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Daily Draw Feb.2017 - 2 - Weird, light Stone


This was actually really fun to draw, even if I've sketched Master Higgins (the main character from the Adventure Island series) a bit flat (pretty much how I've been sitting on my chair, lend back in lazy-mode), the rough sketching and simple shading did a lot for this piece. I also tried to made it look more blocky, basically another style I tried, I THINK that drawing blocky shapes for human shapes, creatures without a layer of fluff or just stuff with bald surfaces can even look so good that it will help you out with most shapes and perspectives... The more you know. xD
I've been working on a simple costume of Master Higgins for an Anime convention, I chose this character because I kind of got in a childhood flow where I played all these old Nintendo games, Adventure Island 1 (and 2 for the Gameboy) were the only Adventure Island games I've ever owned back in my child days, but boy were those games fun to play. And I'm still playing these games to this date.
Pretty much decided to just draw Master Higgins because honestly, I had a lot of ideas to draw, but I wanted something simple this time. :P

Oh, and I don't add details on certain objects (like the Gameboy in the first drawing and the NES in this one) on purpose because otherwise I'm working on every single detail that it'll just cost the whole day, and since I'm doing this Daily Draw challenge for art-related reasons other than adding details "for bonus points", I'll just skip them and to the major things.
This drawing was done in like, 2 hours or so, this one was done pretty quickly.
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This is cool!
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It's Master Higgins! Gotta eat every five seconds :'D
I never got past the first stage playing in the younger days...
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Collecting all the fruits on places where you can't reach them because of the lack of a power-up or just too risky to do,... That first Adventure Island game really requires precision, that's for sure. :)
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I think I started with 3, but I can tell how hard it is from watching someone play xDD
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Adventure Island 3 is the one where Higgin's girlfriend gets kidnapped by an alien while Adventure Island 2 started the trend with ridable prehistoric animals... And 4 is like completely different. :P
In general, those Adventure Island games really test your skills yeah, they're difficult, but still really fun to play.
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Yep, a game reviewer covered 3! (this video)
I see!
Well, challenging games makes it more fun to win them. xDD
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And later on you just want to beat it again if it was fun enough to play. :P
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