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Two Lost Jedi



"Master, where are we?" Arya asked, turning her head to her Master while she was seeing her surroundings without looking.
"I wish I knew, Arya, I wish I knew. Keep your lightsaber active and stay alert. We don't know what's out there", Jedova told, concerned about where their search had led them to.
"But I don't sense anything hostile", Arya noted.
"But not anything else either, right?" Jedova glanced at his Padawan.
"Actually... no", Arya said and looked forward. There was something ahead of them...

So, I made this one for June Hero Challenge. I admit that I've had a dream or two about these two Jedi, my Exceptional Jedi main OCs Jedova Wang (the Jedi Master with purple lightsaber) and his Padawan Arya Deinden (the girl with light gray lightsaber). I don't remember anything else about those dreams, though. It was a pain to do these (I suck at drawing humans), and I'm not happy with my cartoony drawing style, but this could've turned out even worse, I know that. On the other hand, I'm at peace with this picture.

EDIT 21.2.2016: Critiques requested.

Arya Deinden and Jedova Wang (c) Me
Star Wars (c) Lucasfilm
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Just like my last comment, study more anatomy. The arms are either too skinny or too long and the right arm of Jedova just disappears under his shoulder. However, the clothes look nice and so do their pose. The lightsabers look a bit wobbly (they're not really straight), but that can be easily fixed next time if you're using digital softwares. Working on your characters more would be a good idea, for example adding more shading and color onto their faces, hair and clothes. But sometimes adding more of a background will add to the overall picture. So maybe you could practice characters and backgrounds separately, so you see them individually, and until you are proud of them, don't put backgrounds on your character drawings—or make them really simple. From personal experience, backgrounds are super hard to work with, because you don't know what will work with the characters, what to draw, etc. It's annoying as heck! (For me, at least.) So backgrounds will get better as you draw more, I wouldn't worry about that. :) Characters really need more practice. Human bodies are really hard to draw -.-''' But I'm sure you'll be fine ;) You are very promising!

I can't believe I'm acting like I know what I'm talking're older than me and yet I'm acting like I'm older...sorry. :P