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NOTE! This timeline post has been deprecated due to migrating away from DeviantArt. For the up-to-date timeline and its links (to FanFiction.Net when available), visit this page.

The Exceptional Jedi stories and also non-EJ stories with links to their prologue/first chapter in chronological order and summaries (updated when needed):
Note: All upcoming stories, until plot is fully refined, have rating preset to T. Exceptions do occur to both ways in rating (as of the current plans, M-rating will be only on singular chapters, not a whole story).

EDIT 21.7.2015: Note 2: I've divided main storyline to different parts, depending on the main person/thing of the stories of the current part.

Edit 16.4.2016: The stories in italic have been fully revised, and are on

Edit 3.7.2016: I have re-added non-EJ things here and also put the SW pictures with stories here.

Edit 19.7.2016: The penultimate section has been changed from Veledosian-related stuff to Information and things that are not situated on a time.

Edit 18.2.2020: There is a reading guide for which stories to read for the main storyline now: Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi reading guide.

"Canon" stories:

Pre-main storyline:

Oneshot. Flash fiction; 182 words. 29 967 BBY. During The First Element War on Veledos, a Je'daii named Radu Sheero succumbs to Bogan aka the Dark side of the Force. Rated K+. FFM 2015 July 22nd.

Rueful Coup
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 990 words. 21 119 BBY. Veledos is still recuperating from a war in which it helped its friend, Gario system. Jedi Master Ircafey Triuso wants to leave back to Ossus. His wish is not granted. Rated K+. FFM 2015 July 14th.

Oneshot. Flash fiction; 321 words. 18780 BBY. Shi-Sha Ausika Aurrer is attacking her home city on Veledos. The Seer is trying to protect her tribe. Includes an anachronism. Rated K+. FFM 2016 July 18th.

Four Veledosians, One Mess
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 272 words. 13592 BBY. Fire has ravaged a city on Veledos. Among survivor there are four Veledosians of different tribes, all with different birth elements and points of view. Rated K+. FFM 2017 July 4th.

An unnamed story featuring Kailain Khoon and Arklos Irrarr
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 657 words. 3255 BBY. Amarosian Kailain Khoon, a Jedi Sage, is at her old age. She is talking with the current Shi-Sha, Rikiosian Arklos Irrarr, just like often she does when Arklos was not on missions. Rated K. Flash Fiction Day 22nd June, 2016. The 5th story. May contain spoilers for Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Affliction of Loss
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 321 words. 1634 BBY. Okroc Gark's attempts to cope with their former Padawan, Nihoric Zaline's, death have not borne fruit. In the pain, they start to look beyond what the Jedi Order can offer them. Rated K+. Prose-ject's Flash Lit February 2020, week 4.

Faith in Crisis
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 555 words. First part 686 BBY, the second part 516 BBY. Findio Acheta has often found himself disagreeing with the Ancients, but even when his morals have clashed with theirs, he has always trusted them. But when the Ancients don't help him and Veledos gets poisoned, Findio finds himself questioning his beliefs. Rated K+. FFM 2018 July 28th.

A Lover's Gift
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 356 words. 673 BBY. Daa-Rei Chio has gotten the rank of Grand Master and his former apprentice, Findio Acheta, organizes a small celebration for the two of them. However, there is more than just two mugs of tea in this celebration. Prose-ject's Flash Lit February 2020, week 1.

Main storyline:

Part 0: Fall of VeledosJedi

Prelude to Another Time
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 970 words. 516 BBY. Planet Veledos has been poisoned and its surviving inhabitants are leaving to disappear from the knowledge of the rest of the galaxy. This counts some VeledosJedi. Serves as the "prelude" (lacking a better term) to Exceptional Jedi series' main storyline. Rated K.

Fire and Ice
Songfic (Fire and Ice by Withim Temptation). Part of subseries Songs from Lives. Flash fiction; 1117 words with lyrics, 885 words without them. 516 BBY; starts immediately after Prelude to Another Time and continues onwards to sometime before Grand Master's final moment. Findio leaves the Jedi Order, leaving Daa-Rei, his love, behind to suffer from heartbreak. Rated K+. FFM 2015 July 24th.

Grand Master's Final Moment
Oneshot (connected to Prelude to Another Time). 256-word flash fiction with no adverbsI hope. 455 BBY. Grand Master of the Jedi Order, VeledosJedi Daa-Rei Chio, turns 400. As his plans of small celebration of this important milestone of a Veledosian were ruined decades earlier by Findio leaving the Order and disappearing, his plans have turned into something darker. Rated K+.

Part 0.5: Padawan-Jedova

Misfortune number 295
Part of Misfortunes subseries. Flash fiction; 431 words. 120 BBY. Jedova and his Master are on a mission on a small Outer Rim planet on which an intelligent zombie is killing people of the community. Jedova ends up facing this zombie all alone. Not that anyone cares, but this intelligent zombie knows how to break the 4th wall. Rated K+. FFM 2015 July 18th.

Misfortune number 1433
Part of Misfortunes subseries. Flash fiction; 701 words and slight steampunk (steampunk was challenge). 118 BBY. Jedova and his Master, Xurego Odyrogo, negotiate with security forces of a Sorrusian colony to let the Jedi to bring a criminal to the justice of her home planet. It could have gone better. Rated K+. FFM 2015 July 2nd.

Oneshot. Flash fiction; 183 words. 113 BBY. After his Master, Xurego Odyrogo, went mad Jedova, still a Padawan learner, has been haunted by nightmarish voices in his sleep. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 16th.

Part 0.8: Master Jedova

Four Seasons: Sören
Part of Four Seasons subseries. Flash fiction; 477 words. 109 BBY. On a mission to Rannon, while Jedova has trouble with sticky falling leaves of the fall, his Kajain'Sa'Nikto Padawan Sören thinks deeply. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 1st.

Sören: Lone Shadows
7 chapters. 104 BBY. Sören is sent to Kintan to locate a missing Jedi Knight, alone, against the objections of his Master. Yet a little does anyone else than a certain green troll know that he will face more than just some criminals. Rated K+.

Four Seasons: Lucian Dailkor
Part of Four Seasons subseries. Flash fiction; 437 words. 100 BBY. Jedova Wang and Lucian Dailkor make their way in snowfall to meet their messenger. Jedova is not happy about the weather. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 5th.

Aftermath of Another Misfortune
Oneshot (slight basing for a story). Flash fiction; 147 words. 99 BBY. After being betrayed by a vengeful pilot, Lucian Dailkor notices her Master's hidden scars on his left arm. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 3rd.

Misfortune number 5183
Part of Misfortunes subseries. Flash fiction; 238 words. 97 BBY. While being on a mission on Vaal, Jedova and Lucian are attacked by a pack of Hyenaxes and are left wounded. Jedova, suffering from a hypovolemic shock due to loss of blood, can't do anything else than use his last pieces of strength to heal his apprentice and hope that she can get help. Rated K+. FFM 2015 July 29th.

Four Seasons: Degu Odg
Part of Four Seasons subseries. Flash fiction; 401 words. 89 BBY. Degu Odg and his Master are on an Earth-like planet. While they are supposed to meditate, the wet ground and melting snow give Degu something else to think about. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 10th.

The Prologue Story
19 chapters and epilogue. 87 BBY. On an uninhabited valley of Kiros, a mother of a few children of a Veledosian tribe, Lianoros, dies, leaving her daughter's odd yet withheld situation to the Tribe Seer Ni'Dea's hands. Concurrently on Coruscant, Jedi Master Jedova Wang and his Padawan, Degu Odg, leave for Ec Pand on a mission. Rated K+.

Jedova & Degu: Mastermind
14 chapters. 85 BBY. Jedova Wang, with his Padawan Degu Odg, is sent by the Jedi High Council to an unofficial mission to look for Jedova's former Padawan, Lucian Dailkor, who has disappeared. As Degu is caught from hiding something important from his Master, their bond crumbles. How can they fend off the threat of Hopeakuu's local thugs now and find Lucian? Rated K+.

Part 1: Padawan-Arya

Chance of Lost Causes
Prologue and 16 chapters. Prologue 82 BBY, rest of the story 80 BBY. Arya, after passing Initiate trials, does whatever she just can to become a Padawan. With no ultimate success and only two months to her 13th birthday, she once again crosses paths with Jedova Wang and Degu Odg. Rated K+.

25 chapters. Late 80 BBY, right after Chance of lost causes. After their mission to Bimmisaari, Arya and Jedova need to solve the issues they had encountered about their beginning Padawan/Master relationship. This ranges from Arya making her own lightsaber to them forming a bond. Rated K.

Old Connections
13 chapters plus an epilogue. Early 79 BBY, about a month after the ending of Solving. Arya turns 13, and it means that she should start studying the Veledosian element of water. After being away from the Lianoros tribe for over half a decade, arranging the studies may not be as easy as it sounds - even without the possible intervention of the Jedi High Council. Rated K+.

Flight of Mind
9 chapters + two flash fictions. Early 79 BBY. Arya and Jedova are sent to the planet Zerga as its government had found artifacts of Veledosian origins and is now arguing about what to do with them. What will be the fate of the artifacts and how did they get to a planet on the Inner Rim anyway? Rated K+.

Connected to Flight of Mind (between chapters 1 and 2). Flash fiction; 391 words. Early 79 BBY. Jedova and Arya are on a mission on a planet which atmosphere includes something that makes Veledosians see hallucinations. Arya is not invulnerable to this. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 8th.

Keep Hallucinating
Connected to Flight of Mind (between chapters 2 and 3). Flash fiction; 1000 words. Early 79 BBY, sequel to Hallucination (occurs in the same day as it). Arya has explained about her hallucinations (the sane but nonsensical one from Hallucination and the other insane ones) to her Master. Now she sees another hallucination, the most sensical one for now. Rated K+. FFM 2015 July 12th.

Woodland Slavery
23 chapters and an epilogue. Mid-79 BBY. Jedova, Arya, Gomorrah and Jffk are sent to Kashyyyk to aid Master Tyvokka of Jedi High Council in fighting slavers. It's much more serious than the High Council, let alone the sent Jedi themselves, could have even imagined. Rated T.

Salvaging Remnants
21 chapters. Mid-79 BBY, not very long after Woodland Slavery. After the events of Kashyyyk, including facing the Ancients, Arya needs to come to terms with all that has happened recently. Jedova, on the other hand, is looking into Veledosian knowledge to learn more about his apprentice's roots. In the meantime, uncovered history awaits the Jedi team. Rated K+.

Crystals of the Past
?? chapters. Mid-79 BBY. A direct continuation to Salvaging Remnants. The search for the crystals holding memories of the first Veledosians of Zerga has begun. As Jedova and Arya search for those crystals and a past yet uncovered, they must deal with more than just millennia-old things hidden by vegetation. They must deal with themselves and their own insecurities about all of this. Rated preset!T (might be overkill).

Qui-Gon and Dooku talking
Oneshot. Flash fiction which breaks the 4th wall; 206 words. Late 79 BBY. After talking with Arya about her Master's constant unluckiness, Qui-Gon asks his Master's opinion about The Unlucky Jedi's fate of being followed by troubles. Rated K.

Four Seasons: Arya Deinden
Oneshot. Part of Four Seasons subseries; 1704 words. Early 78 BBY. Jedova and Arya are on a mission on Port Haven. As they walk through a hot jungle, sweating like a pig, they stop by a pond for a break. Rated K.

Taken Away
A picture with a piece of story (243 words). 78 BBY. Jedova and Arya are on a mission to investigate the Arrow Syndicate, but they have got caught. Now they are separated from each other by one of the Syndicate's grunts. Rated K. Drawtober 2015 October 9th.

Two Lost Jedi
A picture with a piece of story (85 words). Quite early 77 BBY. Jedova and Arya, during their searches, have ended up to an odd place. They do not know where they are, but they do know that something is ahead... Rated K. June Hero Challenge 2015.

To Trust In The Force
Oneshot. 9352 words. 77 BBY. The events of Jaminere come to haunt Jedova as he is supposed to head there again, this time with his fourth, last and dearest Padawan, Arya. A well-meaning declination leads them to a fight unlike any they've faced and now they have to see whether they can continue as a team or be forced to go on their separate ways - and if they can stay together, how can they repair the damage done to their relationship as a Master and Padawan? Prose-ject's Fanfiction Freakout 2019.

Dark Prison
600-word flash fiction incorporating dream or dreamlike imagery and elements of stream of consciousness in writing (challenge). Late 77 BBY. Behind a scene of an upcoming story: Jedova is possessed by his shadow self and his consciousness is trapped into a dreamlike dark prison. He must escape it and stop his shadow self from using his body as his puppet to hurt Arya. Rated T. FFM 2015 July 4th.

Part 2: A New VeledosJedi

A Passenger and a Kitten
A picture with a short piece of story (239 words); non-EJ. Late 53 BBY. After Xanatos fell to the Dark Side of the Force, Qui-Gon Jinn still hasn't coped with it. Now he has been sent on Zerga III to assist a Master-Padawan team with helping the world which has been devastated by radiation from an industrial accident. His only fellow passenger is a kitten which has suffered from the radiation. Rated K. Drawtober 2015 October 13th.

"Not again!"
Oneshot; non-EJ (has a piece of EJ material though). 41 BBY. As usual, Qui-Gon Jinn has found a pathetic life form a scoundrel and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, has to put up with it even though he is very frustrated about it. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 17th.

Part 3: The Clone Wars

Last Stand of Dagus
Songfic (War of Change by Thousand Foot Krutch); part of subseries Songs from Lives and Tales from the Clone Wars. Flash fiction; 235 words, 116 without the lyrics. 20.5 BBY. 29th Legion, led by Jedi General Sören and Senior Clone Commander Dagus, goes to a suicide mission against the Battle Droids. Rated K+. FFM 2015 July 21st.

Part 4: Order 66 & Empire

Chiaroscuro Vision
Oneshot. Flash Fiction; 961 words. Late 19 BBY (from soon after the rise of the Empire to c. a couple of weeks before AN_droid_Journal_Entry_1). A metal being, having already gotten its sentience prematurely, is still being built. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 31st.

Part of subseries AN_droid_Journal_Entries. Flash fiction; 520 words. Late 19 BBY, 16:9:12 after GRS. Location unknown. The first journal entry made by sentient android named Ascii, officially protocol droid A-3PO to the Empire. He introduces himself and tells who he is. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 26th.

Haunting Dream
Basing for some stories. Flash fiction; 55 words. Recurring from late 19 BBY (after the rise of the Empire). A person who wishes to stay unnamed starts having nightmares. They are always the same. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 13th.

The Dream of a Lost One
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 957 words. Very early 18 BBY. After the betrayal of the clone troopers in Order 66, the camaraderie between them and the Jedi was broken. Months later, a woman with basic Jedi training of a child and her self-built sentient droid partner discuss the plans of the woman. Rated K. FFM 2016 July 3rd.

Broken Trigger
Oneshot. 1897 words. Very early 18 BBY, soon after The Dream of a Lost One. Shinga and Ascii are getting supplies for other exiles from the artisan colony of Kiros. However, during what is supposed to be a mere errand at its core, Shinga is forced to see which runs deeper: her own will to kill or her deeply ingrained commitment for preserving life - including that of the clone troopers who betrayed her and killed her family. Rated K+. Prose-ject's Fanfiction Freakout 2019.

The First Sabotage
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 162 words. Early 18 BBY. Shinga and Ascii are preparing to do their first act of sabotaging the Galactic Empire: stealing stormtroopers' supplies for the local rebels. Shinga feels the former clone troopers nearby, but now it is time to go stealing. The Empire must start hurting now. Rated K. Prose-ject's FLF 2019, week 1.

It's Our Fault
A picture with a piece of story (112 words). Very late 18 BBY. Something has gone horribly wrong, and it seems that Shinga and Ascii have something to do with it... Rated K. Drawtober 2015 October 2nd.

Search of Hideout
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 826 words. 16.5 BBY. A team of men looks for a hideout to hide from everyone until death. Rated K. FFM 2015 July 6th.

Oneshot. 15 BBY. A programmer tries to capture the feared criminal Revolutionist, but ends up captured by him instead. Rated K+. Flash Prompts 2016-2017, 5th.

Part 5: The Rebellion

The Perspective of a Clone
Oneshot; non-EJ; reminiscense. Flash fiction; 297 words. 0 BBY. A retired clone trooper thinks of his life through when the destruction of Alderaan is coming. Rated K+. FFM 2016 July 10th.

A Hiccuping Hero
Oneshot; non-EJ. Flash fiction; 175 words. 0.5 BBY. Even the greatest of heroes suffer from hiccups sometimes. Han Solo is no exception to this. Rated K. FFM 2016 July 2nd.

Oneshot. Timing impossible to tell. Alexander is unwell and something is chasing after him. Rated T. Flash Prompts 2016, 4th.

Information and things that are not situated on a time:

Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi reading guide
A guide on what stories to read for the main storyline.

Info on Veledos
Information on fan-made planet Veledos.

Info on Veledosians
Info on fan-made species Veledosians.

Arya Deinden's Padawan bio
Main character Arya Deinden's bio as a Padawan.

Jedova Wang's bio
Main character Jedova Wang's bio.

The lore of the Veledosian Ancients
100-word flash fiction. One of the most important lores of the Veledosian folk. Rated K.

People of Gario
197 words about the Gario of the planet Gario. Rated K. FFM 2016 July 19th.

Non-canon yet EJ-related stuff:

Plague of Mind
527.5-word flash fiction with an unreliable narrator. Non-canon to EJ storyline. Late 515 BBY. A human child is abandoned to a Veledosian village as the poison expands on the planet. Rated T.

The Healing Ones
Oneshot. Flash fiction; 572 words. First part 112 BBY, the second one 77 BBY. Alternate Universe. What if Xurego Odyrogo did not go mad when Jedova was his Padawan? If that was the case, they would heal from the experience as Matrix's guinea pigs and live happier lives. And the concequences would eventually affect even Arya Deinden, the fourth Padawan of Jedova's. Rated K. FFM 2017, July 28th.
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