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Daily Draw Feb.2017 - 3 - Weird Stones in SPAAAACE

"I think I ate too much space-cake, or I'm really seeing things right now..."

Oh my! It's been a very long time since I've been drawing this character, and now in his space form, too! Usually this character's name was W11SS because I couldn't think of any other name (Wingcapman Eleven Sky Shaymin).
Sorry for the lazy quality for some of the comets, I literally just added them in as effect, and my index finger was hurting so much that I wanted to keep it simple, sadly...

And yes, this character is kind of the Pokemon Shaymin, like it has the looks of one at least. However, when flying in space or in really, REALLY ice-cold temperatures, his wings change in these, weird, crystal-looking wing things... Normally they're just wings like from an angel, this character does have "gloves" and "boots" to make it look more like of a Shaymin, though. Sometimes it just feel better to not wear them I guess... I don't know. xD
The theme is all about space, I've had some ideas, but since I thought of one of my old characters, I decided to add that one in. I don't think I was looking for anything interesting, though, but I think this is my second time I've ever drawn a space-related thing, even that could be a lazy excuses of making space a bit bland, I think I will try more space themes in the future. I need to make it less boring.
This art was done in ~5 hours. Somehow I had some trouble with the outlines.
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aa nice! 

and whee, W11SS! I really like the use of lines to create shading, and wow, pretty wings!

Cool stuff! aaa that yoshi asteroid...
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It's been forever I've drawn this reindeer-dog thing... Reindog?? I don't know.
I really don't know what was wrong with my mind when drawing the background, I wanted to make a space scenery, but then pretty much joking around with silly shapes and whatnot. xD
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reindog xDD
It's nice to draw mindlessly! Sky/space scenes are pretty nice.
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True that! They calm your mind if you just stare at the clear empty space of nothing and everything. :)
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Sure do! I'm more of a day sky person, but the moon always looks cool ^^
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I'm kind of the same, especially when it comes to sunset and sunrise sky colors. From that calm rainbow-ish effect on the skybox until it gets bright yellow-ish orange and then mixing with pink and purple, the sky always looks neat to look at (if the clouds aren't in my way at least).
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I see! Yep, yep, the sky does change to very pretty colours, if only for a moment!
Very cloudy here, I've never seen a night sky full of stars in my country xDD
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