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What a fluffbum

So lately I've been swarming around on the Internet, found some funny shirt prints, and I liked one so much that I made my own version of it! c: (source of the thing I found:… )

This is not my style since I'm more into semi-realism at least, but this sticker style effect doesn't look bad either. What I basically did was using the original picture as a base and kind of traced over the basic lines, and then added all the stuff around to make it into Wiisky the skunk.
I, really have trouble making perfect curved lines, I don't know how you all do that with a drawing tablet. xD

So to keep it short, original design is NOT made by me, but this version is made by NemiMakeit (see it as an inspired kind of thing).
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*Kisses butt*
So fluffy!
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This is adorable! OuO
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This style is pretty cute, maybe I should do something with it some day. :lmao:
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he he very cute :3
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aww I want to hug him so much
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I would wear it too, but dang, shipping shirts from America to Europe will make it become a pretty expensive shirt. :noes:
If only the whole design was created by me, then I could publish it as a shirt print, since I respect the original creation I leave it like this, just as a sticker-like drawing thingy. :P
But glad you like it!
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