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Daily Draw Feb.2017 - 8 - Frey Day

"...! Oh no!"
Help, what was I even thinking when I was drawing this one!?
This otter character is a female character from a close chatfriend of mine, apparently always has some tools around since she likes to fix some things or something.
I never have drawn otters, maybe I should have made the tail a bit thicker where it connects with the body, but otter than that I think it looks alright (even without shading it because... I don't know, really). She needs quite some teleport skills to help that plumber in the background before he's gonna jump off a cliff... Literally.
This drawing took quite a while, mainly because I kept being distracted by a friend for hours (thanks to that started on Day 8 and kinda finished on Day 9). I think I worked around 5 hours on this one if I don't count the hours of distraction with it. Didn't really record the time because reasons. :U
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ohhh scenery ! This is so good!!!
Nice touch that the almost-scenario appears both like a thought bubble and blends into the background!
You drew the otter character extremely cute.
(rip maroo)
Great job on this!
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Hehe, glad you like it. I tried to make the thought bubble so that it is a bit more light than the actual background, and since the clouds in the actual background are just drawn really simple, I thought it'd be nice to just make that thought bubble inside the cloud from the background. It kind of tricks your eyes at first. :lmao:

I really need to draw otters more often though, at least I'm glad it looks like a cute-looking creature, I was aiming for making it cute. They're really fun to watch too. :)
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That is interesting xDD

You did a good job ^^ Always nice to practice creatures!
Wildlife(aside from pigeons and myna) are rarely seen here, but in recent years otters have appeared on the shores and lakes here. It's pretty cool!
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That's, pretty interesting. :)
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You're welcome you floof!
Hopefully I won't be so distracted by someone for the next time. :P
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who was distracting you?
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One of my friends through WhatsApp and Skyperino. :P
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