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Glaceon Day and Someone's Anniversary!

I'm two days too late for this (time-zone-specific), I just couldn't get the proportions right, oops.
So here's ShiverEevee's Eevee character enjoying some time with an old dream-friend of mine, Silver. On September 1st (2019), it actually was Silver's 10th anniversary of "existing", I've been using him for 10 years. In 2009, I've had one silly dream where he appeared, and ever since then, I kind of developed him further until I was pleased with him. He might look like a fat loaf, but since he's a fox, don't let this position fool you since he's actually not that fat! His butt however is that big. :P

So here is Silver giving his new friend some friendly licking on the cheek. Shiver doesn't seem to be pleased by that, though. He probably just wanted to snuggle Silver or just hug all the fluff that's around Silver's neck and belly. I hope for Shiver that Silver doesn't have anything silly in mind.

I wanted to keep this as a simple colored sketch since it was all about the idea I wanted to put in, so that's why it looks so rough on the edges. But in overall, I enjoyed working on this. Finally one of my actual dream-/story-characters is getting the spotlight for once. :)
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