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StarWars:ExceptionalJedi OC Arya Deinden (Padawan)



Finished version of Padawan-Arya's pic. The lighting and shadows are possibly just a little bit more complicated than in Jedova's pic, but let that be. This has many flaws: The horrible face (this is the goddamn why I dislike drawing eyelashes in pics like this one), the pelvis, also the hands (not that bad in the end, I suppose, but still), maybe some other anatomical troubles. Argh... Ihatethispiece.
Well at least, aside from the face, this is now more like Two Lost Jedi. It's all about the amount of light.

Well, this ain't one without its other problems either: I used this to test out PSD files and I ended up coloring the test file a lot (the clothing got its primary colors). I realized this after fully coloring this one. It has different colors, but I just can't bring myself to recolor anything. So I just gave a freakingly long name for the test file and keep it to as color reference piece (need to do such for Jedova too).

Ok, enogh of the issues. Enjoy the first version of Arya's bio (which will be updated along the story). You're welcome to try to find the additions when I update this. ;D

EDIT 21.1.2020: Cleaned and updated.

Introduction of Character

Name: Arya Deinden

Age: 13 in 79 BBY

Gender: Female

Nickname(s): 'Rya, Arizana

Alias(es): none unless needed on a mission

Species: Veledosian (see this for info)

Era(s): Rise of the Empire

Birth Date: 92 BBY

Death Date: not yet

Occupation: Jedi

Affiliation(s): Galactic Republic & Jedi Order

The Character’s Appearance


Arya has sand-colored hair which reaches her upper back. She has her Padawan braid on her right side like all hair-growing Padawans. Her light green eyes have dark green stripes, though they are not visible almost at all from even small distance. Arya is quite short and light.


Arya has normal Jedi clothing. She, unlike many Jedi, prefers to have her undertunic and overtunic with distinct color differences: her undertunic is very light brown while her overtunic is brown. Her leather utility belt is darker brown. Her pants are dark drown and boots nearly black. Her cloak is usually slightly darker brown than her overtunic.

Height: 1.42 meters

Mass: ?

Weight: 44 kilograms

About the Character


Arya, despite of having matured a lot ever since coming to Jedi training, still has immaturity in her. While she still does whatever she can to be worth of the faith of Jedi Master Jedova Wang, sometimes her enthusiasm takes the best of her despite of the willpower she uses to keep herself under control.


Arya is loyal to her friends and Master, Jedova Wang, who not only took her to Jedi training, but also took her as his apprentice when many other Jedi, during her two years after completing the Initiate trials, had decided not to take her due to concerns regarding her familiar background and/or temperament that leads to her experiencing emotions strongly. She sometimes uses Veledosian swearwords as intensifiers even though no person she talks with understands their meaning — and it's better that way, anyways — although her Master is trying to teach her out of it. She is honest to the point of being even tactless, although the years of Jedi training have taught her to be mindful enough of her words that she usually does not say the most tactless observations aloud.

Due to the fact that Arya was denied from becoming a Padawan for two years while her friends become Padawans themselves and went past her in training, Arya has grown bitter about the thought of being left behind or sent back home in the middle of a mission due to whatever reason. This does lead her to trouble with her Master, but she cannot help still feeling denied and forlorn. Even after Jedova ensured by himself that Arya would be trained into a Jedi Knight, Arya still secretly fears that her training will stop unfinished for some reason and her efforts will turn out to be in vain.

While Arya is not a full perfectionist, she is very determined to hone her skills and learn new things as much as possible. This most likely stems from trying to impress a Jedi looking for an apprentice for so long and from the need to prove that she is worthy of her training. Her tendency to hide her negative feelings does stem from this for sure, though. Albeit unhealthy, that tendency gives her further understanding as she grows closer to her Master who hides his own negative feelings and pain just like her.

Fear(s): failing someone who has their faith her, getting kicked out of the Jedi Order, the extinction of her people

Likes: hearing good news, listening to stories, being herself without being judged, succeeding at something, being with her friends and Master, learning new things, honing her skills, telling about her experiences to her friends and those who want to listen to them, lightsaber classes and spars

Dislikes: bad news (especially when they are about her situation), criminals, failing at something, making mistakes, bad weather, taking on more powerful opponents on her own, someone invading her personal space

Habit(s): using Veledosian curses as intensifiers, giving her all to her training and to research regarding veledosians

Flaw(s): using those charkee Veledosian curses, straightforwardness about her opinions when it's not tactful, mild perfectionism, insecurity, strong emotions

Talent(s): the ability to use two Veledosian elements: Fire and Water, the ability to use the Force (she still has very much to learn, though)

The Character’s Relationship With Others


Arya is a Padawan whose past as part of the tight-knit Lianoros tribe worries many elder Jedi just like her strong temperament does. While the girl has talent and potential, not many think she has fully severed her ties to her tribe. However, since Jedova Wang has enough confidence to try to train the girl, they just note that Arya is not their problem nor responsibility.

Love Interest(s):


Daaron "Dar" Egritma (male Veledosian)

Miriel Creblii (female Veledosian)

Sath Onshid (male Veledosian)
Gomorrah (male Wookiee)

Qui-Gon Jinn (male human)

Tahl (female Noorian)


Master Yoda (as an Initiate)

Jedova Wang (male human, Master)




Any enemy of the Jedi Order, Galactic Republic or Veledosians


Tureq Deinden (OC)

Tureq is the younger one of Arya's elder brothers. He, along with the eldest brother Arak, does whatever he can to protect his only sister from harm. He is calmer and more collected than either of the two, balancing out the going. While seeing Arya go away made him sad, he managed not to let it show too much. He was glad to hear about his sister years later and meet her again, although he understands that as a Jedi, Arya must avoid attachments. It does not mean that he cannot talk with her, though, especially as he plans to move out of the village to the outside world.

Arak Deinden (OC)

Arak is the eldest of the children in Arya's family. He protects Arya with Tureq although he "protects" Tureq too (Tureq requires no protection, though, being already old enough to take care of himself, but Arak likes to try to irritate his calmer brother with that). His personality is closer to Arya's, making them a great duo (and also spares the girl from suspicions about her fire-influenced temperament, as everyone only sees it as Arak's influence). He has taught Arya whatever "useful" things he has thought to be worth of teaching (anything and everything from climbing to trees to Veledosian curses). The sadness of seeing Arya leave the tribe took the best of him, just like his joy about meeting his sister again years later as she returned to the village for training.

Daaron "Dar" Egritma (OC)

Daaron, one of Arya's age mates in Lianoros tribe, was one of Arya's closest friends along with Miriel. They wrestled a lot together, both getting bruises and scratches, but they had fun. Some even thought that they might be a couple someday, many years later. However, when Arya left the tribe to become a Jedi, she broke her ties to him and sealed their future as a couple: it would not happen.

Miriel Creblii (OC)

Miriel is one of Arya's age mates in Lianoros. She was one of Arya's closest friends and the only girl who really was close to her. She never got into the fiercer plays of Arya and the boys, worrying about her friends getting hurt instead. She took Arya's departure from the tribe the worst and has hated the girl ever since even years later.

Sath Onshid (OC)

Sath is one of Arya's friends in Lianoros tribe. Even though he was a bit older than Arya, they got along well. Sometimes Arya even beat him in his own game. While not as close to her as Miriel or Dar, he did find Arya as one of his friends. He eventually mostly forgot about Arya as he grew older and chose not to make much contact with her when she returned to the village.

Gomorrah (OC)

Gomorrah, a male Wookiee, was one of Arya's clan mates in Boma clan at the Jedi Temple. Even though Arya did not understand a word Gomorrah said at first, as she learned Shyriiwok and while others translated to her when she did not have enough language skills, she became close with this calm Wookiee. She has revered his calmness and patience ever since first meeting him in a patience exercise held by Master Yoda. Gomorrah sees Arya as his best friend.

Qui-Gon Jinn (canon)

Qui-Gon, a male human of her age, was one of her clan mates in Boma clan. He is the first Jedi Initiate she befriended (or rather Qui-Gon befriended her) after coming to Jedi training. Even though Qui-Gon became a Padawan much sooner than Arya, Arya has not held any hard feelings towards him for that. They tend to talk with each other between the missions at the Temple, telling each other what has happened around the places they've been on a mission to and spar whenever given a chance. He is the closest friend she has in the Jedi Order and she considers him her best friend.

Tahl (EU!canon)

Arya got to learn Tahl as they both spend time with Qui-Gon. While they are not BFFs, they get along well and sometimes talk about the "girl stuff" when there are no guys who would get awkward about it. Arya does not actually have anyone else to talk with about those things so she treasures her friendship with Tahl.

Airka (OC)
Airka is a male Fosh whom Arya got to know as her studies among Boma clan advanced. They tend to have a lot of witty conversations which can be mistaken as disrespectful by those who do not know them. They enjoy challenging each other's wits by making as compressed explanations of events, such as missions, and chatting.

Grand Master Yoda (canon)

Master Yoda is one of the Jedi who taught Arya and the rest of the younglings when she was a Jedi Initiate. Arya looks up to him (not in the literal way, though) for his wisdom. However, Arya knows of Yoda's more mischievous side, as she, too, has been tripped by the small Jedi a couple of times.

Jedova Wang (OC)

Jedova Wang is the first Jedi Arya has ever met and right as they met, Arya, despite being just a small five-year-old girl back then, saved his life. Even though Arya was older than most of the people taken to Jedi training, after being coaxed by Arya's aunt, Tribe Seer Ni'Dea, Jedova decided to take Arya with him to the Jedi Temple. Seven years later, as Arya was getting too old to become a Padawan but no one had taken her as their apprentice, Jedova decided to train Arya. They got sent to a mission on the same day as they became a Master/Padawan duo, but it did not stop them from strengthening their bond rather slowly but surely. Ever since then, despite of their initial clashes of temperament, Arya has grown closer to Jedova, learning about his more hidden side, the emotions he hides, and learned to respect him even more. She would not trade him for any other Jedi Master.

The Character’s Abilities

Jedi?: Yes

If So, Rank?: Padawan

Fighting Style: Form I Shii-Cho, learning Form III Soresu and Form V Shien/Djem So, sometimes (especially when sparring with Qui-Gon) Form IV Ataru, randomly some singular moves from other Forms (except Form VII Juyo), random martial art moves if unarmed

Preferred Weapon(s): A light gray lightsaber with a sharp tip (also known as the "crystal shard" effect)

(On a scale of 1 - 10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best)

Agility: 7/10

Swordsmanship: 5/10

Force: 6/10

Defense: 5/10

Offense: 3/10

People Skills: 6/10

The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information

Birthplace: the off-Veledos exile village of Lianoros tribe

Homeworld: Kiros

Shada Deinden (mother, dead)

Regemo Deinden (nee Fortga) (father)

Arak Deinden (eldest brother)

Tureq Deinden (elder brother)

Gamu Deinden (little brother, dead)

Seer Ni'Dea (aunt)

Familial Background:
Arya is the penultimate child of her family and the only girl of them. Her mother got ill when she was three, soon after her younger brother Gamu was born, and two years later Shada died. Not long after that Arya left to Jedi training, leaving her father and brothers behind to the tribe. Gamu died soon after she left and her father broke down, turning into a mess that does not do much with his life.

Character Background:

To everyone else than her parents and aunt, Arya was a normal child in the Lianoros tribe. However, Seer, her sister and brother-in-law know that her birth element is not Water, like it should be, but Fire. While it does not show too much (no one suspects anything because Arya's eldest brother, Arak, was like her at the same age due to his similar temperament), the Seer knew that Arya's place was not among the tribe.


Soon after Arya's mother, Shada, died, a Jedi Master named Jedova Wang crash-landed near the village and Arya, being just five years old back then, ended up saving his life. Jedova, having gotten bad burns, was taken to the tribe's village to be healed. This is where Arya and Jedova introduced themselves to each other properly. After Seer Ni'Dea coaxed Jedova on the matter, the Jedi Master decided to take the girl to Jedi training.


Seven years passed by after this incident. Arya passed Initiate trials at the age of ten and did whatever she could to impress a Jedi well enough so that they would agree to take her as their apprentice. However, everyone who were not worried about Arya's temperament were worried about her ties to her tribe, much to the dismay of the girl. She was only two months away from her 13th birthday when she met Jedova Wang and his now former apprentice Degu Odg again. Arya does not know it, but after their conversation Degu decided that he was not up to training her. Jedova, being well-experienced by that time (he had, after all, already trained three Padawans to Knighthood), decided to ask around and think. On the next day, he decided to take Arya as his apprentice, "saving a lost cause" like his own Master, Xurego Odyrogo, had done to him. They are sent to a mission to Bimmisaari just a few hours later, survived the mission and have continued as a team despite of their initial clashes of temperament, growing closer to one another the more time has passed by. Even though Jedova has wanted to avoid it, Arya has started to see a more hidden, broken side of him — and instead of abandoning him, held onto him just tighter.

Here's how it is right now. I won't tell much if any details from stories; if you want to know it, read the stories. The stories are easily found from the timeline through the link below.
Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi stories

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