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Birthday Gifterino for Rilin

Man, where to start...
So at first, I wanted to sketch something for one of my chatfriends who has a stream schedule on some days, working on commissions, doodles etc., I thought it'd be nice to make something for her. After sketching all the characters, I realized I didn't have the required colors at home, after like 3 days or so I finally found an art store over here, but I didn't bring the colors I have and could make, so another day wasted, finally got my colors. xD

It's been forever since I've been doing traditional art, especially coloring stuff. Never really drawn a dragon (other than the daily draw challenge  that I cancelled because reasons), never drawn a mouse at all, so in overall this drawing was a pain to make because of the lack of colors at home, but it was a really fun and challenging project. I also never really used those color pencils I have for like 3-4 years, maybe just a color or two used twice or so at the beginning I have them... It's been THAT long since I've made something traditional like this. :noes:

Really fun characters, something new and fresh, I somehow forgot to add one more character (just a squirrel tail sticking out the cake was the idea), so just pretend that missing character is in the cake. I also decided to add characters in which are from NeoFluff (mainly the dragon, but also that funny brown lizard thingy that's licking the cake)... And decided to let me join the party too, but one is bullying me, so that's fun I guess. :P
The drawing has been sent and arrived like 3 days later, that's pretty fast for sending stuff outside my country.

Thanks for all the fun streams and moments Rilin, so here's a photo of the drawing you have at home now, just to compare how freaking awful my cameras are when it comes to detecting colors. xD
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