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Hello, Moonlight Virgin has been updated:…

To get the password you must be a $30+ patron on my patreon, check it out here:
Hello there,

I've recently written my first erotic visual novel called Moonlight Virgin. I will update this periodically and just now I finished writing the first erotic scene. Please read and enjoy, here is where you can get the password to the visual novel:…

Please support my patreon here:

Password as well as the direct link to the scene is right there. 

You need to be a $30+ patron to be able to read my erotica 18+ visual novels. Thank you!
Here is a link to my Patreon, feel free to check it out:
Hello! If you guys can remember I used to be canarycharm. Now I'm WineChan! Nice to meet you all, hope you continue watching my art.
Hey guys,

as you can see on my CloudNovel profile, I have a LOT of projects that need finished. SO I decided to find help on here, because all the art is finished, but I'm in desperate need of writers who can write plot and editors who feel comfortable animating characters and scenes.

Mainly I'm looking for writers for my first project, High School Otome:

High School Otome (Free Visual Novel) by WineChan

High School Otome needs 4 writers, one for each of the guys. This is a light shoujo style romance novel, so I'm looking for writers good at writing girly lots of feel good writing.

And a second otome visual novel I am in desperate need of writers and editors is an 18+ visual novel, which has lots of mature scenes mainly consisting of:

sex sex sex

I already have a collaborator on this visual novel helping me write hot steamy scenes, but since this visual novel has 5 guys, I need 5 writers to write the romantic and steamy/hot storylines.

If anyone is interested in writing any of these plots, please comment in this jouurnal. Thank you!
Happy Halloween! Here are some spooky tales to read on CloudNovel, some released today on Halloween. We have a very good selection of creepy visual novels perfect for this spooky holiday, enjoy everybody:

Before the Tale

The secret of Rose Hill's infamous Baron.

In Rainy Town

A visual novel based off the song "In rainy town, balloons dance with devils". The story is purposely cryptic and is meant to be interpreted differently by everyone who reads it!

Forever Fun Times

You play as Alex, a proud father who has taken some time off work to spend some time with his son at an a amusment park. Things are going swell when suddenly, Luke isn't behind you anymore. The fun park is not so fun anymore.

Sketch $5 (2+ characters will be $10)

Comm: Florana Princess by WineChan Cafe Valentine by WineChan

Vector Animal/Pony $5 (with BG $10)

Vocaloid Pony: Rin and Len by WineChan Black Rock Shooter: Pony by WineChan Leafeon by WineChan Vaporeon by WineChan

Waist up $10-15

Princess Celestia by WineChan Haunted House: Jill by WineChan Haunted House: Jack by WineChan Akemi Tsubasa by WineChan

Full Body $20-25

Zenin by WineChan Skights: Colin Candy by WineChan Skights Character Profile: Samantha by WineChan

I only accept payments through PayPal.

To order, please comment  in this journal or note me the following:
Order: (Sketch, Vector Animal, Waist up, Full body)
Reference(s): (Include reference image(s))
Description: (Please describe what you want drawn, such as the background)

I will reply back and note you the price (which will depend on how complex the commission is)


Hey guys, I'm taking FREE OC (original character) art requests! 

They will look somewhere along the lines of these(no backgrounds, transparent):

Skights Character Profile: Samantha by WineChan Skights: Colin Candy by WineChan Zenin by WineChan

Leave a comment in this journal with a link to a reference picture of your character (please have a reference picture, not a description).

The only condition is these OC/character requests will be for public use on CloudNovel for anybody who wants to create visual novels. Your OC will be posted in CloudNovel's character resources. 

1. :iconlainykins:
2. -----


:iconazure-art-wave: Akemi Tsubasa by WineChanCloudNovel: Akemi Tsubasa by WineChan 

I know I'm going to disappoint a lot of people by saying this, but it has to be said.

Today, while working at my shift at my bakery, I overheard two guys talking. They were two guys around my age, 22-23 years of age, and they looked like typical college guys. They were talking how hard it was for a guy to give and show commitment, and I couldn't help but think to my own "romantic" life.

I've been infatuated with a conservative catholic boy I met in college for a very long time, but after hearing what those guys said, I don't think I hold any shred of feeling for this boy left anymore.

You see, this boy was like all the other boys, who saw how physically appealing I was one night, and decided to pursue me. I did not like him at first, because like all the guys, I would assume he would give up/tire out after he realized how ungirly I was and how masculine/tomboyish I really am. After a while though, I did see that he was just like me, we did have similar interest, and he grew on me. That was when I started becoming infatuated with him. However, at that time, I hid my feelings from him because I didn't want to be in a relationship, because I knew I wanted to focus on CloudNovel/Joilly, and I didn't have time for a boyfriend.

Fast forward a year later, I found out he now had a girlfriend. His exact words were, "I have a smokeshow girlfriend now, but thanks for the offer." After he sent that to me, a lot of people in college were disappointed in him, so that's why he was pressured by society to say "I screwed up" so a rumor spread in college where he "made a mistake" when in reality he didn't, he only wanted to protect his self image. He didn't contact me for 4 months, and later when I saw his girfriend, I felt relieved because i realized this girl was not pretty or physically appealing, she was actually quite overweight. It surprised me, but then I realized the reason why he liked this girl was not for her looks, but it was for her personality. She was a typical party girl, who liked to drink get drunk and had a college social life. That was when I realized that he chose her over me because this girl was just like him, a typical party guy who liked to drink, have sex, party, and do drugs. On the other hand, I was a socially awkward geek girl who had ambitions to build a successful website and studio, and I was very occupied with my online reputation with my professional life over my college social life.

Another half year passed, and now all of a sudden, I hear rumors, just rumors, that he now all of a sudden is interested in me again.

I know him a bit more now, and this guy LOVES to be the center of attention. I think the only reason he is doing this now, saying he "wants to be with me" is to only have the attention on him, and he does not really want to be committed or be with me, and if he does, he's only doing it for the attention that I am giving him. Why do I know this? Because again, I am hearing only rumors. The boy in question is not contacting me directly himself, and 3 months have passed.

I don't think he wants to be with me or wants to marry me, EVER. I honestly think he is being pressured by society and the media right now to show "commitment" when in truth he is too young and immature, and he wants to be "free." I know he is not ready to be in any serious relationship, and I feel it's really unfair that now the whole WORLD is pressuring him to be with me, when he does not want to.

Most importantly, the way I was raised, I value my chastity/virginity a lot. I only want to give myself to one person, and that is my future husband. And honestly, I don't want to give my first time to a party boy who'd rather drink and do drugs, and have instant satisfaction with multiple girls. If he doesn't see how valuable i was in the first place, then what's the point of me waiting now hoping he will change? People don't change. Besides, how do I know if he's only trying to be with me now because of my material worth?

And after thinking about it, I want to be with a man who can support me financially and who can take care of me. I'd know for sure he'd genuinely love me for me, not for my material worth. I know my worth, and honestly I am worth a lot more than some college party drunk girlfriend. I want to be spoiled, I want to be bought expensive things, and be treated liked a princess by a man who adores me, not treat me like a college party bimbo drunk who does drugs. Also, what qualities does he really have that is similar to me? I'm ambitious, I want to change the world, and I want to do great things. I want to be with a man who is also ambitious, wants to change and make the world a better place, and wants to do great things. I don't see that in him. All I see is a normal boy, who wants to have fun, get drunk and party.


The reason he is not contacting me, is because he does not want to be with me. He is young, probably too afraid to show commitment, and he just wants his freedom.

I don't want to wait for a boy to grow up, I need a man to take care of me.

Most importantly, my first time is important to me, and I don't want to give my virginity to someone who left me for another girl. I'm saving my virginity for my husband and my REAL soulmate.

FEATURED ART (from survey takers)

 Take a survey, I'll feature your art!

Sunrise by ZanaGB [BDay Gift] A Portrait of a Lady by ZanaGBIs Everything Alright? by ZanaGB

: Caution : by The-F0X  Magician and her Assistant by The-F0X : The Demon Prince : by The-F0X
Take a survey and leave a comment with links or thumbnails to your deviations and I'll add them to a featured folder which will be displayed for all to see on the front page of my profile!

The requirements are simple:

1. Take this survey, and at the end of the survey take a screencap(PC users: snipping tool) of the last page and sign it like this:
Signed survey by WineChan

2. Leave a comment below this journal/blog with the link to the signed screencap image, and links or thumbnails of 1-3 deviations of what you want to be featured. 

That's it folks, I can't wait to see all the featured artworks!!!

Hey guys, go ahead and check out the demo for Lucid 9!

I've been helping this fantastic group called FallenSnowStudios. They're making a visual novel, "Lucid 9" and the story is QUITE interesting, though I'm not allowed to elaborate on it anymore than it is. Take if from me that the story and plot is amazing, you guys should check it this demo! 

If you want to check out more about this group, go visit their website:

And like their facebook page:

What is a visual novel?

A visual novel is an interactive fiction game with diverging storylines based on your choices.

What is is a website where you can create & share visual novels.

With our revolutionary GUI(graphic user interface) flowchart builder tool, you can make visual novels easily with NO CODE.

What can I do with Joilly?

Originally, Joilly was created for the sole purpose of dating pixelated men. 

Now, not only can you make visual novels/otome games, you can make dynamic slideshows and presentations, little interactive storybooks, or point and click games/interfaces, all with NO CODE.

How do I create Visual Novels?

You will need either Flash CS6 or Flash CC to create and export visual novels into HTML. After you export them, you can upload and build your visual novel using Joilly's GUI flowchart builder tool. When you've finished, simply publish your novel to let it go live.

For a complete step by step process of creating a visual novel, watch these video tutorials to see how a visual novel is made from scratch and built on Joilly:

Play Carrot Hunt here:

For more advanced example of a visual novel with sound, animation, etc., play Skights 1:

If you're looking for an example that is NOT a visual novel, here is a study guide I made for my accounting class @ school:


If you aren't interested in creating visual novels, and just wanted to play my new otome visual novel Skights, here's the pilot episode(you don't need an account to play):

Skights 1 is a more advanced example of cool and amazing capabilities flash can handle, including animation, sound, cinematic film, etc. 

I will be posting more video tutorials and cool stuff you can do with flash, and Skights episode 2 will be out soon. 

(Sorry guys, no schedule this time for set episode release dates. I'm gonna take my time making Skights so the art and story is top notch. Until then, please play the pilot episode, there's a lot of changes to the story and the art, including characters, backgrounds, etc. So it's pretty "new" IMO)
Hey guys, follow me on my twitter account:

It's been five years since I last tweeted anything~
Hey y'all, some people have been asking how I made my first animations and games. I created everything in adobe Flash (great program BTW)

Here's some great tutorials to get started with Flash:


Our May newsletter was sent out on Friday! For those who haven't received it, the most important takeaway is Joilly will be reopening on June 30th, 2014. 

To those interested in participating in our private beta/becoming a beta-tester, please remember that we can only go through a few hundred applications per day, so going through all the applications will most likely take a few days least.

We appreciate everyone's patience and enthusiasm!

(If you haven't already, subscribe to our newsletter: )

Art Requests

Also, some people have been requesting more Vocaloid ponies on my dA account.

I have NO time to be doing any art requests. I don't want to sound rude, but even artists need to make a living. We CAN'T do things for free all the time. Demanding us to draw something that you like on a whim is both inconsiderate and blatantly rude. 

To everyone who was polite enough to message me asking about possible commissions, unfortunately my commissions are closed indefinitely. I just don't have the time to accept commissions like I did back then, and even if I did, I need to devote it to more important things now than just this art account.

I hope you all understand. :bademoticon: 


To those anticipating more updates from Joilly, stay tuned for our reopening on June 30th, 2014! :happybounce: 

I'm surprised this is still an issue, but I feel a need to address this, as I keep getting complaints both in emails and messages from concerned parents about their kids playing the Cafe Rouge games.

First off,

Cafe Rouge is PG 13
. There is NO explicit sexual content in the games other than the ones already seen in my gallery and CG images on blogs from respective reviewers on google blogger, tumblr, baidu, etc. Compared to majority of otome/maiden games out there, Cafe Rouge is one of the few that don't promote sex, and even at the request of some fans who have previously asked for sex scenes, we have refused kindly since Farway Studio did not want to promote the message to girls that sex is a necessary act of romance. The most "physical" if any is the heroine kissing the love interest(once or twice) in their respective paths, near the end of the story.


And perhaps the most controversial, is the "violence". Again, Cafe Rouge is a story centered around vampires.  Blood and some minor gore is to be expected. Ultimately, our goal as a studio was to bring out the humanity in our characters(a majority of whom are vampires), and in order to do so, we felt the need to make their stories at some lengths controversial in terms of the violence in their tragic back-stories. We aimed to create touching and at times breathtakingly emotional story lines, and felt that we have achieved that goal, as a majority of fans and players have commented:

"Wow, Candice's story was breathtakingly amazing and emotional. The writing for this chapter is so well done!"

-juliekaufmann on deviantart Cafe Rouge 6

"I definitely enjoy the Cafe Rouge series. It is truly astonishing and breath-taking, especially seeing as I'm not that type of person to actually get sucked right into the story so easily. It was an emotional roller coaster for me practically."

-InhaleStrawberries on NewGrounds, Cafe Rouge 7

"The two stories are really breathtaking and ... sad."

-WannieWirny on deviantart Cafe Rouge 6


To those who still disagree, I suggest taking a look at Hollywood's direction in the entertainment industry right now. As they move further and further away from the art of film making, and more towards the money aspect of their industry, Hollywood is the one who you should be complaining about, as they have MUCH more power, influence, and money than a college student like me.

At the end of the day, I am an artist, not some rich hollywood director hoping to cash in millions by making senseless violence and cheap porn.

I make art, not money.

Some people have been wondering about my political and religious views, so here they are:

Political views: Conservative Independant

(according to an online quiz, 70% conservative and 30% liberal, but otherwise I don't understand the differences between liberals and conservatives, or politics in general)

Religious Views: Ex-Agnostic (still looking for a religion to worship God)

I have seen evidence of God's existence and am now looking for a religion, preferably Christianity one without the persecution of other people and faiths.


I hope that answers some questions to the few people of whom it may concern. Clap 

*This is a repeat blog for those who haven't received the April newsletter we sent out last week: will be reopening around mid to late June, 2014. No exact date has been set yet, but will be no later than July.

To those interested in participating in our private beta/becoming a beta-tester, we will be going through applications when we reopen in June 2014. Please note that we can only go through a few hundred applications per day, and considering the bulk of applicants we have already, this will most likely take a few days least.

We appreciate everyone's patience and enthusiasm!

(if you haven't already, subscribe to our newsletter: )

Many people have been notifying me the past few days asking about the "Mochimedia shutting down..." notice on all the Cafe Rouge & other flash games I have associated with my distribution network, Mochimedia. As other developers have begun posting blogs/journals about this issue, it's time I follow suit. 

What does this all mean? It means that my distribution partner Mochimedia, and all my publishers will no longer have the distribution right to host my games on their websites.

In plain English, these games will NOT be playable after March 31st, 2014.

What I will do, is re-upload the Cafe Rouge games in my deviantArt gallery so Cafe Rouge will still be playable on my dA. I will NOT re-upload the other flash games I have associated with mochimedia. What I will also do, is add a skip button to all the cooking mini games when I re-upload them here. 

For Publishers

To those who have sent me notes/messages asking about whether or not they can still host Cafe Rouge on their websites after March 31st, please email me at to negotiate a deal. Do NOT leave me comments or notes on my deviantArt account, I will NOT reply to them.

My final comments on this issue is that as flash continues to wane out, people should be cautious before giving up entirely on this advanced software tool. The only thing dying here is the flash file, .swf, and its plugin. Don't delete flash just yet, because as the future of HTML5 grows, flash CS & CC will be present, probably even more prominent on the web than before.