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A New Life (Undertale Post Pacifist Fic) Chapt. 7
There was a shuffling from nearby, "Oh Ayumi, I don't want to bother them..." Kai was telling his younger sister. She didn't seem to be listening as she pulled him by the hand to the head in the direction of Frisk's table.
"We'll just be really quick, I want you to meet Frisk before you go back to work. Please?" She pleaded and gave him her best puppy-dog look.
His only reply was a sigh, as if he couldn't argue with that logic (or frankly, that face).
Frisk noticed and immediately started waving the two over with a grin. Sans chuckled at their exuberance, their waving almost sending them toppling off his lap. He held them in place as the two humans stopped to stand in front of the three.
Mimi gave a small smile, "Frisk, this is Kaito, my big brother. Kai, this is Frisk, my new roommate, the one I was telling you has cool new monster parents."
Kai certainly seemed nervous in the presence of the two skeletons as he scratched the back of his head, "Heh, I hope she hasn't ca
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 3 2
A New Life (Undertale Post Pacifist Fic) Chapt. 6
Aftermath and Visitors
Toriel and Asgore had finally finished the paperwork a couple of hours after Frisk's departure from the settlement with the help of Alphys. The caprine woman was eager to get the two out of her home so she could make preparations to drop off the paperwork the next day. She shooed the two monsters (albeit, politely) out the door and noticed how quiet her home was without her child in it. Even though Frisk didn't speak much, there was always the soft padding of bare feet on the wood floor or the soft scratching of a pencil on paper while they sat quietly in the living room with her. She'd almost forgotten what it felt like to be a mother again. She shook her head, she had better things to do than feel sorry for herself. She was still technically queen of the monsters after all!
She refused to let Asgore name the settlement due to his previous un-imaginative ideas and so, for the time being, they just called it 'The Settlement' until a permanent and more suit
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 3 0
A New Life (Undertale Post Pacifist Fic) Chapt. 5
It wasn't long until the little girl made her way to her now shared room. She walked in as Frisk was sitting up and she stared at them for a moment, her green eyes watching the other child carefully. She tucked a portion of her black bangs behind her ear and walked to sit on her own bed. There was a moment of rather awkward silence before she spoke up, her voice quiet, "I heard your new parents are monsters. It's not a very nice name to call them if they're nice."
Frisk blinked and straightened further before nodding in agreement.
She didn't seem to notice their silence as she continued, "Did humans come up with that name or did they? Did it mean something different back then?" She asked, more musing to herself than actually asking as she laid on her bed.
Frisk suddenly felt the need to speak up and change the subject, "I heard your brother is going to adopt you." They suddenly blurted and clapped a hand over their mouth. They didn't mean to sound so nosy.
She didn't loo
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 2 2
A New Life (Undertale Post Pacifist Fic) Chapt. 4
Temporary Arrangement
Frisk slept fitfully, their dreams plagued by memories dredged up from their past brought on by the day's events; the children at the orphanage teasing and bullying them again for not speaking as much as the other kids as well as not clearly identifying as a 'one-or-another' gender and were often left out of activities. Unfortunately, Frisk had seen friend after rare friend get adopted and often wondered, what was wrong with them? Further back in their memories were those of their actual parents, Frisk didn't remember much of them, and always got a very uncomfortable knot in their gut whenever they thought about them, like it was a place in their mind they shouldn't be in.
The child woke up and looked at the clock, it was about three in the morning. They couldn't remember what the actual dream had been about, just that it made them squirm with discomfort. Something about horrible people from in their past being replaced with their friends. It was alm
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 3 0
A New Life (Undertale Post Pacifist Fic) Chapt. 3
Important Meeting
The mayor cleared his throat, "As you understand, I have to contact my advisors. Just a few moments, please." McDonough said as he gestured toward the open double doors. "Elisabeth, please bring our guests something to drink." He said as he walked past her.
The young woman just returned from the other room and started with a jolt before she hurried off without a word. Frisk supposed that the monsters made her anxious, particularly Asgore and Undyne.
Toriel piped in, "Of course, we understand this is a very important decision. One that we will most certainly not take lightly." She said with a graceful dip of her head.
The monster king paced outside the office of the mayor with the other monsters and Frisk as they impatiently waited, his long lavender cloak dragging the floor. Frisk may as have been pacing right along side him as they circled a chair restlessly, their shoes softly thudding on the carpet. Alphys wrung her hands and Undyne had been surprisingly qui
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 2 0
A New Life (Undertale Post Pacifist Fic) Chapt. 2
Sans awoke to the smell of breakfast, his eye socket opening and the glowing pupils stuttering to life, as if he was blinking. He smelled cooking food on the air and was surprised that he wasn't woken up by his brother clomping down the stairs or yelling at him. Maybe Papyrus knew that his older brother had been having trouble sleeping although it was a bit strange for the taller of the two to be so quiet, especially in the morning. Sans moved to stretch his arms but felt a weight on his belly and he looked down to see a mass of brown hair poking out from under the blankets that covered him. He remembered now, he had been out for a walk after waking up from a particularly disturbing nightmare.
He was holding his brother in his arms and watched as the life faded from his eye sockets before turning to dust, leaving only his battle-body chest piece and scarf in his hands.
At the time, he shot up into a sitting position on his bare bed at the time, even after
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 3 2
A New Life (Undertale Post Pacifist Fic) Chapt. 1
Frisk bolted upright in their bed in their adoptive mother's new home on the surface. The child's eyes were wide with tears that bubbled over and streamed down their cheeks. They were remembering again, what happened before the barrier was finally broken, had this been their confrontation with Asgore, King of the Underground? There were so many timelines, so many of their deaths they relived, often nightly- they couldn't tell them apart anymore. But, the part that stood out the most when they stood on their wobbly legs, was the look of utter regret on the monster King's strong, chiseled features as he asked, ". . . Ready?"
The child tried their best to stand their ground but their entire body shook with fear, they were absolutely terrified by the king. Not so much because of his stature or deep rumbling voice but what he felt he had to do, he had to kill them, and it was tearing him up inside.
Initially, Frisk had begged quietly, meekly, for him to stop, they di
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Alone (Prometheus) Ch. 8: The Council
"Interesting. . ." The android said, his expression thoughtful before he smiled at her calmly.
    She couldn't help being suspicious of the android-she mentally slapped her wrist, 'Stop it! He does not have any further orders other than to watch over you, what could he possibly plan for you and why?' She looked away and shook her head slightly, looking as though she needed to clear her thoughts. She moved to sit on the edge of the bed and picked up the helmet frame and David went over to help her and picked up the dome helmet.
    "What does the planet's air hold? Is it breathable for me?" She asked Korvak, he had been looking off and blinked before looking over at her, as if she jarred his thoughts.
    "Perhaps, we will have to inquire with Rakel or a technician." She nodded as she snapped the frame in place and took the helmet that her companion handed her and tucked it under her arm.
    "We will be arriving shortly.
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 2 34
Alone (Prometheus) Ch. 7: 2,000 Years
    Ayumi had slept fitfully, images of Korvak and the other Engineers' dreams flashing and mingling with her own. She sat up and looked around the room, the light dimmed somewhat. She wished she'd had taken more of her Psy Injections, she would have been able to sleep better, would have been able to separate her dreams from those around her. Korvak seemed to be dreaming of the last mission, it was a fragmented memory, he didn't seem to remember everything.
    "The Black Death has been released! We cannot contain it!" The commander yelled to his crewmembers. "Quickly! If any of us are to survive, we must take refuge in the pods!" He shouted, his voice strained with desperation. They were the last ones of their crew; Korvak, Velaka, Jaros and Zahur. Velaka was their leader for this expedition.
    Blotches of black were beginning to overtake Korvak's vision as he climbed into the chamber, laying down and allowing the tubes to snake out from compartments
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 0 0
Alone (Prometheus) Ch. 6: In Transit
    Ayumi looked around the alien room and took in as many features as her poor vision could of the slithering and strange designs and shapes. The quarters looked much the same as the one they were in before albeit more militaristic with multiple beds and an overall soldier feeling to it. She swallowed and looked over and up at her Engineer companion, he was also surveying the room, his dark eyes darting carefully. His eyes suddenly flicked to her and caused her to start and avert her gaze to back to the Grey room. Korvak seemed to pause before saying anything, ". . .Did they harm you?” He asked in a even voice.
    Ayumi had difficulty reading the masked emotion he lined his voice with, she almost expected him the clear his throat awkwardly as a human would if they were asking something that was out of character. She considered her answer, ". . . No, I am well. . . I would think you would be the last to worry for my well-being." She repli
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 0 0
Alone (Prometheus) Ch. 5: Newcomers
    Ayumi opened her eyes to a world of neon green and instantly knew where she was; in one of the many tubes in the lab she grew up in. She was curled in the fetal position and suspended in the liquid, her long, black hair hovering around her naked body like a halo. She slowly peered over the tubed oxygen mask over her nose and mouth and moved slightly and was instantly racked with excruciating pain and remembered the enormous needle in her spine, nearly running the length of her back. It was preventing her from moving as well as using her mind externally. The scientists used it as a safety precaution for themselves as well as administer testing fluid.
    Being in this glass tube always made her sleepy. Maybe it was the feeling of being in a womb or the temperature of the liquid. "Subject thirty-three, wake up." The annoyed male voice being broadcast from a speaker directly above her in the lid of the tube and woke her from dozing off. She lazily opened her eyes w
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 1 0
Alone (Prometheus) Ch. 4: Why Help Me?
    David laid Ayumi down on a block of a table that hovered in the 'medical bay' within the bowels of the Juggernaut. The surface that the only human now lay on had once been a seamless part of the slick and glossy floor in the alien infirmary but had lifted from its source and was supported by some sort of green orb of glowing and biological energy within a gnarling semi-column to greet the three humanoids when they entered the room. When his mistress was set down, David placed his hands on Ayumi's helmet and carefully unscrewed it. He set the headgear down on a similar albeit much smaller 'side table' and pried open one of her eyes with a gloved thumb and forefinger, "Ma'am? Can you hear me?"
    David pulled his hand away when her eyelids tentatively fluttered open at the sound of his voice. Ayumi's eyes slowly rolled from looking toward the back of her skull to look at the android looking down at her. She gave a grunt and tried to sit up only to get stopped by
:iconwingedmidnight88:WingedMidnight88 1 0


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