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Zahra Hydris by Winged-Vayla Zahra Hydris :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 4 0 Astraclose Up2 by Winged-Vayla Astraclose Up2 :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 2 Astra in the garden by Winged-Vayla Astra in the garden :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 2 Ynari's home by Winged-Vayla Ynari's home :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 0 In my vizor by Winged-Vayla In my vizor :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 0 0 Hairflower 2 by Winged-Vayla Hairflower 2 :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 0 Hairflower 1 by Winged-Vayla Hairflower 1 :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 2 0
Nymph song
And in the summer grass the fairest boy
A humans eyes had ever seen
Beauty equal to Helen of Troy
A veil to hide such brilliant sheen
Such splendor cannot be compared,
He has my life, my heart ensnared
The sunlight slowly dims away,
but in this field I long to stray
To catch the sacred maiden there
To touch those locks of golden hair
To hold his hands and talk a while
To see that frail beauty smile
Then my heart may find some peace
And kiss him in the twilight breeze
:iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 3
Flowering 3 by Winged-Vayla Flowering 3 :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 7 4 Flowering 2 by Winged-Vayla Flowering 2 :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 2 5 Flowering by Winged-Vayla Flowering :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 2
Bird of Paradise
I was alone, the world was grey
A blanket made of ashes
Your rain fell and washed away,
The charred dust from my lashes
Like fireworks, bursting out,
colors were melting, blooming
Flowers rose up from the ground
Their scent the world parfuming
There was a life, a light that shone
And filled the world with wonder
No shining gem, no precious stone
Could make this beauty sunder
For all the jewels could not compare
The amber of your eyes or ruby of your clad.
That sun kissed skin, spotted yet fair
Outweighs all treasures had
No sapphire could come to liken,
The blue against bright yellow
Forget me nots and irisses seem to brighten
With you upon that meadow
I wish to hold you, for a while
I'd dare not clip your wings
The love that lies within your smile
Now hear how my heart it sings
We are not of the same kind
I could never shine as bright
But bound we are with heart and mind
Your red upon my white
:iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 2 0
Camee Cake by Winged-Vayla Camee Cake :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 0 Lorgan's Dragonclaws by Winged-Vayla Lorgan's Dragonclaws :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 2 11 Ynari says hello by Winged-Vayla Ynari says hello :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 2 Astra by Winged-Vayla Astra :iconwinged-vayla:Winged-Vayla 1 4

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Zahra Hydris
This lovely picture was taken by Winfried Wachowius
The dress is an altered prom dress.. the leather pouch was purchaged on Elfia and the belt second hand. The ears are by CosplayFX on etsy. 
The rest I all made myself. Including the eyebrow horn prosthetic

It is my Zahra Hydris cosplay from Critical Role


Gutter mind, mostly
Hi I'm Vayla
Just ask me and I'll tell
Started with me getting up in time to work at the store when suddenly the kitchen turned out to have exploded overnight and I had to clean up the entire fricking mess before I could even get myself breakfast. Thus I missed my pick up and Marcia decided it was better if I didn't come in at all.  :cry:  Are you trying to get rid of me? =p
Next I decided... okay no sweat I will just finish sanding the seam lines on the doll Marcia needed to body blush. That went well. But then my webshop boss called me asking me to send in the btw form table thingy.

So while I was doing that anyway I decided to put all the shipped orders on shipped, and I ran the GLS day closure.

Thats when shit really hit the fan. My printer suddenly gave the error that I needed to Install a new imaging unit. So I go online find a solution try it... doesnt work. Try again... doesnt work. Reboot the entire computer and printer... naa aah. So I call costumerservice. Well does that really require anymore explaining. Naturally I was put on hold where I had to listen to fricking Will I am with Justin Bieber before getting any service. The guy who helped me was kind but useless... he basically told me I needed a new imaging unit. He did tell me where the thing was though, so I figured lets have a look at this thing. Maybe it just needs a clean. (9 times out of ten that works with this printer)

So finally got to the unit... cleaned it up, placed it back in and replaced all the other shit I had to place back in but accidentally tipped the waste toner disposal unit (that thing was so full.. I swear I could have printed 12 books from that) all over my floor and my new dress.

Luckily we use powder toner so the damage wasn't un fixable but still pissed me the fuck off. After putting the shit back in the printer gave a new error that I didn't place the damn disposal unit thing in right. So I re did that like 15 times and then it went back to giving the old error. So I decide to call my boss telling him the printer is busted. 

well he is pretty cool about it... but it does mean I have to look up every single person I had to put on shipped by hand and I can tell you that sucks

So I do that and I suddenly I discover we shipped an order that should not have been shipped. The person didn't pay for shipping and wanted to pick it up ARRGH

The frustrating thing about it was that I knew this. I even searched for her order before I made the GLS stickers, I couldn't find her so I figured I just hadn't finished her order yet and she wasn't in the GLS system. Turns out she was. >.<

SO yeah.. this is me fucking frustrated at the moment

  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
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  • Playing: around with my costume
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


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