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A sample of Greenfield book 1, chapter 10

Disclaimer: This is unedited material, taken from the first draft of the book. After a proofread there should not be any typoes etc., but if you happen to spot any, please let me know. Everything in this deviation is subject to change in the future, but I do hope I get to keep this part of the book. This sample is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Copyright © 2019 WindySilver. All rights reserved. Greenfield: Book 1: The Change A sample from chapter 10, currently titled


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Balloon Treecko for Charity


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Flash Fiction Month and Flash Prompts

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Prose-ject 2019

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Woke Up Alive

I woke up alive. All dreams coming true. Nothing to complain about.


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Flash Fiction Day 2019, June 15th: My entries

1 10:26 "Hey. Hey! HEY! Are you listening?" HEY! Are you listening? answered the echo. "Damn. They aren't even hearing us anymore." "Dude, that's the life of ghost nowadays. People have smartphones so they don't have to listen to us." 10:27 2 10:43 "Wazzup?" I asked as I dropped by the park. "Nothing new here, mate," told the kid in the wheelchair. "Are you going somewhere?" "I'mma see the new Spider-Man movie 'n' I wanted to ask if ya wanted t' come wit' me," I told. "Mah treat and there's a good spot for the wheelchair too." "Oh, I'd love that! Spider-Man is awesome!" the kid said, her eyes lighting up. "I'll text my Mom and tel

Other fiction

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Pokemon TAGJ special: Thieves in the Forest

It was Hikaru whom Mieshi had found in the forest. It had taken many Sitrus berries to make her recover her strength, but Mieshi wanted to help the fainted Torchic. She did not know what had happened to the poor Pokémon with a green cape, but she was eager to find out. "What is it, Mieshi?" Emerald asked his partner as he came to her. "A Torchic, I don't know what's happened to it, but it was lying on the ground, fainted", Mieshi explained. "Something's not right about around here." "You don't say?" Emerald scoffed and showed the girl a broken net. "This whole flipping place is full of traps. I called Officer Jenny, but I don't know whe

Pokemon: The Adventurer Girl's Journey -not-WIP

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Winx: The Path of Mysteries OC: Thule

Winx: The Path of Mysteries - discontinued

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Code Lyoko: Swordswoman of Shadows: What would've

Code Lyoko: Swordswoman of Shadows What would've happened? It's official now. Swordswoman of Shadows duology is no more. I simply cannot continue it anymore, I have no interest nor passion in it. The final chapter took half a year to make as it was written on literally every Sunday since the submission of chapter 13 on July 30th. With prologue included, 15 chapters have been released since the beginning in May 2015, nearly three years ago. It's time to let it die. "Let the past die. Kill it if you have to." -Kylo Ren, The Last Jedi Cassandra left the Lyoko Warriors in ignorance about her nightmares. What would have happened in the futur

Code Lyoko: Swordswoman of Shadows - discontinued

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Jade Ying Yang


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Start With Love

Other digital

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Sign for Xmas Light For Chester

Other traditional art

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Me as a Grim Reaper


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Custom Gimp Brush: Random Bananas


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Drawtober Day 13: A Passenger and a Kitten

Drawtober 2015

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AooB 'n' Sketches in the Sketchbook 10: Young Leia

Non-Exceptional Jedi Star Wars

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Too Many Compromised Accounts


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Start With Love

Competition, challenge, etc. entries

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FFM 2017 Day 31 Challenge 1: Specter Attack

Edicia gasped for air. The specter she had faced was choking her with its tentacle-like half-liquid, half-solid body. The mirror was on the ground, reflecting light in hazardous patterns at the specter. Suddenly the specter let go. Edicia saw Sash with a rusty old sword. The specter turned into a rat and ran away. "What was that thing?" Sash asked. "I saw light blinking real hard and got here." Edicia picked up her mirror, seeing that now it was just dim instead of reflecting light frantically. "A specter. It's dangerous. We must hurry and escape. There are more to come."

Edicia Minor

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A no-sew dice bag

Artisan crafts

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Sketches in the Sketchbook 5: Angry XanaWilliam

Code Lyoko + Code Lyoko Evolution

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Art out of Boredom: initial designs for TPoM

Art out of boredom

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AooB 'n' Sketches in the Sketchbook 16:TPOM sketch

Sketches in the Sketchbook

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Bow to me!

Other Transformers stuff

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Three Undone art

Three Undone

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AooB 'n' Sketches in the Sketchbook 16:TPOM sketch

WIPs and Sketches

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Killing Fake Pokemon Cards 13: Lots of stuff

Killing Fake Pokemon Cards

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Testing Eclipse Literature submission

This is just a test text and it's proving to me that this new literature submission system Eclipse has is shit. I hate it. Besides, it's utter BS that thumbnails of the contents of Scraps folder appear on the said folder's thumbnail in the gallery on Eclipse. That is another reason why I posted this: I want to cover them because those things are in that folder for a very good reason! EDIT: Okay, so, I had to DELETE the years-old deviations from here because for some fucking reason I couldn't get to choose a cover. It just wouldn't let me. I suppose it's a CORE thing, then... Either way, a very shitty experience. I hate Eclipse even more now.


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