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Team Seven: Love and Live


Photo; :iconkolibri-chan:
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awesome pic! i love your youtube videos, they always make me laugh! :) x
DattebayoCosplayer's avatar
Such a cute picture :)
zodiacspothole's avatar
Wow those poses are like perfect. xD
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this is so cute!
orangenaruchan's avatar
lol jk
Belikov's avatar
aww! so cute! I tried doing something like this but it ended with everybody getting muddy and the picture blurry.. Kudos to you guys!
smallrinilady's avatar
i dun really care for narato, but this is a pretty cute shot
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Disaffection03's avatar
OMG it's beautiful! Q_____Q
Naomi-Akita-Uzumaki's avatar
Akemi-Photography's avatar
that is one great photo!
ToonTwins's avatar
Great cosplays :)

Love the poses :D
VanEvil's avatar
LOL, I love this photo!!!
charliechainsaw's avatar
Tsuka-Teme's avatar
Ha, I love how they are all jumping weird..

*tosses you a cookie*
Neko-Kiba-kun's avatar
Sakura really looks like herself :3
defenestrated-tisane's avatar
That's absolutely adorable. :heart:
Ryya's avatar
it looks like if sasuke has a missing leg, but is an amazing picture n__n
wolferetic's avatar
Jump!!! Amazing photo, perfect!!! * * Compliments!!!! ^______-
Shigatsu-Baka's avatar
One word: EPIC!!!
Iyalia's avatar
WOW GUYS!...This may actually be my all time fav pic of you in your team 7 cosplays D:!!! It's like....PERFECT XD!! It's been said so many times in other comments here, but YES! PERFECT SDJFHLKSDHFKSDH!! XDDD!! -flailfaves- X3
ChibiKibi's avatar
ADORABLE! :nirvana: ...:D !! :glomp: I love this shot. The lighting...the costume....everything is amazing.

AWESOME JOB!!! :love:
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