The lore of the Veledosian Ancients

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Once there were seven Ancients.
The Ancient of Fire, Neos the Phoenix, was considered the highest.
The Ancient of Water, Lianoros the Searpent, always kept her cool.
The Ancient of Earth, Amaros the Fieldlo, was the most stubborn of them all.
The Ancient of Ice, Rikios the Chirein, had her emotions frozen on the North Glacier.
The Ancient of Flora and Fauna, Haleos the Starsimian, stayed true to the Living Force.
The Ancient of Wind, Phandeos the Skyrogue, followed wind and the Unifying Force.
The Ancient of Electricity, Umukuos the Plasmorph, was impulsive for them all.
Tribes took their names.
My entry for Flash Fiction competition's first round. The only requirement was 100 words.

This is one of the most important lores in the mythology of the Veledosian folk in my Star Wars AU fanfiction series Exceptional Jedi. It depicts the seven Ancients of Veledos who created the Veledosian folk. The seven Veledosian tribes, all of a different element, took the name of the Ancient who not only used their element but also created them.

100 words, exactly.

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