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Hello creative viewers. I'm Wingcapman, but you call me Wing or my real name Jeremy if my nickname is too long. My hobbies are most likely drawing and playing video-games, but I also like creating models out of different materials, like clay, wood, fabric, gypsum, paper mache and maybe even things I haven't tried out yet (I'm a curious person when it comes to creativity). I also like creating models digitally, although I really need to get back into this some day.


Questions about my front page

Q. It has been a while since you upload anything related to art. What happened?

A. After I got a burnout a year or two ago I'm really having a hard time to get back to drawing and modelling. I'll get back to all of it one day. I'm still being creative with other projects, but they're so digital that it's just not worth sharing them here (besides, modifying games the way I do really shouldn't be shared to begin with).

Q. How long are you registered on DeviantART?

A. I've been registered here since June 5th 2007. The reason why I'm registered here is because I'd like to learn a lot about art-wise subjects, improving my own style and reality like observing things. Aside from that, I also like to share ideas.

Here I am, taking forever to even just login on deviantArt. Missing over thousands of arts from people I follow. I'm pretty sure that many people unfollowed me due my inactivity, but that's okay, completely understandable. :P Somehow I just didn't feel like posting/uploading/publishing anything here on deviantArt. I'm still alive and being creative though, so don't worry about that! Hope everyone here is doing alright. :) Hopefully I won't forget to post some sketches, doodles and more here. However, time has changed to the point that I also do some "questionable" artwork, I like to experiment with art-related content no matter how weird it
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[Edit: May 12, 2018] Okkidokki! The current queue is full and won't be open until I finished all the stuff I want to finish. I'm glad that people like this idea, and glad that I can draw new things. :) [Edit: May 05, 2018] Even when I didn't really reorganized my folders for my commissions, I started with just a fresh page and now working on all the stuff on full power! :) [Edit: Apr. 22, 2018] Thank goodness I got everything back! Slow on progress because literally all the lost content is in one single folder. :o [Edit: Apr. 21, 2018] So it appears that my external harddrive suddenly did a goof and half of all my content (including th
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Hey hello everyone, so last month I tried some art commissions for the first time ever at a different art community website, and since the ones I made were really fun to make and the fact that many people actually wanted a slot, I decided to give it a try here on deviantArt as well! :P However, I won't use dA Points, it will be Paypal only. The main reason I don't accept dA Points is because I want to use the money I get for paying other people for an art commission (since I'd like to see my characters in their own styles) and certain items I want. Last year I kind of threw my money away on unneeded stuff and I want to find out how much I sa
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Hey hello Tiny, I'm terribly sorry for my late message.

I'm doing fine, although I'll be honest, I don't use deviantArt anymore. I tried to go get back into uploading here, but the site has changed so much in a way that navigating and even uploading anything feels more of a chore than I'm actually enjoying to do all that.

I just need to find a place to really get anywhere to share my art without feeling weird about it. ^^;

Hope you're doing fine. :)

And as I just noticed, I already responded, but deviantArt gave me the message that it was unread. It really shows I'm really out of the loop with this platform. ^^;

Hey hello Tiny, sorry for late response.

I'm still alive but I don't use deviantArt much or at all these days.

A lot of stuff has changed over the past few years on this website which are changes I'm either not too fond of or it simply doesn't motivate me to post or share anything here, same goes for exploring the art section to see what everyone made and shared. ^^;

Oh! Thanks so much! I'm sorry for responding really late, I'm not that active on deviantArt. Having a hard time to get back into it. ^^;
Happy B-day buddy! :party: How's things going lately bud?