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You just lost The Game!
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Glaceon Day and Someone's Anniversary!


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Glaceon Day and Someone's Anniversary!


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[Character ref] Wiisky (proof of concept)

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Dem Pixels - Wingcapman and Rastle

Pixel Art

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W.I.P. - W11SS BW Style


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Art Trade - Gotta Go Too Fast

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Banzai Sven Gypsum 6/6

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Animecon 2011 - Skymin Trainer

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Daily Dream Challenge Part 1

Hmm, it's a long time ago since I dropped text only on DeviantART as a Deviation. Anyway, since I started playing Mario Kart DS again, my interests changed AGAIN! It's like 2 years ago since I actually played Mario Kart DS seriously, but when I played last time, I was a calm, creative person. When I didn't played it anymore, I became bored way too often... So, technically it was NOT Brawl which makes me feel a bad videogame player and causes less inspiration, it was caused by NOT playing Mario Kart DS. O__o I have the feeling this game is my life,... Eww how stupid. xD Since I play that game again, I also can remember my dreams better, tha

Dream Challenge

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Super W11SS Galaxy


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Wingcapman's ID v2


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A FLOWER Portret, I think

Flower and Jason

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Daily Draw Feb.2017 - 1 - Technical Issues


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Le Dream out of my A$$ Meme

Silver the Ninetales

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Glaceon Day and Someone's Anniversary!

All Other Story Characters

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Project DD - Skai


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Scribbling again

iScribble Pictures

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Zoo Oliemeulen - Eagle 01

Zoo Oliemeulen

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Mario Kart Meme


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