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PMD Expression Portrait Stickers - Commission list

I've tried this commission type on a different website first and decide d to give it a try here as well. Just be sure to check out my main page or my commission journal if I'm open for commissions or not! :)

The prices aren't final and might change in the future, along with the limited amount of expressions per slot. This is my very first commission-type like ever so I want to take it slowly! And those pieces will be digital only, but there are plans to make traditional art pieces of these somewhere in the future!

There will be two different versions for the stickers that will be included when buying a slot: expressions with my signature (which I will publish here) and expressions without my signature (which are only usable for you, I will not publish these).

As for how "small" the portraits are, I thought it'd be nice to keep them small like that (360*360 and with border 400*400), but of course that can change in the future as well. And yes, I can make the canvas become 512*512 without resizing the picture itself so that they can be used for stuff like Telegram!
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About the speechless/facepalm portrait, I assume that one example is when my Greninja's having a "Are you sh**in' me?" kind of thought in his head.

Also, I assume that if the pokemon I'd want in the commission have no distinctive visual changes, I'd just need to pick the panels, right?

and for the Sticking out Tongue expression, Just saying that IF it was possible, would you have allowed it if the Pokemon in question would also "flip a bird"?
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For the first one, the speechless/facepalm expression can also be in a way of being disappointed or staring at something with a serious, disappointed, worried or confused face. In a way it fits for the expression basically. :P

For the second one, every expression will face to the right, and as for visual changes, expressions can be bit more dynamic than just changing the facial expression itself, since making expressions can lead to different motion. As for other visual changes like the border or background, the choices are for the customer(s) what they want. For extras like how the fourth example shows a Time Gear in the background (or the "DA NA NA NAAAAH !!" (Legend of Zelda holding item) can always be asked for having it be a different thing than the example (by default, it will be just the Time Gear).
Basically it's just choosing what expression you want with what background (if needed), and for the really specific expressions you always can be more specific and explain in details for those, that's no problem. :)

As for the last one. If it's the expression where you taunt to someone with sticking out the tongue (leaning bit forward like how kids usually do when sticking out the tongue to taunt (as an example, some cartoons also show this in motion as another example), then sure, no problem! It's also one of those expressions that's the best to explain what exactly you want from that one expression, by default I just go for like how animals can just simply stick their tongue out just a bit. Basically in the way of giving the finger but in a rather cute (or annoying), childish manner. :lmao:

I'm pretty open for this type of commission since there are a lot of expressions, so if you have more questions if something's not clear, then feel free to ask. :)

Eventually I'll update this list with more options and probably make stuff more understandable. The list is pretty big, so I have some plans in mind but every option that's there won't be removed, that's for sure. I'm afraid the choices only become more and more in the future. :P
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I might be interested. Send me a note 
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Like as described at the bottom of the long picture, it's better to check out if I actually have my commissions open or not. :P
(As the time I posted this message, I'm not open yet, will open at April 1st 2018, will make a new journal when the time's there!)
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oh sorry, my bad
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It's okay, no worries. :)
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I may very well be be interested in the near future :eager:
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i havent seen your art before
we haven't spoken in ages too
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What journeys/adventures can do to your life and to others. :P
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