fake bank's transaction fee, and every dime counts when you're a non-profit.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletgreen: How much do you profit from this?
A: Nothing. After I receive my shipping receipt, Bat World will send me the amount that's just enough to cover my costs.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Why don't you auction it on eBay or other sites? 
A:To ensure that the charity receives the most money from the charity drive as possible. Most websites charge fees for listings, then a percentage, and this goes against the purpose of a donation. Until those sites offer a lower charity-drive fee, I see no reason to use them if there are smarter alternatives. Like just having you donate directly to the non-profit's website and have your payment make the most positive impact for the org'. :3 As an aside, my prints are done in a very cost-effective manner as well while still retaining their quality and ensuring that they ship safely. 

<da:thumb id="423174696"/> Red Bat's Licorice Wing - Donation $40 - Size: 8"x10" or 5"x7" for $25 no border
:thumb377407658: Red Bat Clicks 'Hullo!' - Donation $50 - Size: 8"x10" or 11"x14" for $60
:thumb364362360: Beené Beautiful - Donation: $65 - Size: 12"x12" or 10"x10" for $55
:thumb360027055: Hello, Peekaboo! - Donation: $80 - Size: 9"x12"
:thumb162895861: Spectacled Fruit Bats at Dusk - Donation $50 - Size 16"x12" letterboxed
:thumb161682860: Hoary Bat's Hibiscus Dream - Donation: $40 - Size: 10"x10" no white frame
 The Old Pro - Donation: $40 - Size: 11"x14" or $30 - Size 8"x10"

:bulletyellow:Ina Helmers has also offered artwork for donations! See her link here:…

:bulletyellow:Starlight Jewelry offers many bat-related jewelry items, donating as much as 100% to Bat World and other orgs, depending on the item! See the link here:…

:bulletyellow:Ruby White Tips makes sturdy, chip-resistant nail polish that several Bat Worlders are praising for its quality! A percentage of the profits go to Bat World's efforts or other orgs. See the link here:…

Wherein a Pumpkin Achieves Cake
Apparently I placed in the top six carvings, in the lower three! I'm very surprised by this, but moreso, I'm glad my experiment worked. My pumpkin might not have had the most shimmer from underexposing, but it pleased, and best of all, I was pleased. I learned a new technique for future carving, which will add to the fun of it. This contest was my first DA one, and I enjoyed the interaction. It's great to see others out there having fun with it and going around chatting with fellow carvers. At home, there aren't any holiday carvers I know of that do creative gatherings just for that, so this was nice. I know it was a contest, but to be honest, it didn't feel like one. It just felt like a bunch of hobbyists having honest fun with one another. I hope no one took it too seriously.

Sugar Skull with Beet Roses by snerk In all truth, winners of the contest do get good advertising of their creations, so I thought I should mention one that just simply stood out to me out of all others. It's already mentioned on my carving's comments, but I'm doing it here too. Why not, eh? Look at the lighting, the composition, the vivid colors utilized, the design created, and lastly, that flower in her a beat carving! That right there, people, is the fourth unmentioned winner. Give 'em some love.

"The jolly, candy-like prize!"
So what'd I win? Stuff. I'm actually grateful I'm not getting a trophy, and that's not sour grapes talking, I just wouldn't know where to put it. I own too much stuff. So when the stuff arrives, I'll most likely foist it off on others. I picked a t-shirt with a Buddha on it for my mother, as she just absolutely loves anything with the Buddha on it. And if the stickers are child-friendly, my little niece will enjoy those; doesn't matter what they are, they're sticky, and that means they're schoolbook or hair fodder. The emoticon balls? I know someone who'd love to de-stress by crushing those things. : )

"We've made your account better, stronger, faster!"
So for the next year, I have a DA page that can be more fiddled with than the previous fiddling settings. Adding html images is a neat option, even if most people view your images and not your journals. So I've fiddled, but I wonder if after my 365 is up my account will completely revert in DA's hopes of getting me hooked. Not really. Actually, all this is doing is distracting me from coming up with a respectable redesign for my real website. This place sure does have tons of stuff to amp up the OCD in you. O_o

"I have so many Achieveables!"
Intangible winnings? I have no idea what use points are in real life, but DA's giving me 4,000 of them eventually. I don't live here like some do, so I might give those away when they arrive. *shrug* If they were money, I could donate them to someplace relevant. I could think of a few organizations or family members who could use $4,000. Heck, even $40. Wait, how much are my prizes worth again?...

"Look at your life, now back to me. I'm on a llama, the llama your life could smell like."
Apparently people have also been llama-ing me like crazy too. Y'know, that thing that's apparently some silly form of status symbol on DA. I just found out that if you don't llama people back, they can tend to take it personally too, like, to the level of "U R so off my budE list" type of stuff. I don't know anyone like that, but just to know that's common mentality is kind've weird. Watch "Coming To America" at the part where the fast-food guy is saying how great it will be when he's promoted to burger-flipper, and you'll get what I'm saying. DA Llamas should never be your equivalent to crack cocaine. Just look at the bloody thing. It's not even a relevant part of your page and has nothing to do with your artwork, as if to say you need a distraction from your art to stay interested in a site about art. It just sits there with a number attached to it. Ugh, it's worse than a pet goldfish!

Anyway, that's my routine for the night. No looking a gift horse in the mouth, just enjoying running mine. Thanks to everyone who offered me well-wishes in the running, faved, visited, and yes, even gave me a big ol' spitting quadruped with droopy-eye. You're all awesome. XD