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SD2SNES custom menu (pixel art banner)

Made a custom theme for an SNES flashcartridge SD2SNES. I tried to keep a limit of 32 colors max (for the banner), and I must say, I really enjoyed working on the text. I don't think I've drawn in pixels like that before, it's really fun to do pixel art this way. I can say this won't be the last time I'll do pixel art like this, it makes you feel more free in art just how you're used to it, while having the limited color palette is more of a fun challenge (and just to show how you can make awesome things with just a few colors). I had an older version that didn't have the outline around the letters and didn't have the golden bar thing behind the letters, it didn't look that great, the banner wasn't an eye-catcher. And now with all that, it actually is. :P

That small sprite of mine in the upper-left corner is actually a sprite from a Super Mario World hack I was working on some time ago. I thought it would be pretty neat to add it in the banner just to show it's my work. :lmao:

A video about how it looks like "in-game" is here:… (Quality won't be that great since my composite audio-video cables are pretty much dying, but it's the best what I can get for now.)

(For the curious ones: SD2SNES is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System flashcartridge that basically plays dumped roms from your SD card on a real Super Nintendo or Super Famicom. Flashcartridges are pretty useful for when you're going to a friend's house or at some convention/event, instead of bringing a lot of games, you just have one cartridge with one SD card.)
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