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Wingcapman as Master Higgins!?

Abunai! 2017

So I decided to cosplay as another old video-game character, this time as one of the Nintendo/Hudson classics, Master Higgins, known from the Adventure Island games. So far this has to be one of the easiest "costumes" I've ever made, I decided not to make the wig since it was really warm inside and outside, even being shirtless I was just sweating, blegh.
Usually this character doesn't have a pouch or shoulder belt, but since there's this Japanese exclusive game that they managed to make him look like some kind of chibi-like Anime character, I thought it'd be perfect to mix up some things, since the Japanese version has the shoulder belt to keep the pants up, and since not everyone likes having your bags inside specific rooms, I decided to make a wallet or pouch for this. At least, that was my concept...

The whole progress of making this costume was a bit frustrating, even if it was really simple to make, I couldn't find the fabric for the pants for weeks, and once I finally got it, just making that template and cutting out the fabric. Well, karma hit me hard, the sewing machine refused to work. :P
So everything you see (except for the cap) was done in the last day or last few days before the convention started. Thankfully my mother still has her sewing machine (but knowing her, she can't stand my slow speed on things so she pretty much grabbed all the stuff out my hand and just finished this... Typical xP).

But yeah, in overall the convention was great, and some people even knew who I cosplayed as surprisingly, saw some friends I know from either the Internet or the last few years from this same kind of convention. :)

This photo was made by DELT-4 , just cropped it down because it was made in landscape. Plus there was a person staring at me, can't stand people staring at me, even when on the photo. :lmao:

(And for the ones who're curious about what I bought or won, knowing me that I USUALLY join tournaments, this time I didn't join one. I feel like my lust for competition is pretty much gone and I want to enjoy a convention rather than staying at one place. So, no prices, but tons of fun!)
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Holy crap dude! XD
Well done!
Wingcapman's avatar
Thanks. :lmao:
Next time, I'll do something to my skin color, I was like a walking light bulb. :P
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Ohh I recognize the hallway! I was at Abunai too, but I didn't see this costume pass by (and I think I would've noticed, haha).
I think the costume looks nice! And it definitely fit the weather.
Wingcapman's avatar
And I didn't know you were there!? How could we not have seen each other?? :noes:

It sure fit the weather, but for some reason I can't stick with the era or theme of the convention. Like this year's theme was about the Samurai era, but I went further back in time. :lmao:
Yakalentos's avatar
There were so many people, tho! I was only there on Saturday.

Same. xD But my Team Magma cosplay was waaay too hot. The hoodie and fleece trousers were killing me.
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I do remember a Team Magma member walking around, I thought there were more-- Oh man, if only I knew (or didn't forget, I don't know if you ever talked about it in journals, I'm an expert when it comes to forgetting things)...
But yeah, thanks to the big crowd, the heat was really unbearable at times, even I kept sweating. :O_o:

Oh, did you ever visit the Game room?? I hosted my Japanese orange Gamecube there. xD
Yakalentos's avatar
Was it the Ruby design? (As opposed to the Omega Ruby design). If yes, it might have been me. ;D
I didn't see any other Magma grunts. In fact, I was badly outnumbered by Team Skull, haha.

I only peeked inside! But I didn't notice anything in particular.
Wingcapman's avatar
Team Skull became kinda overpopulated even. :lmao:
Oh dang, then we passed by each other like at least twice. D'oh. :P
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