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[Edit: May 12, 2018]
Okkidokki! The current queue is full and won't be open until I finished all the stuff I want to finish. I'm glad that people like this idea, and glad that I can draw new things. :)

[Edit: May 05, 2018]
Even when I didn't really reorganized my folders for my commissions, I started with just a fresh page and now working on all the stuff on full power! :)

[Edit: Apr. 22, 2018]
Thank goodness I got everything back! Slow on progress because literally all the lost content is in one single folder. :o

[Edit: Apr. 21, 2018]
So it appears that my external harddrive suddenly did a goof and half of all my content (including the commission piece progress and some personal stuff like a dream-comic with at least 30 panels on them) went poof, gone, just not be there...
So right now I'm trying my best to get it all back. I worked too hard on organizing it all and I don't want to redo everything, even if I made it so that backgrounds and borders were made possible to toggle, getting the backgrounds back would be a pain and never be the same. Sorry for the delay! :noes:

As the titles says, I decided to open them starting in April. The available commission types are:
-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Expression Portrait stickers
PMD Expression Portrait Stickers - Commission list by Wingcapman

This is just the journal where I keep the progress up-to-date and will repost the Journal once the time's there, THEN you can get a chance for a slot.
Keep in mind that this commission is an experiment, so there won't be many slots (one person can ask - for 1 slot - for up to 5 expressions).

I only accept Paypal!
Since these PMD Portrait thingies are actually pretty fun and quick to make for me, I decided to work on at least one of the expressions until it's done just to show how the character looks like. If the customer is happy with it, then I will send an invoice and start on all the rest. The whole communication can be done through dA Notes or through Discord!
If my customers don't like the first expression quality-wise, then I keep trying until they're happy with it. I want to see happy faces after all, so don't be scared about telling me if I missed something or if something looks off, I'll try my best to fix all said things, there won't be extra costs. :)

So if you want a slot and if there's still a slot free, please note me or comment on this journal and fill in the following:

Amount of characters:
Character name(s):
Amount of expressions:
What kind of expression(s):
Alternative background ideas (leaving this blank and the background will match the original expressions):
Portrait border color:
Reference sheet/pictures:
Anything else you'd like to add (optional):

The default colors for the portrait border are blue (which are from the player and their partner), yellow (most likely NPC) and pink (escort NPC)!

Available slots
01. Heliofox - x5 [!][$]
02. ScreamoShaymin - x3 (1x character A, 1x character B, 1x character C) [!][$]
03. LPSvsS - x2 (1x character A, 1x character B) [!][$]
04. Deermin - x5 [!][$]
05. DarkAlchemistNinja - x15 (5x character A, 5x character B, 5x character C (experimental/challenge) [!][$] - Waiting until they decide what they want. Working on it in parts while working on my projects when the time's there!

How to follow the progress
In the first [ ] space, if it says a *, then I'm working on that commission piece. If it says !, then I'm finished with it (or doing the last fixes until they're done)!
In the second [ ] space, if it says a #, then I'm waiting for the customer's payment. If it says $, then the customer already paid!
© 2018 - 2021 Wingcapman
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Ah yeah, let me fix that real quick. :lmao:
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Oh, forgot to ask. Are your commissions open indefinitely depending on slots are available, or are the Pokemon avatars only for a certain amount of time?
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Once the slots get filled, then they're closed until I think it's ready to open them again. It's not like a one-time chance though, that's for sure. :lmao:
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Ooh, that's good! I'm currently in a period of financial planning. I'm trying to pick  my purchases carefully >w<
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Ah okay, understandable! :)
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