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Here I am, taking forever to even just login on deviantArt. Missing over thousands of arts from people I follow. I'm pretty sure that many people unfollowed me due my inactivity, but that's okay, completely understandable. :P

Somehow I just didn't feel like posting/uploading/publishing anything here on deviantArt. I'm still alive and being creative though, so don't worry about that! Hope everyone here is doing alright. :)

Hopefully I won't forget to post some sketches, doodles and more here. However, time has changed to the point that I also do some "questionable" artwork, I like to experiment with art-related content no matter how weird it can be. Of course I have my restrictions on first impression, but trying out the weirder stuff can be fun. But I don't think I'll post any of these here any time soon. I love quality, emotions, effort and all different kind of styles from every artist, but for now I really focus on the action that make me approve the art or not. This includes my own art. So a lot of art won't be shared here. But what I will share are most likely designs, cute, funny and silly art, and stuff that hopefully inspire at least someone whenever they're stuck with ideas or are looking for specific kinds of art.

With that being said, let's see what the future brings us!
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Glad to hear you have been doing well. ^w^

I'll be glad to see what pics you may bring on DA. I don't mind the questionable Artwork! Anything will be nice to see c:
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Well, I'll keep with the normal art for now, having a couple of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-inspired expressions to share. But I need to make some sort of folder for that since I don't want anyone to spam their inbox with those. :lmao:
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That's fine. ^w^/

I'll be glad to see any of your artwork! Even the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ones! c:
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whoa!! it's been a long time hasn't it?
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It's an old fluffy friend!
It sure has been... Last time I was here was purely for some silly art commissions I wanted to work on, which was around March last year. :O_o:

Good to see friendly friends like you still being active though! :dummy:
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No matter what you pursue now, I hope you have a fun time ^ ^ 
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At least I'm still alive so that's good. :lmao:

Walking a lot since the start of this year, walked around the 1100 kilometres over the whole year so that's nice. Gonna be a healthy person. :P
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