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Update (2021-08-19)
I have decided to change its visibility since it rather feels like a bit of a suggestive reference sheet, mainly the fart and specifically pointing out the color.
And since this was a post back from 2009, the description below might look pretty messy. deviantArt has changed a lot in all those years I've used this website. Just keeping this "archived" for the people who're still interested in this piece for whatever reason.



:happycry:Okay, I became crazy when I saw the PSX game PUNKY SKUNK...
So I drew him:XD:.
I even played the game. Not on the SONY PLAYSTATION, but on the NINTENDO WII=P. Thank gawd there are emulators.
Anyway,... I think this is my first Ref. which is completed. Some here and there the detailed aren't displayed, those are just 'easter eggs', special for you;P... I'm proud of this one, not only I did some fun drawings in this one, but the style is cool, and the scanner didn't ruined it... Well, you can see everything. :)
:rofl:The tip-style under PUNKY makes me laugh:lmao:... Oh, the LMAO emoticon fits in this one.

About the face... On the Title Screen, he looks different than when you play as PUNKY. Especially the eyes, you can see it right here, an example:… ...
In-game, he looks like this:…

Anyway, enjoy;).
:floating:Bye 2 go
The WINGCAP TEAM is watching you
The credits are in the drawing.
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Marketing for the game was a total epic failure, but Punky and the game itself weren't too bad. Maybe after redoing the game design and giving him the 'attitude' the PSX game's packaging promised us so long ago, Jaleco can bring him back.
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That would be funny... But also, the idea from furries in a game like this, it's actually pretty hilarious to think about. :XD:
It's in general very childish, yet it's awesome to play it. I agree with the marketing though, heck, it was supposed to be on the Sega, then the SNES, suddenly it was on the PSX because, I heard the size was too big and they were with a deadline. *facepalms*
A remake would be nice, plus finishing it. :XD:
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Another thing I thought was funny about the game's marketing plan: some of the ads said that there were pictures of Punky's hot female friends in the nude hidden throughout the game. :lmao: Call it what you want, but, like Punky's 'attitude', they never actually showed up. :XD: That might have been because they didn't want to get in a pickle with the ESRB, but it's still a crock of false advertising. They still have a chance to pull their act together and create a version of the game that would be more successful... And complete, too, of course.
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Oh no, not these parts... :happycry: That was just, awkward. :XD:
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You can even play it on the Wii if ya want. :lmao:
But yeah, funny to hear that, this game is not that famous, in fact, almost nobody heard anything from it. :XD:
LowResBeautyQueen's avatar
i bought it in '99 at a 5 dollar bin sale at KB Toy Works for my ps1. Such a simple game yet so awesome :D
Wingcapman's avatar
And sadly, imcomplete. :happycry:
I've read the whole history from that game, this game has a really disappointing background. :XD:

And as for PS1 games, we simply burn these games and play them on the PSX. I mean, even the original big ones don't even have to be modded to play burned games. :O_o:
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I believe I saw him somewhere once when I was Ebay'ing for skunk stuff.

Yeah, I think it's pretty nifty that there's a game with a skunk in it. And he's pretty accurate too. (he sprays where real skunks spray from too) He's kinda awesome. :P

Also, I know of another videogame skunk. You know that squirrel Conker which I draw often? In his first game there's a skunk, too. He's a bad guy and his name's Honker. (how original.) I think he's pretty cool. He looks just like Conker except he's black and white with a skunk stripe on his tail.
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About the first lines, yeah, PUNKY is pretty cool, the funny side is, they made him cartoonish, gas clouds, yay!!! Heh, unlimited ammo spraying against enemies, who won't dream about that. :XD:

About the second line... I didn't know that. And with a cheap name, too. :'3

Heh, thanks for the comment. :icondragonkeke:
Ribbedebie's avatar
lolol, yeah. xD

Cheap names ftw. :lol:
donkey kong country was a great game
Ribbedebie's avatar
Pshh, yes it was, only I've played 2 and 3 and not the first :/
lol ive only played the 1st
he2pockysticks's avatar
@_@ I've never even heard of this game! O: I must look into this..
That skunk is rad xD.

Awesome :D Great work! :]
Wingcapman's avatar
Hehe, believe, it's a good game if you like colorful and childish games. :XD: Saddest part is, the game, is NOT FINISHED. :O_o: Why in Earth they even released it. :XD:

Never mind. :P
Heh, thanks a lot for the comment. I was just pretty obsessed with skunks at that moment, and I suddenly found a game which the main character is a skunk. :XD:
he2pockysticks's avatar
HA xD The game sorta reminds me of Bubsy, or Plok for the SNES.. xD An yeah, it is gleefully child-like game. He's such a gleeful fellow. But it jus thrills me that he's a skunk! :P

:o Weird for them to release it unfinished. Yeh, why would they pull that.. What a waste :(.
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Wingcapman's avatar
Well thank you:).
Kendell2's avatar
How'd you play it on the Wii? Was it through Virtual Concil? Anyway, I've heard about this game, it seems intresting. Only thing is, I hear it was never completed.
Wingcapman's avatar
Well, that's kinda true. I've found several glitches, which one is: if you walk from a very steep slope, you'll teleport IN the ground. Especially in Level 3 (Cool Runnin';)... And I've found out that if PUNKY sprays, the 'gas'cloud comes too quick. The style of his spray: he spins, after the spin, he will turn his butt to the correct side... BUT! The spray comes in the first frame of the spinning, while it's meant to just spray while he turned his butt:P...

Oh, about the emulator, you can look on Google for WiiSX. You can only play PSX games if you've hacked your Nintendo Wii, with a hacked save-file from ZELDA TWILIGHT PRINCESS, which will download the Homebrew Channel on the Wii Menu. This method can only be done with a SD Card... Plus you must download WiiSX + the PSX game... PUNKY SKUNK is 0.6 GB:O_o:.
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Intresting. I mean the plot of the game itself is incomplete and doesn't have an ending. Yeah, those glitches are likely due to the incomplete nature of the game but hey, its the only game I know of with a skunk as the main character!
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