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Trace used Intimidate!

"I mean it Trace, stop scaring the crap out of me! >:C "

Man, first I just wanted to do some gift art for one of my close chatfriends (and the excuse of try drawing different characters, like one of Trace's Mightyena - a hyena), so I thought it'd be nice to just try drawing the character, and use simple color shading...
ERR, WELL, THAT IDEA CHANGED!! I did not expect to actually shade both characters like this. Kinda made the Naughtyena bit too fluff, usually the thing's more "solid"-looking. At least the top is pretty well done, still not entirely happy with the feet, paws,... I wanted to make the character bit more bulky than how it normally is, and instead of "round" like fat or inflated, tried to show more of muscles. Well, it sure is bit rounder and "mighty" than I'm used to see. xD

Took me forever to finish because I kept getting distracted. I also promised some of my other chatfriends to draw something - like, weeks ago... So let's see how that goes. I do love the fur shading of Wiisky the skunk though, it has this mix of bit of realism (semi-realism) and bit cartoony, I always wanted to have it like that, so I finally pulled that off. I wish I was motivated enough to make a decent background, though. Somehow my mind went complete blank when I finished the two characters and thinking about a background. Oh well. :P

Wiisky the skunk belongs to Wingcapman
Trace the Mightyena belongs to Trace (also known as Wingal).
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