Magicae est Potestas - Chapter 1

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This can go wrong in so many different ways.

Frisk rubbed sleep away from their eyes, glaring at the screen. This plan was INSANE. They'd tried many desperate things in previous runs, but never anything like this.

It wouldn't work. It couldn't work. Not with them as a main component. If somebody else were involved, maybe, but them? They were just a kid, a kid somewhere in the 10 to 12 year range (after so many runs, some of them lasting a year or more, they'd lost track of their actual age, and in any case, they'd felt far older than that for ages now), and were in no way qualified for this!

*It'll be fine, partner.

It would've been more reassuring if Chara didn't sound a tad doubtful themselves, but it was nice to know they weren't the only one with insecurities, the only one regretting making that reply three days ago. So much was already changing, and this plan concocted by their new online ally was not helping matters any.

They reopened their email and re-read the new message.

From Anonymous

To Me

I appreciate your choice to trust me, F. Dreemurr. I understand this could hardly have been an easy decision, and I will make it worth your while. Now, I already have a framework for a possible solution to your problems - however, in order to fine tune the details, I will need to know more about the monsters and the society they constructed for themselves underground. In the meantime, the initial stages of my plan should be simple enough for you. In order to force the government into freeing your monster acquaintances, first you must sway the public opinion to your favour.

It had been difficult enough to give away some of their precious information - obviously leaving out things related to the resets, for how could they explain those? - but "sway the public opinion," in this case, could only mean protests. Protests that their ally insisted that they organize themselves.

A good number of those who follow your blog will no doubt agree to public protests - many of them have expressed an adamant disapproval of the monsters' treatment, and will join you without much prompting. Should anyone else organize such an event, it would eventually sway towards violence, or lose morale. But if someone with as much acclaim as you in the pro-monster community were to lead the flock, then it will make a much larger splash, and catch far more attention.

And if they were older, and actually were as acclaimed as the email claimed, it would certainly work. But as it was, they were only an anonymous presence online, barely able to even post on their blog without keeping it from their parents. They hardly had more than a few hundred followers, and at least a few of those people were only following them so they had the perfect opportunity to dish out hate. Even if they kept their anonymity, there was no reason for people to listen to them.

And yet here they were, staring at a blog entry they'd typed and revised and re-typed completely, ready to be posted.

So, I've been thinking. I know that there are some people out there who are displeased about the monsters' treatment, me amongst them. And the online blogs and pro-monster posters and presentations are truly something else! But . . . we're not doing much good for the monsters like this.

Would anyone be willing to take our protests . . . public? I understand if no one does, honestly. Many governments wouldn't take too kindly to this, and people could get arrested, and things could get violent if the rest of the public turns against us.

But if there are people interested in helping me with public support, please let me know somehow.

Should they even bother to post this? It wouldn't do much good. They should wait until they were older, fifteen at least, before even trying this. If people found out . . .

*We can't wait that long.

As impatient as Chara was, they knew it was warranted. If they didn't change something soon, it was likely a reset would occur before they could make any more progress. And though they and Chara could handle a few more runs, they weren't sure if they could handle more than that before things went wrong again, and they went on the genocidal warpath.

They might be able to recover from a third genocide run, but they were fairly certain that Sans wouldn't.

They took a few more deep breaths, and posted the new entry before quickly erasing their internet history, sprinting downstairs, and placing the laptop down next to the empty wall socket, exactly where their parents had left it, with the power off. Then they ran upstairs again, and waited, until, right on schedule, their parents' taxi (a little cart drawn by two athletic-looking bicycle riders, painted bright yellow) pulled up into the empty driveway.

They'd check the blog once their parents were asleep. Until then, they'd lay low. If this run was still anything like the last ones, then this was not the time to get underfoot.

Several hours later, once their parents were snoring carelessly in their giant waterbed (something Frisk wished they could use more often, because last night's rest had been far more comfortable on their bed than the one in their room), they snuck back downstairs, and, keeping one ear out for movement, opened the laptop and turned it on. They had another half hour before the nightly curfew. They could get away with checking their blog.

The instant they opened up the messages for their blog, Frisk's jaws dropped.

No way.

No way in heck. Was this real?

Their new entry had been reblogged. Reblogged over two hundred times. Stunned, they refreshed the page, just to make sure, and watched the number jump up from two hundred and eleven to two hundred and nineteen.

*Holy shit.

They couldn't even scold Chara for their language, because it was perfectly justified. They scrolled through the messages - there were a few scattered hate comments, but most of the replies fell along very different lines.

Are you kidding me? I'd LOVE to! Let's shove our opinions down the government's collective throat!

Sounds like a great idea, when do we start?

As long as they're peaceful protests, like sit-ins or something. Otherwise count me out.

This is a great idea! We can't do much for the monsters when we just stick to blogs and posters and graffiti. We need to take this to the next level 'cause otherwise we're not gonna get anybody to listen to us.

F.D. i know a lot of people who are totally pro-monster, have been from the beginning, and i'm sure i could get them to participate! We just need a date and time

People were listening to them.

People were agreeing with them.

Frisk clapped a hand over their mouth before the scream of astonished glee could escape.

This might work.

This might actually work.

"Chara," they whispered. "When do they leave again?"

*About a week. They're gone for a couple days, too.

A huge grin crossed their features, and they were positive they were getting an invisible grin back.

"Then let's do it. Let's set the monsters free!"

Across the Atlantic, in a large, dimly lit penthouse apartment, Artemis Fowl the Second leant back in his chair and smirked.

It had only been a few hours before the self-proclaimed "Online Ambassador's" blog had positively erupted with positive replies. As per usual, he had read the crowds expertly. Now, so long as Dreemurr followed through the lax guidelines he'd sent them, it would be a simple matter to organize several rallies in favor of the monsters, even for a child.

Now, he did not surprise easily, but after some minor hacking and contacting one of his men within the next generation of Interpol, it had been rather easy to uncover F. Dreemurr's identity - which was that of Frisk McNamara, a ten-year-old child from the town of Ebott, nestled into the shadows of Mount Ebott itself.

He was no stranger to intelligent children - after all, Artemis himself had hardly been a normal child by any one's standards, and Myles, his younger brother by a little over a decade, was already dabbling in bioengineering and philosophy, but it was still quite astonishing. A ten-year-old child, who had run away to escape from their mundane routines, had returned with an entire inhuman civilization of sapient beings trailing behind them.

Not only that, but, if they were to be believed, they had managed to earn the trust of every one of them with what seemed like hardly little effort, and thus were privy to things most of the public were unaware of. The information they'd sent him included some rather . . . interesting details that the government had managed to keep from the public, including knowledge of an enormous geothermic energy source in the monster Underground.

He may have been an intellectual marvel, but even he would not have been capable of such a feat in a mere month. It had taken at least a year and a half to earn the complete trust of his three closest fairy friends - and almost ten years after the fact to earn the trust of the majority of the LEP.

If he ever met the child in person, he would have to ask how they did it. But for now . . .

He switched to a different window, where a terminal was running strings of binary code. As he watched, one string gave way to a file link, and then others quickly followed, dozens of classified American files ready for a thorough scanning.

He smirked.

He may not have the same social prowess as a child (which he had to admit was rather embarrassing), but he certainly knew his way around secrets.

How could he pass up this opportunity?

I have never been so eager to write something before, holy shiz.
SERIOUSLY, I am so hyped for this fanfic!  I've already figured out the plot for the first chapters, and I'm working on the details of what comes after, and HOLY CRAP I had SO MUCH FUN writing this chapter!  

Start from the Beginning: Prologue

Next Chapter:…

Artemis Fowl is (C) Eon Colfer

Undertale is (C) Toby Fox
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